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18 Best Slouchy Beanies For Women With Good Reviews

It is no secret that no wardrobe is complete without the multi-purpose fashion statement of the perfect slouchy beanie. These relaxed accessories compliment all styles and personalities, are easy to store and maintain, and provide the utility of a hat. Slouchy beanies for women have become one of the most globally recognized features for casual wear.

Of course, due to massive popularity, a whirlwind of options is what any woman shopping for the perfect slouchy beanie will find, whether retail or online. When looking for the perfect accessory, it can be a challenge to break down fact from fiction. To ensure the most accurate information, we have found the best styles with good reviews.

The process of customer input in-mass by means of digitized bad, or good reviews, only really developed at the turn of the century. One of the oldest known sites offering this service is Epinions, a company that began operations in 1999.

For thirty years the accuracy of user reviews was scrutinized and streamlined. Now, thirty years later, the methods put in place seek to confirm that everyone leaving a user-review has, in fact, used the product. Good reviews count for a great deal in the modern world because they act as vetted analysis of the product by its key product.

Now, retailers and e-commerce hubs make this information accessible and a new issue has arisen, in that to go through the reviews for each product would be incredibly time-consuming. To save time, we have isolated the good reviews and highlighted the best slouchy beanies for women.


1. Tight Fitting

Athletic in appearance, this slouchy beanie is best suited for women on the go. The tight fit and deep slouch set this hat apart as a unique slouchy beanie for women. Multiple color options and its solid fit make this beanie suited for any athletic situation.

Ideal for all sizes, this hat breathes to avoid moisture during exercise. Good reviews result from the suitability for outdoor activities for those not wanting a skullcap style. Acrylic material makes this good for all conditions, and with the utility of being a machine, this slouchy beanie for women is quickly becoming an exercise necessity.

2. Patterns that pop

Slouchy beanies for women are ideal, particularly since the extra fabric supports any hairstyle and can be worn with ponytails, buns and even pigtails. These advantages combine with a bold pattern on the beige slouchy beanie.

A breathable material, this loose-fitting beanie has received nothing but good reviews. Providing coverage for the head and ears, this slouchy beanie is ideal for any occasion, though is best worn with plain clothes.

3. Snowfall Fashion

Ideal for winter conditions is the unassuming style of the white slouchy beanie. Women benefit from the warmth of the thick crocheted design. The usefulness is apparent with this machine washable and highly fashionable slouchy beanie for women.

Good reviews made this beanie popular as a result of its classy fashion that integrates with the cold season. Best for outdoor situations, this beanie has received all good reviews for its usefulness in winter. Acrylic material makes it durable and promises a long lasting accessory.

4. Slouchy beanie women’s trendy style

Want to look cute and stylish? No need to search anymore because this beanie gives you a trendy style that is expressed through a slouchy model knit with a decorative cable pattern and has rolled up edges. The front has a brown braid detail in brown at the end of which is a button.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, warm, stretchy slouchy beanie women’s accessory made from acrylic material also found on the lining
  • One size fits most
  • Color: beige, khaki, pink, red, and black
  • Slouchy beanie women’s accessory for an everyday outfit, had a decorative braid and a button on the front


Through the use of unique knit stitching, this slouchy beanie for women sets itself apart. Good reviews result from the original leaf pattern and broad slouch that lends to a relaxed aura.

Perfect for women looking for a statement piece, the bold and inimitable twists on teal and mustard set this piece apart from the crowd. Though slouchy hats for women have become a massive trend, original tweaks on the style specifics allow an individualized take on this trending fashion statement.

6. Superb Softness

For women living an environmentally conscious lifestyle, alpaca wool is an ideal material with one of the slightest carbon footprints. This slightly slouchy beanie for women’s material is sourced entirely of Peruvian alpaca wool.

Available in a dozen color options, this slouchy beanie for women is the perfect balance of style and social conscientiousness. Both warm and eco-friendly, this beanie has received only good reviews for its comfortable wear and warm woolen features.

7. Baggy beanie women’s horizontal cable knit

Very lightweight, this beanie is knitted with a horizontal cable knit pattern between which there is a garter stitch that makes a very rare combination as they are often in a vertical position. If you want to define your style, try this slouchy model that will make you go to the next level.

Additional characteristics:

  • Stretchy, lightweight, comfortable, soft baggy beanie women’s style made of knit yarn
  • One size fits most
  • Color: beige, black, and gray
  • Amazingly comfy slouchy beanie women’s accessory with extra hanging material on the back

8. Slouchy beanie women’s waffle colorful knit

This double layer knit stylish design will rock your world with its amazing colors that are mixed and reminiscent of mermaid’s tail so you can notice green, yellow, and pink. This waffle knit model you can get in 10 other colors, too. You can choose between a mix of colors and monochrome beanies.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, warm, stretchy slouchy beanie women’s accessory made of acrylic and polyester material
  • One size fits most
  • Dimension: 22-23 inches for head circumference
  • Anti-slip and anti-wrinkle slouchy beanie women’s trendy style in 11 different colors

