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9 Fashionable Winter Hats With Ear Flaps [Unisex]

During winter season everyone is looking for warm clothes and hats to protect themselves from the cold weather. Everyone is concerned about the cloth layers to protect the body from cold but what about the head? Since the regular beanie doesn’t cover the ears well, you need to look into other options to keep your head and ears warm. Beanie hat with ear flaps is a perfect choice! You don’t need to complain anymore about having your ears open and exposed to cold, earflaps beanie will keep you warm and comfortable at the same time.

The origin of this beanie is believed to be from South America from the people who lived in the Andes Mountains. Living in the mountains means these people are always exposed to cold weathers and wind and this can be the reason they wanted to cover their head and ears well to keep themselves warm. There is also a Russian fur cap which had ear flaps and it was called “Ushanka”. This also has similar features to the modern beanie with earflaps.

Ear Flap Beanies can also be called:

  • Earflap Toque
  • Earflap Winter Hats
  • Earflap Knit Hats
  • Beanies with ears
  • Ushanka
  • Hats With Ear Flaps
  • Earflap Hats
  • Earflap Beanies

Key features of an Earflap Beanie

• Earflaps

Beanie hats with ear flaps will protect your head, ears, and lower jaw during cold weather. The key feature in an earflap beanie is these special ear flaps that are present to protect your ears. A typical beany usually doesn’t cover both your ears fully and it feels a bit uncomfortable to drag the beanie all the way downwards towards the ear. This can be easily overcome by having two ear flaps on either side of the beanie and a cord is present at the end of each earflap which can be tied under the chin. This will protect your ears during cold weather and will keep you warm.

• Fleece-lines/ thick material

The ear flap beanies are made for especially for winter and cold weather therefore, the material is thick and/or fleece lined to protect from cold weather. Even with heavy material, the beanie is quite lightweight, soft and comfortable. This makes it the perfect choice for cold climates.

Can you wear the ear flap beanie during warm climates?

Earflaps beanies were made specially to cover the ears during cold weather as a regular beanie would not cover the ears completely. This beanie hat with ear flaps is perfect to wear during cold weather. You just have to tie the cord below your chin and this will keep your ears and lower jaw warm. This earflap beanie can also be worn during the summer or hot climates, you can fold the ear flaps up and tie the cord behind your head, this way the ear flap will not cover your ears and ideal for hot weathers.

So, we have made your life easy and composed a list of 9 fashionable beanie hats with earflaps just to give you an overview of the best earflaps’ beanies available at the moment. These beanies will fit any outfit and perfect for any occasion including outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing, ice skating and even for an outdoor party.

Hats With Ear Flaps

1. Trapper Ski Heavy Wool Earflaps Beanie

This is a hand-knitted beanie from a Fair-Trade Company in Nepal. It’s made out of 100% wool along with an inner fleece lining. The beanie is simple with a design on the center part of the whole beanie. A braided tassel is attached on the crown of the beanie and at the ends of the ear flaps. 3 colors are available in this elegant earflap beanie. This beanie is thick and warm and will protect your head and ears from colder weathers. This is a unisex beanie and suitable for any occasion.

  • 100% wool with an inner fleece
  • Hand-knitted
  • 3 colors available
  • Unisex

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2. Wool Beanie with Earflaps for Women and Men

This is a lovely hand-knitted wool beanie with an inner fleece lining for additional warmth and comfort. There are different designs and colors available in this beanie. Some beanies have a fur pompom ball on top while some beanie has a braided tassel attached on the crown. At the end of earflaps, braided tassels are present to add more beauty to the beanie. It’s a unisex beanie with one size for any adult.

  • 100% wool
  • Several designs and colors
  • Unisex
  • One-size

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3. Mens and Womens Winter Hat with Ear Flaps

Mens and Womens Winter Hat with Ear FlapsThis is one of the elegant and stylish unisex beanie hats with ear flaps. It’s made out of 55% Wool and 45% Acrylic with an inner fleece lining. The crown of the beanie is extra thick for added warmth. The beanie is available in blue color and simple hand-knitted design is present in the beanie. The beanie is very comfortable and fashionable. It’s very stretchable and will fit anyone easily.

