10 Cool and Unique Santa Beanie Hats [Crazy Christmas Hats]

What comes to your mind when listening to the word Christmas? Maybe, the illuminated tree, the stars, Santa Claus, gifts, meals, and toasts come to your mind in this fantastic festivity. This holiday is an excellent day to give some presents to your lovely people. A gift that can fulfill the Christmas spirit is a cool Santa Beanie hat for everyone in your house. All of you will let other people know that you love this fantastic celebration.

Curious points about Christmas

Christmas has been during many times, one of the best holidays around most of the countries. Like many festivals around the whole planet, it has many unique points that you can read and know about one of the most likely days for you and your family.

  • The Christmas term or word comes from the Latin “Nativitas.” It means birth.
  • The official establishment of December 25 as “Christmas Day” occurs in the year 345. It happens when the date for the Nativity of Christ is proclaimed by the influence of St. John Chrysostom and St. Gregory Nazianzen. This was although Jesus Christ was not born on the 25th from December.
  • The star presented on Christmas Eve that usually crowns our Christmas trees is originally from the Philippines. In this area of the planet, torches are prepared in the form of five-pointed stars. They illuminate the entrance of homes.
  • Before Christmas lights were invented, Christmas fir trees were decorated with candles and apples. Subsequently, lights, bells, stars, and bows were added, and now, they are so traditional and indispensable in the majority of homes.


We have found many beanie hats from several designs that you will love and want to buy them all for you and your family. You will not resist the wishes for purchasing it.

1. Pompom Colorful Beanies

Do you like sparking accessories? We have something for you! A beanie is going to be a good option for you to wear on Christmas Eve. The cold weather is perfectly matched with the knitted beanie. Moreover, the pompom beanie has some lights integrated for you to show your holiday spirit.

People who can use it
The beanie presented is a unisex type. Therefore, you do not need to find another one for your partner. Mostly, little girls, teenagers, adults, females, and males can dress it.

Occasions to wear it
The colorful beanie is not limited to an event. But you can take into consideration, wearing it at birthday parties, Halloween celebration, New Year festivals. Besides, you can dress it in so many outdoor activities.

Type of beanie and size
The beanie is a pompom one, and it is a single size; you must combine with every outfit in your closet.

2. Unisex Red Light Up Christmas Beanie

Red always fits with christmas beanies. Therefore, the beanie as the photo will meet with every clothes you want to use in these holidays. Do you like deer? Well, this is a perfect occasion to match it with Eve. It has some led lights joined for increasing the colorful in your beanie.

People who can use it
The beanie fits with every gender. Do not pay attention if you are an adult, a female, a boy, a teenager; you will be able to wear it anywhere. Just try it, you will adore it.

Occasions to wear it
With the deer design, people who decide to use it will appear as fashionable as possible. You will have the chance to dress in many events such as birthday parties, night or outdoor activities, among others.

Type of beanie
The pompom type is available to use it in the winter or fall season.

3. Slouchy Green Beanie

Not only red is best fitted with Christmas, but you can also dress green too. If you belong to the people who want to be fashionable even in the holidays, this is the most excellent option for you. Moreover, the hat presented here is an excellent option to give as a gift to your lovely friends.

People who can use it
The design for this beanie is for the unisex adult and unisex kids. It will match perfectly and fabulous with your decided outfit on any occasion.

Occasions to wear the beanie
Even if Christmas time had passed, your chance to use it in fall or winter time is available too. Do not feel uncomfortable to use the beanie in any other season; it is sewing for the perfect match in every time of the year.

Type of beanie
The nature of the beanie is slouchy that will let you appear as a childish or stylish, depending on what you decide. The colors will give you sparkling in your life. Moreover, just to point it out, it is combined with a pompom style.

Materials used
The beanie is created with a guaranteed quality with an acrylic fabric. It will let you fulfill your needs.

4. Confetti Hand Knitted Multicolor Beanie

A multicolor beanie is also a must in these beautiful days. Indeed, you do not need to use just green and red at Christmas to be in the eve, but you can dress this fabulous beanie, and you will be the sensation in any party or event. You will be so glam and chick during those cold days.

Who can dress the beanie?
The beanie is great for either a man or a woman. Any gender will show their confidence by using the perfect accessory for these events at Christmas.

Is any specific occasion to use it?
Indeed, with this fashion beanie, you can wear it in any of those events that your family decides to make during Christmas. In reality, you are the one who can choose where to dress it, just find the right place and right time.

Which type of beanie is it?
You probably noticed that this hat is a hand-knitted one. Therefore, you need to be careful with the fabric of this accessory. Do not let stress yourself about thinking how to clean it; we have some steps you can follow.

