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9 Matching Beanie Hats For Couples [Valentine’s Day Gifts]

Each person in the whole world will love to be matching with another exceptional person, just to generate a high engagement between them. It will be better if you can match your lovely girlfriend or boyfriend on a particular day: Valentine’s Day. We have a perfect gift that you can give them to match: beanie hats!! INDEED, it can be the best option, and both will look so nice and fashion at the same time.

Do not get anxious about the fact of finding something different for your couple; you can choose any type of beanie from any color to attract many sights from people around you and your partner. Read this article to find some exciting beanies for you and your lovely.

What is being a “partner” in a couple?

It could be simple; your partner is the one whom you find yourself involved in a relationship. Being a partner means:

  • Respectful
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsible
  • Lovely
  • Honest
  • Someone with whom you can count on the support
  • Comprehensive

All those values and actions are the ones you must perform during the relationship, and obviously, there are more values you must comply with. Moreover, something to maintain your relationship as healthy as you can, both can give some gifts on many occasions, and it must be a beanie hat for a couple!

Facts about relationships

Hundreds of facts about relationships are shown through the pass of the years, but here, you can find some interesting data for you to know about the relationship. Maybe, all these facts can help you!

  • Most couples usually wait between six or eight weeks before they are willing to start an engagement or an exclusive relationship.
  • The most common time to break up the relationship is between the three or five months after starting it.
  • Almost 40% of men do not feel safe and comfortable with the first meeting with a woman.
  • Specialist people suggest waiting until the third date to invite the newly known women or men to take that person to a dinner at the house.
  • It is usually to wait around two or four days to return a call. But you do not need to wait for more than that date. Too soon can appear little desperate, but too late, selfless.
  • Some studies show that the image and posture of a man speak more than words. Therefore, it is about 89% of the woman’s first impression. So if you are a man, please, take care of your image, presentation, and posture.


A beanie can be an excellent way to dress it and to make you feel comfortable and fashionable at a similar time. It is even better if you decide to wear the same one with a lovely person: your couple! Therefore, here you will find a list where we want to show you some products for you to look incredible with your couple.

1. Pompom Beanie hats for your sweetheart!

A manner you will surprise your partner will be incredible. You just have to buy this pompom beanie hat for creating a significant impact on the other’s heart. You see, with a simple, but wonderful gift.

The design for this adorable beanie is with a nice embroidery style that will allow you to look charming and fashionable at the same time. Moreover, this type of beanie has a diversity of shades. It will lead you to find the suitable for you and the partner.

Sizes for this pompom hat

Do not worry thinking about what is the correct size; we have here for you the single size. Therefore, this size will be suitable for everyone around the world. You will only need to order it and choose the color.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend will love this set, and you will feel proud of you for the amazing choice you did.

2. Slouchy beanie to project stylish!

Everyone in any part of the world is wishing to purchase a beautiful hat that brings comfort and a pleasant looking by using it. Therefore, you have the option to obtain it; you will just need to decide to purchase this excellent set to fulfill the necessity to have something amazing that will be matching with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This set contains a high-quality material composed of acrylic, and it has a comfortable elasticity for your better experience. This beanie hat set is one of the top around the industry, it brings cool and style, and meanwhile, you are showing off confident with this accessory.

Choosing a size

Size for a beanie from this material is about 8.3 inches long by 8.7 inches wide lying flat. Thanks to that the material is stretchy, it will help you to fit it well.

Different occasions

In your relationship, you will not have to be aware of the fact of using them at any time. Moreover, people can use it wherever they want, in fall, winter, or even in summer. Every occasion is good for a slouchy hat.

3. Couple beanies lovers

This is the opportunity to purchase something amazing with your lovely one. What you will need to do is to decide to select this set. People are always trying to find comfy and wonderful experience; this set will give you those features and more.

The knitted fabric allows people to dress it in the wintertime, and it will maintain your head so warm. But also, you will have the chance to use it on any occasion; on a date, at a party, on a social opportunity, and many other events.

You will look good with your partner, and you both will be the sensation in every place you visit. Have you ever thought to match something in your relationship? Well, this is a perfect opportunity. Moreover, its single size will allow you to feel more comfortable with the purchase order you will place.

4. Colorful set to look stunning

Have you ever purchased something you do not like it? Well, this won’t be the same experience. Our products always show the best quality and the best results for every person who decides to buy it. Thanks to the diversity of shades that it will present, you will only need to select the one that must fit for you and your partner.

