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15 Best 100% Pure Cashmere Beanies & Winter Hats [Unisex]

If you’re looking for a high-quality, warm cashmere beanie that will keep your head and ears toasty all season long while still looking stylish, then this is the post for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best pure cashmere beanies on the market today so that no matter what your budget or style preference may be, it should be easy to find one that suits you!

What is Cashmere Beanies

Cashmere beanies are cozy, soft and warm beanies made by 100% cashmere material. Cashmere is an expensive material, often used in high-end clothing and textile products. Cashmere beanies protect us from cool temperatures and keep us warm.

These beanies are ultra-soft and lightweight. They are trendy, stylish and available in different colors.

Cashmere beanies are available in different styles like cuffed, slouchy, hipster, etc. and mostly with ribbed knit texture. Cashmere beanie is a luxurious accessory because of its material. It is made from soft fleece under a layer of a goat’s coat. These beanies are also pill-resistant.

Features of Cashmere Beanies

Beanie hats are great for keeping your head warm, but there’s nothing like a cashmere beanie. Cashmere is one of the most luxurious fabrics you can find and its softness will keep you feeling cozy all winter long. These ten reasons make cashmere beanies worth every penny:

1. Softness

Cashmere beanie is known to provide a luxury feel because of its softness. Cashmere beanie is made from the soft fleecy under a layer of a cashmere goat’s coat. Such fibers have a very fine diameter which is why cashmere feels so soft. Cashmere is also a high loft fiber that transforms into a luxuriously soft fabric with a silky feel. Cashmere naturally gets softer with age when properly cared for.

2. Insulation

Cashmere beanie is three times more insulating than a normal beanie, providing superior insulation. This is because of the harsh weather, in which the Cashmere goats live, under extreme cold environments.

3. Lightweight

Cashmere beanie is a lightweight beanie and gives warmth to your body. Cashmere beanies are not bulky, which makes traveling easy – it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase and it’s easy to carry around.

4. Wrinkle-Resistant

Cashmere beanie is doesn’t wrinkle, it is wrinkle-resistant that makes it ideal fabric. You need not use iron every time for this beanie.

5. Comfort

Cashmere beanie gives comfort to your body as it has natural stretch, so you can move easily while wearing it. These beanies are cozy, soft and warm.

6. Moisture Wicking

Cashmere beanie has a high content of moisture and as the temperature in the air increases so does its insulation, making it comfortable in all climates, including hot ones. The exteriors of the beanie are water-resistant and the interior absorbs water. It also attracts sweat from the body

7. Soft on Skin

Because of the scratchy feeling against the skin, most of the people avoid wool beanie. Cashmere beanie is soft and feels great against the skin as the fibers are much finer than wool and are woven tightly to make a soft texture.

8. Breathable

Unlike other beanies that can leave you hot and sweaty, cashmere beanie allows your body is breathable and helps regulate temperature.

9. Fire Resistant

Cashmere beanie is also natural fire-resistant. This beanie doesn’t melt when it is exposed to fire.

10. Hypo-Allergenic

Cashmere beanie has hypoallergenic properties making it a desirable choice for mean women, adults, and kids. It is also mostly preferred by those with allergies.

Here are the seven best cashmere beanies we have shortlisted for you. Check the products below and choose the one that suits you.

Best Cashmere Beanies

1. Fishers Finery Men’s Cashmere Beanie

This Fishes Finery Men Beanie is a 100% pure cashmere hat. It is made from grade A, de-haired and 2 ply yarn, the highest and purest fabric. The material of this beanie is pill-resistant and durable.

This beanie is extra soft and ribbed knit texture, slouchy fit and can be worn folded and straight. It’s perfect for truly cold weather and the length comes down to cover the ears. It blocks out snow, wind, and cold like a charm. This beanie is light weighted and keeps you toasty all winter. This beanie is cuffed that can be worn down to make the beanie slouched.

Fishers Finery cashmere Men’s beanie is provided in a different range of colors like Black, Navy, Cabernet, Heather Gray, Charcoal or Cappuccino. Use dry cleaning or hand washing for better results.

2. Fishers Finery Women’s Cashmere Slouchy Beanie

Fisher’s finery women’s beanie is 100% cashmere. It is made from grade a, de-haired and 2 ply yarn, the highest and purest fabric. The material of this beanie is pill-resistant and durable.

This beanie has a classic knit design with a slouchy look which you can lengthen and shorten according to your style. It is available in one size but in a different range of colors like Black, Coffee, Charcoal, Light Gray, Navy, Blue, Cream, Light Melange Camel and Radiant Orchid.

