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Top 10 Stylish Chemo Hats, Caps & Beanies [Cancer Patients]

Beanies have undergone a massive evolution through the course of time. The style, design, pattern, built, features and purpose have changed manifolds. Today, beanies come in all shapes and sizes to serve a wide variety of purpose. In facts, beanies are now being designed for special needs and specifications. One such types of beanie that have gained popularity in recent times is the chemo beanie. Coolbeaniehats has come up with the ultimate list chemo beanies that are not just comfortable but are stylish and trendy as well.

As the name suggests these beanies are specially designed for patients undergoing chemotherapy. As hair loss due to chemotherapy has always been one of the most challenging aspects of cancer diagnosis, beanies become an essential accessory for cancer patients.
Chemo beanies are worn for a serious purpose but that does not mean you can’t have some fun with them. Today, chemo beanies are available in amazing styles and designs and CoolBeanieHats brings you the most stylish, trendy, and comfortable chemo beanie for you.

Things to remember before buying a chemo beanie

However, before we head you to towards the ultimate list of chemo beanies, you need to remember some of the crucial factors before buying a chemo beanie/ they are:

  • Full head coverage – First things first, a chemo beanie should provide you a full head coverage. This will help you disguise your hair loss and boost your sense of security (both emotional and physical).
  • Soft and comfortable material – Hair loss is accompanied by a sensitive and bald scalp that calls for equally sensitive and soft fabric materials. Choose beanies with soft, smooth and breathable fabric materials in order to avoid irritation and other skin issues.
  • Volume – Beanies that offer you some degree of volume at the back of the head are ideal chemo beanies. As they help create an illusion of hair tugged inside the beanie.
  • Seamless or Few Seams – Beanies with no or few seams are always preferable by chemo patients. Even if a beanie has few seams, check for a comfortable inner lining that protects your sensitive scalp.
  • Climate – Make sure you consider the climate and weather in your place before you buy a beanie. If you live in a cold place then focus on beanies with a thermal insulator in them otherwise any thin and cozy beanie with doing for the higher temperatures.
  • Sun Protection – UV rays and other harmful rays emitting from the sun can damage your sensitive skin. As cancer treatment might leave your vulnerable, sunrays might aggravate your skin conditions. So choose a beanie that helps you cover your scalp properly against harmful sunrays.

Now let’s go through the list of 10 best chemo beanies for patients undergoing chemotherapy:


1. Slouchy Cancer Beanie

Slouchy Cancer BeanieThis specially designed Slouchy Cancer Beanie is an ideal choice for cancer patients. It offers full head coverage and extra volume through the slouchy design.

The slouchy built of the beanie helps you to easily disguise your hair loss without compromising on your style and fashion quotient. The beanie comes with minimal and soft seams that are designed for sensitive scalps.

With his beanie, you don’t have to worry about any itchy seams or uncomfortable fabric. The beanie is made of 100% high quality and soft cotton. it is available in one size that’s fits all.

2. Unisex Sleep Cap Beanie

Unisex Sleep Cap BeanieThe unisex Sleep cap beanie is an amazing choice for cancer survivors. It is made of a balanced blend of 50% Bamboo and 50% polyester. This blend is designed to offer you a very soft, breathable and stretchable fabric to protect your head.

You can easily wear this beanie while going to sleep without any discomfort. It keeps your head protected and your hair in place. The beanie offers you a casual look while accentuating your personality.

The beanie is available in three great colors- pink, light grey, and white. You can wear the beanie in any public place for shopping, commuting or simply hanging out with friends.

3. Skull Cap Beanie

Skull Cap BeanieThe skullcap beanie is multifunctional in its truest form. You can wear them as a chemo headwear, helmet liner, sleep cap, skullcap or a casual headwear. Its unisex design has a versatile yet simple look.

It is available in one size that fits all men and women as it offers plenty of stretches. It is made of 100% cotton. It is equipped to provide you maximum sun protection and protect your head against harmful UV rays.

The fabric of the beanie is designed to keep sweat at bay and keep your head cool and dry. It is available in two sober colors- black and grey.