Size for this beanie
The accessory presented here is a unique size for your better comfy. Moreover, thinking about comfortable accessories, it is made with stretchable fabric to adjust the beanie in every head

5. Cute Reindeer Beanie

Not everything is about adults, kids always enjoy these days, and sometimes they like it even more. Therefore, an animal beanie can be perfect for you to give it to your babies. Before deciding the purchase, what you need to know is what does the beanie will provide to your kid?

Is any specific occasion to dress the beanie?
This is a cutie beanie with a reindeer face. Therefore, your little baby can use it in the Christmas and New Year Eve, but it is not limited to those days. Therefore, your kid will be allowed to use it even in their school.

Type of beanie and size
As we have mentioned above, this is an animal type of beanie for the kids in your family. But you will need to find the best-fitted size for your baby. We have two sizes for you to select the best one.

  • S: Hat Circumference:14″-16″, Hat Height:6″
  • M: Hat Circumference:16.5″-19″, Hat Height:6″

The hat will be amazing for a family photograph in any season of the year. It will let your kid be so warm by using it

6. Red Long Santa Novelty Beanie

Do you want to be the sensation in any Santa party? This is a good accessory for you to wear to create a huge impact in any place. You will get all possible sights around any event.

Occasions to dress it
You will have the chance to wear it in any fun party for you to create more engagement with new people. Halloween, Christmas, New Year, or a theme party, those events are the most fitted for you to use it.

Hat size
Novelty super long Christmas theme hat. The size for the amazing accessory is 30 × 155cm (11.8 × 61 inches)

7. Crazy Crochet Santa Beard Beanie

Adult acrylic beanie hat with a beard included. You can take off the beard and just use the hat in many different activities around your country or around the world.

Who can use the beanies?
Every man or woman can use it on the occasion that most fit for them.

Occasions to dress it
We have a list of activities that the beanie could be one of the best options for you to decide to wear it.

Size of the beanie

  • The striped design’s circumference measures: 22″ – 24.5″.
  • Moreover, the Santa style’s circumference measures: 19″.

8. Adjustable Red Velvet Beanie With Pompom

The Santa vibes are here with this fantastic beanie. This amazing accessory for you will bring you to the HO-HO-Holidays in any part of the country that you are. The stunning red velvet color will let you shine the night you decide to use it.

Occasions to dress it
Imagine you start a party; you will be the best-dressed; everyone around the party will wish a beanie like yours.

Size of the beanie
Thanks to the one, it will fit for everyone around the place you are at, in any case, they will wonder about to purchase it.

Materials used to create the beanie

  • The Santa hat is made of plush red velvet.
  • Also, it is made with a faux fur white trim.
  • Moreover, it has an adjustable strap to ensure that perfect fit.

9. Green Santa Beanie Winter Hat

This is a design that Santa comes with a super style to let you enter in the fashion world. The amazing colors that the hat presented in the pompom beanie will let you go to another level.
An occasion to dress it

The colorful that the hat has, will allow you to use it on every event in the winter season. It will maintain your ears so warm to feel comfortable with it. Because of the amazing Santa that the hat presents, it will be a nice option to wear it all the December month. But it is not limited to use it in a costume party or any other fun event

10. Santa Winter Beanies

The beanie with the design of Santa is always necessary for this coming Christmas. Your little kid will be enchanted with the fantastic design. Moreover, make your lovely kids feel comfortable and warm with the beanie; it is created with fabrics that will help your baby feel more satisfied in cold seasons.

Occasions to dress it
Your baby will have the possibility to use it everywhere, and every day, it does not matter because the beanie has a design that can be matched with all the outfits from your kid.

Size of the beanie
Kids can use the beanie from the age of 2 to 7 years. If your baby is about that range of years, they will not have any problem wearing this fabulous accessory.

Steps to wash your cool Santa beanie hats

We know that sometimes, you do not know how to proceed after using your beanies for so long. You need to clean it, but you must have to take care and pay attention to some details. Follow the next steps that we will specify for you:

  1. Under no circumstances, use the washing machine to wash the beanie.
  2. Wet your hat with hot water.
  3. Put hot water and delicate laundry detergent inside a bowl.
  4. Scrub the hat with your hand, slowly and gently.
  5. Do not leave the hat hanging because it can lengthen.


1. Can the animal beanies cause some allergies?

It depends if your kid presented before some allergies because of the materials used in the beanies. But in other cases, it cannot be possible.

2. Can the pompom be removed?

No, some of the pompoms are integrated into the sewing process in each beanie. Therefore, all those pompoms cannot be removed in any circumstances.

3. How can I dry a beanie if I cannot leave it hanging?

You will need to put the beanie in a table or something that enables it to rest on the surface.

4. Do I need to purchase a battery to use the LEDlights?

Some of the beanies bring an integrated battery for you to use the LED light without any problem. check here for LED BEANIES.

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