This Fishers Finery Women’s cashmere beanie gives you classic look and keeps you toasty and protected. This beanie is lightweight and durable too.

3. Way soft Cashmere Beanie for Men

The Way Soft Pure 100% Cashmere Beanie is a great combination of fashion and function. It made from Inner Mongolia cashmere, which is eight times warmer than traditional sheep’s wool. The lightweight ribbed beanie is both warm and chic and can stretch to fit most people.

This beanie hat features a ribbed knit design for a high-quality and stylish look. This classic style beanie keeps you warm throughout the whole winter. This winter slouchy beanie hat because of its stretchability suitable for most men. The hat’s width is 8.5” and the height is 9.75”.

Our two-ply fine cashmere fiber favors garment comfort and maintains a balanced weight without compromising the right amount of protection needed in the winter months.

This beanie is known for its extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality, a result of its extreme. All cashmere products can be dry cleaned by a professional dry cleaning service.

4. Feeling Pampered Cashmere Beanie Hat for Unisex

Feeling pampered cashmere outfit with a super soft and comfortable cashmere hat for Unisex. This beanie is made from pure luxury and soft cashmere from Tibet and Mongolia. This Beanie cap makes you feel and you will always look fashionable too. This beanie protects you from low temperatures.

This cashmere beanie is the perfect gift for any modern woman because of it ribbed and cuffed brim. It can be easily combined because of its classic and unique look. Handwashing with lukewarm water and light detergent is what the experts recommend.

5. State Cashmere Cuffed Cable Knit Beanie

This state cashmere beanie is made from Mongolian cashmere. It has classic Cable Knit Design and its pull on closure. This beanie has wide fold-over cuffs that will cover up to ears and protects from cool temperature. This beanie is lightweight and flexible.

This beanie is soft and warm and Breathable, pill-resistant and hypoallergenic cashmere.

With its fold-over brim and timeless cable knit throughout the pattern, it will sure keep you cozy and comfy ensuring the utmost protection from the cold weather. This beanie is simple, yet stylish and classic choice, masterfully crafted in 100% Pure Cashmere for exceptional warmth and comfort. This beanie knitted in versatile solid color with delicate ribbing details.

6. Cashmere Beanies For Women

This Cashmere beanie is made from Mongolian 100% pure cashmere and it is sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. This Beanie is lightweight and breathable too. This high-quality cashmere is extremely cozy and warm and is a perfect accessory for women.

This beanie knitted in classic ribbed style and has wide fold-over cuffs and available in different colors. This beanie also have best anti-pilling Performance ensured by 2-Ply yarn of Long Staple finest Cashmere fibers and Dense Knitting techniques.

This cashmere beanie will sure keep you cozy and snug and deliver the utmost protection from the cold weather. Real fur accent and the wide rib-knit pattern add to its charming simplicity which makes beanie more stylish and trendy.

Preferred to “dry clean only,” but hand washing cashmere clothing will actually make it softer over time.

7. State Cashmere Unisex Contrast

This unisex beanie is made from Mongolian cashmere. It is soft and feels warm in the cool temperature. This cashmere beanie is lightweight because to its material and it has feature like breathability and it is hypoallergenic too.

This beanie has classic wide fisherman knit which makes it pill-resistant. This stylish and trendy cashmere beanie keeps you cozy and snug. This beanie is provided in a different vide range of colors and gives you an elegant look.

8. Oversized Women Cashmere Beanie

This oversized women’s beanie is very light in weight but not when it comes to warmth. Made of 100% pure cashmere, this one-size-fits-most beanie is perfect for women who want warm, stylish head coverage any time of year. With a variety of colors, yarn thicknesses, and patterns, you’re sure to find the perfect match for any outfit or occasion.

  • Material: 100% cashmere
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Care Instructions: dry clean only
  • For: women
  • Season: winter
  • Features: oversized women beanie

9. 100% Cashmere Cuffed Beanie for Women

Keep your head toasty warm by wearing this 100% cashmere cuffed beanie for women. The cable knit design allows for a stretchy, snug, and comfortable fit that won’t overheat in the winter weather. Plus, it’s dry-cleaning only, which will keep its sophisticated style in pristine condition. Stay chicly out of the cold this winter with this one size fits most cuffed beanie, perfect for both walking around town or snuggling up on a crisp evening at home.