4. Baggy Scarf Beanie

Baggy Scarf BeanieThe baggy scarf beanie is an ultimate choice for the woman who likes to embrace life with courage, style, and positivity. The vibrant colors and patterns of the baggy beanie are enough to tell your positive and cheerful personality.

The best part is that the beanie can be turned into a scarf as per your convenience. The beanie is made of spandex and nylon to offer you a comfortable and breathable experience.

The beanie can be worn in all seasons and occasions. You can wear it shopping, religious places, casual meetings, parties or wear them while sleeping. Now step out your house with style and confidence.

5. Summer Beanie

Summer BeanieThis 100% cotton made summer beanie is another wonderful option for patients undergoing chemotherapy. The soft fabric allows you a comfortable experience. It is designed to protect your skin and hair follicles to reduce the chances of hair fall. Its anti-allergen properties are sensitive towards your skin and scalp as well.

You can wear this summer beanie in all seasons as the cotton keeps you cool, dry during the summers, and insulated in the winters.
It is an ideal choice for people undergoing chemotherapy or suffering alopecia. It’s a perfect combination of comfort, care, and style. Its slouchy design is trendy and makes you look cool.

6. Unisex Chemo Beanie

Unisex Chemo BeanieThis Chemo Beanie is specially designed for chemo patients to wear indoors. It is made of a blend of polyester, bamboo, and cotton. This makes it very soft and comfortable. The fabric makes the beanie very snug, breathable and stretchable.

You can easily wear it over your head without any hassle. Its slouchy designs create an illusion of good hair volume under the hidden under the beanie. If you are facing hair loss or you have already lost volume to your hair then this beanie is great to hide the fact in public.

This unisex beanie is available in one size that is designed to fit all men and women. You can find the beanie in various colors such as white, black, beige, pink, grey and more.

7. Floral Lace Beanie

Floral Lace BeanieThe “all-season” Floral Lace Beanie is an ideal choice if you want comfort, style, and utility in one beanie. This super cool is available in amazing floral and animal prints along with vibrant colors. You can wear it daily and flaunt your casual and cool look.

The floral lace beanie is one of the best chemo beanies as it is made of 100% cotton; the fabric is soft which keeps you comfortable all day long. It helps you disguise your hair loss. Moreover, the fabric is sensitive to your scalp and hair follicles to avoid hair loss.
The beanie can be easily converted into a scarf. The beanie offers you a snug and comfortable fit over your head and around your neck when converted into a scarf.

8. Unisex Summer Skullcap Beanie

Unisex Summer Skullcap BeanieThis unisex summer Skullcap beanie is a nice option as a chemo beanie. It offers a comfortable experience for you as it keeps your head warm and dry. The beanie is designed to provide you maximum sun protection. It effectively protects your head and ears against the sun.

It is made of high-quality fabric material that soft and delicate against your sensitive skin. it is available in one size that is designed to fit all men and women. The high-quality fabric is highly breathable and stretchable.

You can easily this awesome chemo beanie to for commuting, shopping or any outdoor activities as well.

9. Skullcap Chemo Beanie

Skullcap Chemo BeanieThe skullcap chemo beanie is a wonderful choice for chemo patients. This beanie is specially designed to offer you effective moisture management technology. It wicks moisture away and keeps your head dry and cool even you sweat.

The beanie features a strap at the backside that can be tied to provide you a snug fit. Its thin design and lightweight allows you to wear it as a helmet cap as well.

The fabric used for the beanie is breathable, stretchable and sensitive to your skin. It is sensitive to your scalp and hair follicles as well as it reduces the chance of hair fall.

10. Cute Chemo Beanie

Cute Chemo BeanieThe cute chemo beanie is a great choice for people undergoing chemotherapy. Made of viscose fabric, the beanie is designed to offer you ultimate comfort while wearing it. The beanie features a simple yet elegant pattern at the front. The design and style of the beanie is classic, thus, you can wear the beanie for casual occasions, shopping, communing and much more.

The beanie is available in one size that fits all men and women. This unisex beanie is designed to keep you dry and cool in summers. You can easily wear it as a helmet cap, sleep cap, indoor cap as well.

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