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Baby Headbands – 12 Cute Headbands for Baby Girls

Knitted headbands for babies will always make your little ragamuffins stylish and adorable. If you want to ramp up the “awe” factor whenever someone sees your small baby, then try out this accessory. As a mum, if you want your child to look cute at all time with any outfit, just give it a small touch of knitted headbands. There are various adorable Knit patterns that you can consider from our list. When going for a cute headband you should opt for a retro style. The popular pattern that comes with the knitted headband is the Brooklyn mittens pattern. This is a front and back stitch pattern that looks very good and cool.

Most of these knitted headbands are for baby girls, especially the ones with different patterns buttons, bows, knots, and flowers but some of the headbands are unisex and will be suitable for baby boys. Every baby looks adorable and beautiful in these cute knitted headbands and it’s suitable for any indoor or outdoor occasion.


The front and back stitch does not only make the headband look beautiful but also elastics.

There are 100 patterns of the knitted headbands for babies but the common patterns are the Brooklyn mittens patterns Crochet patterns.

The headbands are knitted from woolen yarn which makes them super soft and stretchy.

Occasions your baby can grace with a knitted headband.

The baby’s hairs are usually sensitive and very fine making the normal hair accessories not a thing you would like to try out. This will always make you opt for the small cute hair things that are meant for the babies. One of these accessories is the cute knitted headbands.

The cute knitted hair bands on our list is the best accessory when preparing your baby for milestone photos.

Also, when dressing your baby for a fun playing party then never forget to include a knitted headband.

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Don’t know how to get started in selecting the right and cute knitted headbands for your baby? Then don’t worry anymore, because we have your back. On our list, we have addressed the 10 cute knitted headbands for babies that are soft and they won’t hurt the baby’s hair.

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Knitted Headbands for Babies

1. Wool Knitted Baby Girl Headband

It’s suitable for 1 to 6 years old babies. It’s time to show up for your milestone photos in a nifty and lovely style with this wool knitted baby girl headband. When you place an order for the wool knitted baby girl it will always come in 4 packs with 4 different colors. Its knitted from very soft material that is elastic and stretchy hence it won’t hurt your baby’s hair.

  • Material; woolen knitting yarn
  • Best for 1-6-year-old babies
  • It’s light; 27g
  • Perfect size

2. Chiffon Lace Flower Baby Girls Turban Headband

Sweet and delicate baby headband with an adorable flower. The lace is made to give a bit of elasticity and the flowers are backed with felt for comfort, making this one soft, sweet accessory that your little one will love. Every time they look in the mirror or parents take pictures, these curly locks and big beautiful eyes will be bursting through!

  • Brand: Ever Fairy
  • Material: ribbon,chiffon,lace,rhinestone
  • Size: one size good elasticity suitable for 1-6months baby
  • Headband Length:About13.4-17.3in (34-44 cm)
  • Diameter:7.5 in (19 cm)
  • Ribbon width:1.6 in (4 cm)
  • Flower width:2.6 in (6.5 cm)
  • For: Baby
  • Season: all season

3. Rabbit Ear Knitted Headband

The rabbit ear knitted headband is a stretchy headband knitted from soft materials for 0-6-year-old babies. When placing an order of this it will come is a set of 6 pieces with different colors. You can, therefore, dress up in them with any outfit. If you want to show up for Christmas, Baby Shower, Birthdays, etc. then this is the best head accessory that you can opt for.

  • It’s stretchy and elastic.
  • Set of 6 pieces
  • Comes in 6 different colors
  • It’s knitted
  • Two side overlaps create a rabbit ear

4. Turban Knitted Headband for Babies

The baby’s skin is soft and tender and thus the materials that are used in the knitting the turban knitted headband is very soft to prevent trench and scratch. This 0-6-year-old babies headband comes in 4 pieces and different colors. It can be used to brace any occasion since it will match any of the kid’s outfit.

  • 7” Girth & 3” width
  • Classic Style
  • No indentation
  • Suitable for 0-6 old babies
  • Elastic & stretchy

Looking for a headband that is the best for any occasion, be it birthdays, Halloween, wedding party? You can always get one from

5. Unisex Cotton and Synthetic Headbands for Babies

Keep your baby cozy in style. Hudson Baby has crafted this multifunctional headband perfect for babies of 0-24 months. Made with stretchy and comfortable fabric, it’s easy to put on and keep those locks of hair out of their eyes. It not only looks great but also feels so soft on your baby’s scalp that they’ll love getting dressed!