  • Size: one size fits most
  • Closure: pull on closure
  • Care Instructions: dry-clean only
  • For: women
  • Season: winter
  • Colors: black, royal blue, gray, heather navy, cardinal red, and stone
  • Features: cable knit beanie

10. Cable Knit Cuffed Cashmere Beanie

Keep your head and ears cozy by grabbing this warm, snug beanie. The cashmere is soft on the inside to ensure you feel comfortable all day without being bulky or uncomfortable. With a cuffed brim around the bottom edge, it’ll stay down even in windy conditions with a pull-on closure that will keep them securely on your head. It’s great for winter mornings and afternoons when running errands while we wait for spring.

  • Brand: Fishers Finery
  • Material: 100% cashmere
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Closure: pull on closure
  • Care Instructions: dry-clean only
  • For: women
  • Season: winter
  • Features: Made from 100% pure, grade A cashmere
  • Features: cable knit beanie, cuffed beanie

11. Lightweight 100% Pure Cashmere Beanie Hat for Women

Don’t let winter beat you down. Stay warm and stylish in a beanie hat that is made of soft, lightweight cashmere. That means no more feeling bulky when wearing your favorite winter coat or jacket! This beanie for women is one size fits all, so it’ll fit everyone from the tallest to shortest woman. Pair this with some boots and a puff-sleeved dress sweater on top and catch everybody’s eye this winter season!

  • Material: 100% cashmere
  • Size: one size fits most
  • For: women
  • Season: winter
  • Colors: black, dark gray, red
  • Features: soft and comfortable and lightweight

12. Slouched or Cuffed Pure Cashmere Beanie Hat for Men

Warm-up this winter with the slouched or cuffed pure cashmere beanie hat for men. Made from 100% cashmere, it’s a must-have accessory to keep you warm and looking great. This soft knit cashmere beanie can be worn either slouched or with a cuff to keep you extra warm in this chilly season!

  • Material: 100% cashmere
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Care Instructions: dry-clean only
  • For: men
  • Season: winter
  • Features: can be worn slouched or cuffed

13. Men’s Knit Italian Cashmere Beanie Hat

The cool winter temps are creeping up, and you know what that means; it’s time to whip out your best-knit beanie. Why not pick up this 100% Italian cashmere knit hat for a seriously luxurious in-between season’s look? We know you’ve got a go-to wool beanie, but this one is the high-end version in its class.

It features classic full cardigan stitch rib stitching for a style that will last season after season because these materials never go out of style. Pick one up before they sellouts!

  • Material: 100% Italian cashmere
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Care Instructions: hand wash or dry clean
  • For: men
  • Season: winter
  • Colors: Available in classic colors

14. 100% Cashmere Handmade Beanie for Men

Keep your head warm this winter with this 100% cashmere beanie. It’s made from the highest quality, softest cashmere available, and is sure to keep you nice and cozy all season long. It comes in a snug fit – perfect for most wearers and gives protection from the cold.

  • Brand: Love Cashmere
  • Material: 100% cashmere
  • Size: a snug fit
  • For: men
  • Season: winter
  • Made In: Hawick, Scotland

15. Double Layered Pure Cashmere Beanie

It’s no question that the double-layered beanie is a must-have during winter. It can both keep you warm even in the harshest of weather and look cool. What’s best about it, though? That it is made with high-quality cashmere that still looks great after getting wet. Plus, this headgear is offered in various colors, so you have room to choose your perfect style!

  • Material: double layer 100% cashmere beanie
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Care Instructions: hand wash or dry clean
  • For: unsex – men & women
  • Season: winter
  • double-layered 100% cashmere beanie

Cashmere Beanies Care Instructions

For Hand Wash:

  • Use room temperature water.
  • Turn the beanie inside out
  • Use baby shampoo or mild detergent or cashmere and wool shampoo
  • Soak for 10 minutes and swish gently

Press out the excess water with a clean towel, do not wring the garment.

Never expose your cashmere to direct heat.

For Dry Cleaning:

  • All cashmere products can be dry cleaned by a professional dry cleaning service
  • Never place cashmere items in the dryer, never tumble dry
  • Lay garment flat on a towel and reshape as it dries
  • Never hang cashmere as it will cause dimples in the fabric

Final Thoughts

While shopping for a pure cashmere beanie, you’ll want to know what kind of material is best for your needs. The quality and thickness of the knit can make an enormous difference in how warm or cool it will be on your head. A blend that’s mostly wool with some cashmere may not keep you as warm as one made from 100% cashmere yarns, but they’re less expensive. If you need something very soft and lightweight that won’t smother your hair underneath, choose a thin blend of cotton and silk instead!

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