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10 Best XXL Beanies For Men With Large Heads [Extra Large]

Those with larger frames know how challenging it can be to find a suitable XXL beanie for men with large heads. While modern clothing manufacturers have increased the production of clothing and apparel for those with bigger figures, beanies and hats remain a challenge when it comes to finding a comfortable fit.

According to ubs.iastate.edu, an extra-large hat size weighs in at roughly sixty-three inches. Even with this information, many men still don’t know the circumference of their own heads. And, often the listed sizes are notoriously unreliable. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when buying an XXL beanie.

3 Important Considerations When Buying XXL (Extra Large) Beanies

  • Design style: Panel layouts can restrict stretchiness, whereas knit fibers can promote elasticity. Generally, the looser the stitching, the easier the fit will be. For those with large skulls, the fewer seams in the design, the better, as these can be limiting for fabric maneuverability.
  • Material used: Natural fabrics are more inclined to shrink, whereas artificial materials are generally more forgiving when it comes to machine washing and drying. While most fabric that shrinks can be stretched back to form, the process of stretching and shrinking over and over does gradually damage the beanie itself, reducing its shelf life.
  • International sizing considerations: Having an idea of head size in general (oversized beanies for men) is helpful, much like we do with our feet. Similarly, there can be a large difference in head sizing standards throughout the world. For instance, one country’s XL is another country’s medium. To ensure the best experience, knowing the region in which the product was manufactured, and checking against the supplier’s sizing charts, is good practice.

To solve these problems, and make beanie shopping fun for all sizes, we’ve curated the best extra large beanies and large winter hats for men with big heads, taking into account reviews and product success as well.

Best XXL (Extra Large) Beanies

1. Slouchy and Colorful

WUAI Clearance Men's Winter Knit Warm Hat Ski Baggy Slouchy Beanie Skull Cap (Gray-A)
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A soft, wool-lined beanie is a much-favored option. However, since linings tend to restrict stretchiness, they can be difficult items for those with large skulls. This winter beanie offers the warmth of a lining in a beanie for big heads.

The acrylic fabric affords some stretchiness, and the beanie itself is designed for a larger-sized fit. The slouchy design couples with a ribbed cuff, meant to be worn down. Together, these features combine to make the classic winter hat for those with sizeable skulls.

  • Acrylic material.
  • American sizing standards.
  • Ribbed, cuffed design.

2. Indoors or Outdoors Beanie for Big Heads

No products found.

The outdoor beanie for big heads is perfect to protect you from the cold winter. The hat fits most people with a 56-62cm head size and has an elastic closure, making it easy to pull on over your hair or wear under another layer of clothing. It is available in three colors: lemon, blue and grey! No matter what activity you’re up for this season (skiing? running?) make sure that your biggest priority – keeping yourself warm enough while still being able to feel the air around you – isn’t compromised by ill-fitting gear!

  • Material: acrylic
  • Size: 56-62 cm
  • Closure: elastic closure
  • For: men
  • Season: winter

3. Sizeable and Stylish Docker Beanie

Sterkowski Docker Cap | Woolen Beanie for Men and Women | Docker Hat Sailor Beanie Skullcap Beanie...
  • VERY UNIVERSAL - great for both ladies and gentlemen. Perfect for elegant, sporty and casual style

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This docker style beanie highlights a thick cuff against a panel design for the classic rimmed look. Designed to be worn above the ears, the gray or black design provides a typically loose fit. While not suited to those with smaller heads, these hats are geared specifically towards men with bigger skulls.

Big heads benefit from airflow provided by the woolen fabric that composes the majority of the hat. A cotton sweatband wraps the head and provides a firmness of wear that causes the beanie to stay in place.

  • Cotton and wool fibers.
  • Fits best on XXL sizes.
  • Stable, firm fit.

4. Warmest Large Winter Hat for Men

Vgogfly Slouchy Cool Beanie for Men Guys Lined Knit Warm Thick Skully Stocking Binie Winter Hat...
  • 【A Warm and Comfortable Beanie Winter Hat 】┅Fuzzy lining slouchy beanie for men and women. Those lightweight winter hats made of thick skin-friendly materials, it is the warmest winter hats for...
  • 【A Superior Quality Beanie Cap】┅This warm winter hats is made of external knitted cotton yarn and fleece lining. The strong thread and tight knit provide good flexibility. Suitable for the head...

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The warmest beanies for big heads are available in a range of sizes to fit every member of the family, from teens all the way up! These woolen hats come with elastic closures and cashmere lining so you feel cozy no matter what. Whether it be winter or any other time during year, these cool looking head-coverings will keep your noggin nice and toasty while also staying well on their stylish side.

  • Material: 65% acrylic, 35% wool
  • Size: 17.7-26.5 inch
  • Closure: elastic closure
  • For: men
  • Season: winter

5. Thin and Relaxed

RW 100% Cotton Mesh Rasta Slouchy Beanie (Black)
  • One Size Fits Up To XXL
  • Light Weight Cooling Breathing

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The concept of identifying the best beanie hats for large head is to provide equivalent wearing options to all shapes and sizes. The cotton mesh fabric boasts a moderate slouch that highlights the iconic beanie look. For those with larger forms, fabric meant for a slouch can often be allocated to make for a proper fit. This detracts from the style of the slouch itself.