  • Brand: Hudson Baby
  • Material: 92% cotton, 8% spandex
  • Size: one size good elasticity suitable for 0-24 months baby
  • Care Instructions: machine washable
  • For: baby
  • Season: all season

6. Big Hair Bow Headband for Infant Baby Girls

These cute, lightweight headbands are perfect for infant girls who enjoy pulling on things! There’s plenty of stretch to wear bows that match any outfit. Match with two colors from the large set of 8 colors available in order to create a trendy and original style or use them as hair clips. These headbands are great for everyday which is why they’re so easy to care for. Just hand-wash it and hang it up long enough for them to air dry!

  • Material: soft nylon material
  • Size: 6 inch
  • Stretch length: 8 inch
  • Care Instructions: hand-wash it with warm water and mild soap and allow it to air dray
  • For: baby
  • Season: all season
  • Occasions: optimal for everyday use
  • Colors: 8 color to choose from

7. Set of 18 Pieces Solid Colors Headband for Infant Baby Girls

A set of 18 colorful headbands that will be perfect for your baby’s next photography session. These unisex packages come in both solid and multicolor varieties to ensure you have all the colors you need when snapping photos. Whether it’s for a newborn shoot or an 8 year old child, these adjustable hair accessories are right at home on any baby-sized head.

  • Brand: Toptim
  • Material: high-quality nylon fabric
  • Size: hairband can be stretched to fit the baby’s head
  • For: baby
  • Season: all season
  • Occasions: birthdays, baby shower, baby photography, baby gifts, Christmas and more.
  • Features: set of 18 pieces solid colors

8. Circle Bows Baby Headbands for Kids

Circle bows knotted headbands are perfect accessory to put on your little girl. Toptim is a high-quality designer brand name that you can trust, and these headbands are extra stretchy and soft with 12 pieces in different colors. Whether it’s for an everyday wear or a special occasion, choose from our wide variety of colors!

  • Circle Bows Knotted
  • Brand: Toptim
  • Material: soft silk nylon
  • Size: extra stretchy and soft
  • For: baby
  • Season: all season
  • Occasions: perfect for any occasion
  • Features: 12 pack different colors

9. Bohemian Turban Knotted Hairbands for Baby Girls

Stop worrying about your baby’s hair getting tangled messily with one of these adorable turban knotted headbands! 6 colorful headbands will keep Baby’s hair looking presentable all day long. Babies love the comfortable and stylish Bohemian style. The top knot is an added feature to help keep the baby looks bohemian and trendy.

  • Size: suitable for babies 0-3 years old
  • For: baby
  • Season: all season
  • Occasions: perfect for any occasion
  • Features: Bohemian style baby girl headbands
  • Features: not too big and not too tight
  • Features: 6 pcs of headbands in different colors

10. Baby Knitted Crochet Pattern Headband

This is a stylish crochet pattern knitted pattern suitable for 6-12-month-old babies. It is a 2 pieces crochet headband whose pair exists in 7 different colors. the material is very soft which prevents scratches and trenches on the delicate skin of the baby.

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Unisex
  • Suitable for 6-12 months old baby
  • 2 pcs woolen headband

11. Chiffon Flowers Baby Head Wrap for Baby Girls

Toptim knitted headband for baby girls can be both a dress-up accessory and an everyday wear. No worries about stains – this fabric is silk nylon, which means it’s soft to the touch and easy to care for! This adorable set comes with nine pieces in different colors so your daughter will always have matching headbands for her outfits! What girl wouldn’t want that?

  • Brand: Toptim
  • Material: soft silk nylon
  • Size: suitable for babies 0-3 years old
  • For: baby
  • Season: all season
  • Occasions: perfect for any occasion
  • Colors: set of 9 pieces different colors

12. 3 Pc Baby Girl Flower Headbands Set

Your baby girl will shine bright with the 3 pc set headbands for babies. She’ll be turning heads in these best-selling pieces that can be worn all year round, day or night. This cute and adorable knitted nylon headband will surely make your toddler feel like a princess! Give this as a gift to someone special for any occasion; she’ll love wearing them and playing around for hours! Get your dose of cuteness today with this 3 pc baby girl flower headbands set!

  • Brand: mligril
  • Material: nylon
  • Size: 14-22 inches in circumference
  • For: baby
  • Season: all season
  • Occasions: perfect for any occasion
cute headbands for baby girls

Final Thoughts

The knitted design is best for the delicate skin and hair of the babies and infants. All of the cute headband lists for babies are stretchy and super soft cause of the fine woolen yarn and cotton used for knitting. This does not make the kids super cute and keep them warm. It does not irritate the baby’s soft skin helps as an additional piece of clothing to keep your baby warm in colder weathers. Hope you enjoyed having a closer look at the adorable knitted headbands for babies. Having any mother out there, kindly do share to help them keep their babies in style.

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