  • 55% Wool and 45% Acrylic
  • Stretchable
  • Hand washable
  • Unisex
  • One-size

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4. Nepal Hand Knit Beanie with Earflaps

Nepal Hand Knit Beanie with EarflapsThis fashionable unisex winter hat with earflaps is very comfortable and warm. The material is very soothing and cozy. It’s a black beanie with small different colors pattern stitched and braided tassels are attached at the crown and the ends of the ear flaps, it’s very easy to maintain and very stretchable and fits anyone.

  • Black beanie with colorful designs
  • Braided tassels
  • One-size

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5. Alpaca Winter Hats with Ear Flaps

Alpaca Winter Hats with Ear FlapsThis is one of the thickest and comfortable beanies which is also very fashionable. It’s made out of high-quality Alpaca wool. The knitting is very thick with a soft inner lining therefore, it’s extremely warm. Many colors and designs available, one size for everyone. It’s suitable for any occasion and will keep you warm wherever you go.

  • Made out of Alpaca skin
  • Inner lining fleece
  • Several colors and designs
  • One-size

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6. Chullo Fleece-Lined Earflap Beanie

Chullo Fleece-Lined Earflap BeanieThis Fleece lining beanie is made out of 100% wool and will keep you warm in colder climates. It’s a hand-knitted beanie in Nepal, it’s very soft and comfortable with longer durability. Simple knitted design is present in the beanie and braided tassels are attached at the top of the beanie and at the end of the earflaps. Several colors and designs are available to choose.

  • Made out of 100% wool
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Several colors and designs

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7. Wool Animal Hand Knitted Beanie

Wool Animal Hand Knitted BeanieThis is one of the coolest and cute animal earflap beanies available in the market (beanie with pom pom ears). The key feature is that the beanie is shaped according to an animal face. There are various animal style beanies available with different colors for you to choose. It’s made out of 100% Australian Sheep wool along with an inner lining fleece. Two pompoms are placed on either side of the beanie and two pompoms are attached to each tassel as well. There is no age limit, even adults can wear this beanie for a costume party. It’s available in two sizes, one for children and one size for adults, this beanie is very stretchable therefore, it fits anyone.

  • Animal style beanie
  • Made out of 100% Australian Sheep wool
  • Two pompoms on either side and at the end of tassels
  • Two size – for children and adults

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8. Crotchet Snowflake Pattern Pompom Beanie

Crotchet Snowflake Pattern Pompom BeanieThis snowflake pattern crotchet beanie is very stylish and beautiful. Pompoms are placed on the top and at the end of the tassels. It’s made out of 100% acrylic and very soft, warm and thick knitted maintain the warmness during cold weather. One-size is available for everyone with a width of 22cm and height of 29cm. It has different colors and a scarf is also available matching the beanie which you can choose and buy. It can be either hand washed or machine washed. It’s also the perfect gift for anyone.

  • 100% acrylic
  • Snowflake pattern
  • Multiple colors
  • One-size
  • Machine or hand washable

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9. Alpaca Braided Beanie Hat with Earflaps

Alpaca Braided Beanie Hat with EarflapsThis colorful and elegant beanie is perfect for any occasion and will keep you cozy and comfortable at all times. It’s made out of 100% Alpaca wool. It measures about 1.81 x 8.66″ and the braids are 10.62″ long. It’s available in red and brown and beautiful hand-knitted design is stitched on the beanie.

  • Made out of 100% Alpaca wool
  • Red and brown color
  • Measurements: 1.81×8.66″

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These were the top 9 fashionable beanie hats with earflaps. You can choose any of these trendy beanies for your outfit to make you look more dashing and beautiful. Don’t forget all these beanies are very comfortable and warm and will protect you from cold weather. You can also gift any of these beanies to your family, friends or relations.

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