9. Baggy beanie women’s ombre design with tiny knit

This baggy beanie is knit with a tiny knit pattern which makes it lightweight and anti-slip and you can get it in 6 different colors.
Three of them have an ombre style with a darker color at the bottom that fades towards the top and three of them are monochrome. Even if there is a tiny knit construction, it will still keep you warm but also allow you to wear this beautiful during various seasons.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, warm, stretchy, knit slouchy beanie women’s style made of a combination of acrylic and polyester
  • One size fits all
  • Color: black-ombre, eggplant-ombre, navy-ombre, gray, dark fuchsia, and forest green heather

10. Baggy beanie women’s solid color style

This beanie comes in a very unique knit style, waffle knit pattern that has no thick texture that allows it to be lightweight and perfect for different seasons. This beanie has amazingly soft lining material that does not leave a rough feeling on the skin like knit material. This model is monochrome that you can get in 7 different colors.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, warm, stretchy slouchy beanie women’s style made of acrylic and polyester material
  • One size fits most
  • Dimensions: 22.05 inch~23.6 inch for head circumference and Length: 12 inches with Width: 10 inches
  • Colors: Black, solid gray, solid khaki, and 4 other colors

11. Slouchy and Stylish

For those seeking to hybridize the relaxation of the slouchy beanie with angular patterns that use lines to direct focus, this beanie is a perfect match. Slouchy beanies for women can embrace bold lines and smooth stitches, as seen in this tight-knit beanie.

Good reviews follow the quality fabric, made of smooth acrylic material that offers durability. Machine washable and low maintenance, this slouchy women’s beanie is perfect for both indoor and outdoor occasions.

12. Slouchy beanie women’s thick wool yarn

The material of the cable knit beanie is made of premium yarn with a large braided pattern and the interior is lined with rib stitch material so the wind and cold can’t harm you. There is no folded part on this beanie that has extra hanging material on the back for the trendy stylish look.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, warm, stretchy slouchy beanie women’s style made from a combination of Alpaca wool material – 30%, Polyester, Acrylic fibers, and Polyamide
  • One size fits most
  • Color: dark coffee, black, light gray, and jeans

13. Crocheted casual

Colorful clothes were once seen as a status symbol as it indicated means and access to fabrics and dyes. Styles that embrace bold colors have long been in fashion, and slouchy beanies for women are most often found in bright colors that highlight the wearer’s style.

These slouchy beanies for women are ideal for casual situations, with thick crocheted material formed of blended wool providing relaxed wear. One of the favored parts of the slouchy beanie for women is the multiple wearing options.

This beanie that has received nothing but positive reviews has a side slant to its wear, with the adaptability of the slouch being one of the featured highlights.

14. Baggy beanie women’s oversized pom-pom

The cozy and trendy,oversized pom-pom is at the top of this beanie knitted with a rib stitch pattern that is interrupted with stripes that has a protruding texture knit with a garter stitch.

This beanie has a folded part on the edge of which is a leather patch and is knitted with a rib stitch pattern. You can get this beanie in 26 different colors which include monochrome beanies and beanies knit with thread in two colors.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, stretchy slouchy beanie women’s style made of acrylic material
  • One size fits most
  • Dimension: Head circumference: 57 cm, 22-3 / 8 “, Size 7-1 / 8
  • Color: ivory, new candy pink, hot pink, and 23 other colors

15. Unique and Understated

The boldness and depth of the green used for this fashionable slouchy beanie for women provide a level of uniqueness without eccentricity that sets it apart. The ribbed design formed through the thick knit provides stretchy wear.

The cuffed design tones down the appearance and a heavy slouch make this the perfect accessory. Good reviews result from the comfort and warmth provided with this deep, slouchy beanie for women.

16. Multi-colored baggy beanie women’s loose style

It’s time for some joy and amazing mood that these cheerful colors will give you! This beanie is full of out of the ordinary knit colorful material that will instantly brighten your day and become your favorite slouchy beanie. It comes in different color combinations so make sure to get the most attractive one.

Additional characteristics:

  • Acrylic 40% and Polyester 60% material combination give great comfort and softness to this slouchy beanie women’s accessory
  • One size fits all
  • Colors: blue-multi, purple-multi, red-multi, and 10 other colors

17. 2 piece lace baggy beanie women’s turban style

Very fashionable and lightweight, this beanie is made of cotton material that is very healthy for the skin and breathable. The outside of the beanie has lace material with different designs and colorful zircons.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, stretchy, lightweight slouchy beanie women’s turban made of cotton and lace
  • One size fits most
  • 2 piece set comes in over 20 different colors

18. Luxurious Lining

With the help of a thick fleece lining, this slouchy beanie for women has received good reviews from its wearers. The stretchiness provides comfortable wear that makes this broad-slouched beanie perfect for any hairstyle or situation.

The stitched pattern flows smoothly and the wide slouch gives this hat its fashionable features. Using quality material that includes alpaca and merino wool, this beanie offers comfort and style through its durability. The warrantied shelf life comes from the strength of the product, provided through the blend without forgoing softness.

Best slouchy beanies for women, for girls

The best of these beanies prevent static electricity and make wearing a hat with a hairstyle easy. Slouchy beanies for women highlight the wearer’s unique style and provide irreplaceable warmth and comfort. From deep to moderate slouches, panel style to crochet, there is a broad diversity of beanies suited to any woman’s style.

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