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Baby Headband – 10 Cute Knitted Headbands for Babies

Knitted headbands for babies will always make your little ragamuffins stylish and adorable. If you want to ramp up the “awe” factor whenever someone sees your small baby, then try out this accessory. As a mum, if you want your child to look cute at all time with any outfit, just give it a small touch of knitted headbands. There are various adorable Knit patterns that you can consider from our list. When going for a cute headband you should opt for a retro style. The popular pattern that comes with the knitted headband is the Brooklyn mittens pattern. This is a front and back stitch pattern that looks very good and cool.

Most of these knitted headbands are for baby girls, especially the ones with different patterns buttons, bows, knots, and flowers but some of the headbands are unisex and will be suitable for baby boys. Every baby looks adorable and beautiful in these cute knitted headbands and it’s suitable for any indoor or outdoor occasion.


  • The front and back stitch does not only make the headband look beautiful but also elastics.
  • There are 100 patterns of the knitted headbands for babies but the common patterns are the Brooklyn mittens patterns Crochet patterns.
  • The headbands are knitted from woolen yarn which makes them super soft and stretchy.

Occasions your baby can grace with a knitted headband.

The baby’s hairs are usually sensitive and very fine making the normal hair accessories not a thing you would like to try out. This will always make you opt for the small cute hair things that are meant for the babies. One of these accessories is the cute knitted headbands.

  • The cute knitted hair bands on our list is the best accessory when preparing your baby for milestone photos.
  • Also, when dressing your baby for a fun playing party then never forget to include a knitted headband.

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Don’t know how to get started in selecting the right and cute knitted headbands for your baby? Then don’t worry anymore, because we have your back. On our list, we have addressed the 10 cute knitted headbands for babies that are soft and they won’t hurt the baby’s hair.

Knitted Headbands for Babies

1. Wool Knitted Baby Girl Headband

Wool Knitted Baby Girl HeadbandIt’s suitable for 1 to 6 years old babies. It’s time to show up for your milestone photos in a nifty and lovely style with this wool knitted baby girl headband. When you place an order for the wool knitted baby girl it will always come in 4 packs with 4 different colors. Its knitted from very soft material that is elastic and stretchy hence it won’t hurt your baby’s hair.

  • Material; woolen knitting yarn
  • Best for 1-6-year-old babies
  • It’s light; 27g
  • Perfect size

2. Chiffon Flower Knit Headband

Chiffon Flower Knit HeadbandThis beautiful Chiffon flower knitted headband looks very bright and lively. This is a simple knitted Chiffon headband with a flower in the front of the headband. The headband and flower come in the same color and you can either place the flower in front or to the side of the baby’s head. Several different color options are available and you can choose according to your need. This headband is very soft and comfortable and will look absolutely cute on your baby.

  • Material; Chiffon
  • Flower in the headband
  • Solid pattern
  • Different colors

3. Rabbit Ear Knitted Headband

Rabbit Ear Knitted HeadbandThe rabbit ear knitted headband is a stretchy headband knitted from soft materials for 0-6-year-old babies. When placing an order of this it will come is a set of 6 pieces with different colors. You can, therefore, dress up in them with any outfit. If you want to show up for Christmas, Baby Shower, Birthdays, etc. then this is the best head accessory that you can opt for.

  • It’s stretchy and elastic.
  • Set of 6 pieces
  • Comes in 6 different colors
  • It’s knitted
  • Two side overlaps create a rabbit ear

4. Turban Knitted Headband for Babies

Turban Knitted Headband for BabiesThe baby’s skin is soft and tender and thus the materials that are used in the knitting the turban knitted headband is very soft to prevent trench and scratch. This 0-6-year-old babies headband comes in 4 pieces and different colors. It can be used to brace any occasion since it will match any of the kid’s outfit.

  • 7” Girth & 3” width
  • Classic Style
  • No indentation
  • Suitable for 0-6 old babies
  • Elastic & stretchy

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5. Bow-knot Knitted Crotchet Headband

Bow-knot Knitted Crotchet HeadbandThis is an acrylic woolen knitting yarn that is very soft and very comfortable for 1-6-year-old babies and toddlers. Its package includes a set of 4 pieces making you change the headband depending on the outfit and occasion for your kid.

  • One size fit
  • Material; 100% acrylic wool
  • Comes in 4 pieces

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6. Turban Knotted Winter Headband

Turban Knotted Winter HeadbandThis turban knotted headband is very soft and comfortable and ideal for during the winter season for extra protection of baby’s head from cold. It’s made out of acrylic soft wool mixed with elastic. The girth is 13 inches, width 2.95 inches and ideal for newborns, infants, and toddlers in the age group of 0-3 years. This comes in a package of three and it includes red, brown and grey headbands.

This beautiful headband is perfect for any occasion including Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday party, wedding, Halloween, and for a baby shower.

  • Material; soft acrylic wool mixed with elastic
  • Comes in a 3-pack – red, brown, grey
  • Suitable for babies age 0-3 years
  • 13” Girth & 2.95” width

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7. Crotchet Winter Knitted Headband for Babies

Crotchet Winter Knitted Headband for BabiesThis is a knitted wool headband for babies that are not only stylish but also it will keep your babies ears warm. If you have a 0 to the 3-year-old baby then this can be the perfect choice that you can make when going for a milestone photo session. It exists in 11 different colors making it match with the different outfit for your baby.

  • Material; Knitted wool
  • Solid pattern
  • Comes in 11 pieces, different colors

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8. Crotchet Pattern Knitted Headband with Buttons

Crotchet Pattern Knitted Headband with ButtonsThis cute crochet headband comes in 2 colors white and grey. This knitted wool headband is suitable for 6-24 months old baby. If you want to keep your baby warm and stylish then you better go for it.

  • Material: knitted wool
  • Stylish button
  • 15” size
  • Unisex

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9. Cotton Knitted headband with a Turban Knot

Cotton Knitted headband with a Turban KnotThis headband is made out of cotton and simple design is present in each of the headband. The cotton is very soft and cozy and does not irritate the baby’s skin. the headband has a simple turban knot in front of the headband and looks beautiful. It comes in a pack of 3 and there are several options of this 3-pack-headbands that you can select. This headband is very simple and will look cute on your baby.

  • Made out of cotton
  • Turban Knot
  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • Soft and Comfortable

If you are interested in buying this cute headband for your baby then visit this link and make it yours.

10. Baby Knitted Crochet Pattern Headband

Baby Knitted Crochet Pattern HeadbandThis is a stylish crochet pattern knitted pattern suitable for 6-12-month-old babies. It is a 2 pieces crochet headband whose pair exists in 7 different colors. the material is very soft which prevents scratches and trenches on the delicate skin of the baby.

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Unisex
  • Suitable for 6-12 months old baby
  • 2 pcs woolen headband

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The knitted design is best for the delicate skin and hair of the babies and infants. All of the 10 cute headband lists for babies are stretchy and super soft cause of the fine woolen yarn and cotton used for knitting. This does not make the kids super cute and keep them warm. It does not irritate the baby’s soft skin helps as an additional piece of clothing to keep your baby warm in colder weathers. Hope you enjoyed having a closer look at the adorable knitted headbands for babies. Having any mother out there, kindly do share to help them keep their babies in style.

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