To remedy this issue, the stretchy thin fabric will fit up to an XXL and keep its token slouchy style. Coming in a number of colors and patterns, this is the ideal beanie for summer activities or year-round indoor wear. Due to the natural cotton fibers, this item is subject to shrinkage and is best when hang dried to reduce damage during the cleaning process.

  • Requires handwashing and hang drying.
  • Thin material.
  • Slouchy style.

6. Large Headlamp Beanie Hat

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The Large Headlamp Beanie Hat from Winter Haven features four built-in LED lights with three brightness settings for when you need to be seen. The light can also easily recharge by a standard USB port, so there is no worry about running out of power in the middle of winter.

This hat was designed just for people like us who have large heads and don’t want to use two hats because one doesn’t fit anymore! This will keep your head warm all season long without making it look too big on top of your body or being uncomfortable around the band area.

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Size: 22-25 inches
  • Closure: elastic closure
  • For: men
  • Season: winter
  • Features: 4 built-in led

7. Men’s 100% Cashmere Beanie Hat

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A man’s cashmere beanie is a must-have for winter. Made of soft, luxurious fabric and available in one sizes (that fits up to XXXL), this hat will keep you cozy from head to toe with its lightweight construction. You can wear it turned up for more warmth around the ears – or turn it down as a comfortable fitted style that goes anywhere!

  • Material: 100% cashmere
  • Beanie circumference: 25″
  • For: men
  • Season: winter
  • Made In: Hawick

8. Beanie Hat with Star-Shaped Rhinestone

DJT Unisex Men Women Star Rhinestone Soft Beanie Skull Cap Knit Hat Black
  • Machine wash, Cold
  • One Size fits most (head circumference 21-25 inch) and combines plenty of stretch for comfortable wearing.

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No matter if you are a man or woman, the winter months can be tough to stay warm. Luckily this rhinestone beanie is made just for you! The style and shape of this hat make it perfect for people who need more fashionable coverage on their head – also big heads will not have any trouble with fitting into these hats either!

  • Material: 65% cotton, 35% polyester
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Beanie circumference: 21″-25″
  • Closure: pull on closure
  • Care Instructions: machine wash
  • For: unisex – men and women
  • Season: winter

9. 2 Pack Skull Cap Beanie for Large Heads

King Stationery 2 Pack Cycling Skull Caps Motorcycle Helmet Inner Cap Cooling Beanie for Sports
  • Headwear Skull Cap fit Head circumference which is 21-25 in, Please make sure it fits your head. Suitable for motorcycle, racing, motocross, MTB cycling, skateboard, skiing, helmet.
  • The Cap is made of 100% polyester braid, with a mesh structure, which can quickly absorb moisture and help distribute, keep the head cool and comfortable, suitable for any season.

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These beanies are designed specifically for men who have larger heads. The elastic band allows you to stretch the hat as tight or loose as you need, so there is no chance of it falling off while riding your motorcycle, skateboard, or motocross bike. Made from 100% polyester material and featuring a 21″-25″ circumference size that should fit most people comfortably without stretching out too much in high winds!

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Beanie circumference: 21″-25″
  • Closure: elastic closure
  • Care Instructions: easy to clean
  • For: men
  • Season: all season

10. Large Winter Beanie and Scarf Set

FZ FANTASTIC ZONE Mens Womens Winter Beanie Hat Scarf Set Warm Knit Thick Fleece Lined Skull Cap...
  • Material: Premium quality stretchy acrylic. The inner is made of artificial wool. Very soft and cozy, hand-knitted feel, close to the skin, giving you lasting warmth and comfortable. Soft thermal...
  • One Size Fits Most: Hat Circumference: 22-23.6''(55-60cm), Height: 10.2''(26cm). Circle Scarf Circumference: 19.7-27.6''(50-70cm), Width: 8.7''(22cm). Great for casual, work, and festival dressy...

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The Large Winter Beanie and Scarf Set is the perfect winter accessory for anyone. The beanies are great for big heads, XL head size, or XXL head sizes! They’re made of 100% acrylic material and have a pull-on closure that fits most people. This set also includes two sets in one so you can wear it as a hat with your scarf wrapped around it too if extra warmth is needed outside this season’s coldest days!

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Beanie circumference: 22″-23.6″
  • Closure: pull on closure
  • Care Instructions: machine wash or hand wash
  • For: unisex – men and women
  • Season: winter
  • Features: 2-in-1 winter accessories

Final Thoughts

Those with large heads need not forgo the comforts and styles expected of the best winter beanies. These ten XXL beanies highlight the broad range of styles and features that complement the large-headed wearer. Whether the need is for a bold statement of color or a simple and functional winter hat, these beanies provide a cozy fit designed for wearers with sizeable skulls.

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    Do you have any recommendations for extra large pom pom beanies for women. I can’t find anything that feels comfortable on my huge head, and my teenage daughter seems to have inherited the type of head….

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