It protects you from everything

Do not be aware of those warm or cold days. In contrast, with this set, you and your partner will look fantastic and at the same time gorgeous, by taking care of the season where you are at.

Beanie design

This style is design for a man or a woman to wear it. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the fact that this beanie could be for women or men. Just wear it, you will attract the sight of everyone.

5. King and Queen Design: do not lose it!

The design for this wonderful accessory that states the nickname that you express your partner in the relationship is the best for you in this valentine’s days. People are always trying to show their love in those days, and you will have to do it too.

Your partner can wear it in any special event, even if it is for a party, an engagement dinner, an anniversary, or any travel to another part of the country. This will be a flawless match for you and your partner!

This beanie hat for Valentine’s Day will exceed your expectations!

6. Crocheted for two: girlfriend and boyfriend

Don’t let your opportunity pass this coming Valentine’s Day, purchase this slouchy beanie hat to feel you are stunning in this day. This hat measures 9 inches wide by 10 inches long. Moreover, as a result, it is sewing with 100% acrylic, it will bring you comfort.

This beautiful and stunning set will fit for both, and you will be able to dress this accessory on EVERY occasion. Moreover, for your better experience, you can choose the shade/color that you like to wear in the relationship.

This wonderful hat will make you feel confident about dressing it. You will love it!!

7. Knit hats for your stunning lover

Do you want to match with your lover for this coming Valentine’s Day? Here, this knit beanie hat will allow you to do it. This winter hat will keep you warm in any place where you celebrate this particular date.


The primary material used in this accessory for you and your parent is the acrylic. This material helps the garment look such fashion and with a high-quality that everyone will ask you where they can buy it.

What does it include?

This set for Valentine includes a pompom beanie hat plus a knit hat. Both of you will look charming, and every people will be looking at you.

Sizes in this set

The size of the set is a unique one. You will not have to find any other size, just purchase them!

8. Retro Beanie Hat for you to travel to the pass

It is awesome when you and your couple start to look amazing with a retro beanie. This hat contains so many features that you will love it since the first moment. It is made with cotton material for your better comfort, and it will be able to use it on any occasion.

You will always call the attention in every place and will feel comfortable with the complete outfit by using the accessory. Do not stress yourself trying to find a size; the measurements are the following:

  • 56-60cm/22.05-23.62inch
  • Depth of the hat:12cm/4.72inch;

Colors in the Retro Beanie

You will find a huge list of colors for you to choose the best one in your relationship. Just try to look to the top one.

9. Fisherman Beanie to attract the best in your relationship

You will look amazing with this fisherman type of beanie. Thanks to the new appearance of this beautiful beanie, you and your partner will have the possibility to match on a special day. The fabric that is used in this hat will create comfort and fashion look for you.

It is excellent for many outdoor activities to do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You will always look stunning and attract as many sights as you can. You will be in love with how you look with them in your relationship.

More info about people who fall in love…

  • Love can be more critical than any situation. It does not matter when or where is something happening if you are with your lovely person; you will always make a love demonstration.
  • Your pupils dilate when you see that person that attracts you.
  • There is communication without saying any word at the moment they look into each other’s eyes.
  • No matter the distance when you want.
  • The heart rate speeds upper than other occasions when two lovers stare at each other.
  • Falling in love brings the same effects as a drug. OH MY GOD!
  • The passing love exists, but when you commit with someone else, it is the one that lasts forever.


1. Are the beanies styles Unisex?

We sell beanie type that can be used for a woman and a man. So, do not care about the fact of using it. Both will be able to wear them.

2. Do you believe that a pink beanie can be an accessory for both?

YES! Indeed, pink has become an amazing, trendy, and coolest color that EVERYONE can wear it. Do not be afraid of putting this accessory.

3. Are the beanies hat made with a high-quality material?

Of course! We are always showing you high-quality products for your comfort and to create loyalty from you as a client. Our materials are mostly showing off in the descriptions.

4. Do we have to put some special techniques to clean beanies?

Please, wash it by hand, and you will need to add a delicate detergent to clean it. Moreover, you do not have to stretch any part of the beanie.

5. Do your products have different sizes?

It is so important because they are for two different people. Therefore, the sizes from the beanies are single, and some of them, we show the dimensions for you to follow the process easier.

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