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Oversized Beanies – 20 Best Oversized Beanies (Unisex)

Oversized beanies are very interesting, stylish, courageous and are an indispensable part of everyone’s wardrobe. The slouchy baggy look is achieved by knitting with different types of patterns such as plain stitch, rib and interlock stitch, and garter stitch as well.

When made from braided fibers that are thicker to give you better heat, they can very often be itchy and rough on the skin and scalp. So the solution comes in fleece lining, an extra soft and smooth material that is sewn into the inside of the beanie to make it comfortable and soft and yet extremely warm.

What oversized beanie is? Let’s check it together.

A baggy and slouchy beanie implies a special style of wearing a beanie that is reflected on an accessory made of stretchy material. The way it is made is that the length of the oversized beanie is longer than the length of a regular beanie.

When so elongated, a beanie is on a top of a head, behind the head is a loose material hanging in the air. This forms a slouchy look. In order for the excess material to not pull the beanie back and allow it to fall off head, it must be made of very stretchy and flexible material that will, at the same time, provide comfort and easy-wearing.

Due to its elastic material, it otherwise comes in one size fits all to achieve the different volumes required for different head dimensions. Adults and teens very often choose this shape of the beanie because it is very interesting and stylish.

There are many different models of different materials, from the ones you can wear during a very cold winter and that you can wear in the summer as a fashion accessory. To find your ideal oversized beanie, let’s look at the 20 best-oversized beanies for men and women.

Best Oversized Beanies

1. Light brown oversized beanie

With a 21-24 inch head circumference, this beanie is very stretchy and fits most different head sizes and shapes. It is made of high-quality material that is very durable and breathable.

It has a very slouchy look and it is important not to put it in the dryer because it could shrink and thus lose its original shape which is very cool and stylish. It comes in a light brown that is very gentle and this model is lined so it does not leave an itchy feel. It has a brown leather tag on the edge.

Additional characteristics:

  • 100% polyester
  • Very stretchy and comfortable beanie
  • Fits most one size
  • It has a slouchy look
  • Do not use the dryer to reduce it
  • Color: light brown
  • Dimensions: 10.24 inch x 13-39 inch

2. Black-blue stripes oversized beanie men

This beanie comes in a combination of two colors, blue and black. These two colors are arranged in the form of wide stripes that alternate between each other. Although it looks a bit chunky, this slouchy beanie will make you comfortable and will feel light. And it’s also very important that it’s not too loose, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off your head.

In the case of blue stripes, it is knitted with both blue and black thread. The first color, in the beginning, is black and the slouchy beanie ends in blue. Inside it is lined with a very soft and comfortable material that provides a wonderful feeling and is knitted on the outside.

Additional characteristics:

  • Colors: Black and blue
  • One size fits all
  • Material: very comfortable, good quality, soft, knit on the outside and lined inside with fine and soft material
  • 21-24 inch head circumference

3. Black oversized beanie hat

This black beanie is very fashionable and unique in design and is knit, so it’s a great choice for winter when it’s very cold outside.

The end of the beanie has some extra material that hangs down in the back so it’s very slouchy and chic. At the beginning of the beanie there is the edge that is a little curved, and across the beanie different patterns of knitting make it very unique and interesting.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: very interesting, stretchy, warm, not itchy,
  • It has a slouchy look, very stylish
  • One size fits most people
  • It can be worn by men and also a women as unisex model
  • Black Color Beanie
  • Only wash with cold water and air dry

4. Very warm green oversized beanie

Looking for a stretchy, slouchy and also cool beanie is over right now, because this oversized beanie is an amazing choice for you. In order to achieve stylish look and also be in able to go skiing, snowboarding and similar activities, now it will be very easy when you have a very warm and comfortable beanie with you.

Material that it is made of, will serve you for many years because it is very long-lasting and pure perfection. This model is knit and folded and has excess hanging material at its end.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: very comfortable, breathable, stretchy, soft 100% acrylic material
  • Perfect for skiing, hiking, ice skating, snowboarding
  • One size fits all
  • Very soft threads that beanie knit
  • Color: green

5. White knit slouchy oversized beanie hat

When winter comes and the snow brings its white blanket and everything looks beautiful and white and clean, then you want to feel cozy but you’re missing something. We have a great solution for you, a beautiful white winter slouchy beanie that is knit and very warm, so it will protect you in the winter and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the winter days.

This model has a folded part that is knit with a rib stitch and the rest of the beanie is knit with another pattern that looks like the plain stitch stripes and the garter stitch stripes they alternate with each other. On the edge of the cuff, there is a leather brown patch like a detail.

Additional characteristics:

  • Color: white
  • Material: Soft acrylic with highly great flexibility and stretchy option, suitable for all seasons in the year
  • One size fits all
  • Knit using rib stitch, plain and garter stitch

6. Gray without folded part oversized beanie with a metal detail and fleece lining

This gray knit beanie is very stylish and comfortable, it is knit from a thin thread so very light and comfortable and stretchy enough to fit all dimensions and shapes of head, but not too much to get you off your head. It has elastin that keeps it on your head. In the beginning, it has a sewn metal plate.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: Acrylic, very comfortable, knit and warm
  • Skin-friendly, stretchy and supple
  • One size fits all
  • It comes in gray, with the ends slightly mixed with black
  • It has fleece fur inside

7. Very soft and gentle light gray oversized beanie

This baggy beanie comes in light gray and is made of very soft to the touch and breathable material and can be worn during winter, fall, summer, and spring just because it is light and skin-friendly. With no rough and no itchy feeling that some beanies can feel, this one will give you 100% comfort and softness.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: acrylic yarn, very comfortable on your head, extremely soft on the touch, breathable and also lightweight
  • Moderately warm, suitable for all seasons
  • It comes in one size fits all
  • Color: light gray

8. Light blue-yellow slouchy oversized beanie

If you are looking for a beanie that fits your head nicely, but would love to have excess material at the end, you just need to chech this beanie that is great for you because it is very elastic and will not fall off your head and there is extra material at the end.

It comes in multiple colors, light blue and yellow. These two colors are combined in such a way that the cap is knit, mixing both colors so that they blend in on the beanie.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: acrylic 40% and polyester 60%
  • Colors: light blue and yellow
  • Highest quality materials and also the softest were used to knit this super warm winter accessory
  • Oversized and slouchy stylish look
  • One size fits all

9. Royal blue folded oversized beanie

The beautiful royal blue color that men especially love is on this beanie, which is very warm and has a folded part. It’s very stretchy so you don’t have to worry about the size.

Additional characteristics:

  • Simple knit very stretchy and warm beanie
  • It comes in one size that fits most
  • Color: blue
  • 100% premium acrylic yarn used to knit this beanie
  • Wash only in colder temperature with no use of dryer to keep it’s form

10. Colorful slouchy oversized beanie for women

It’s time for some joy and good mood that these happy and amazing colors will give you! This beanie is full of very nice and out of the ordinary colors that instantly enhance your mood throughout the day and will become your favorite oversized beanie.

Walking, running, hiking, ice-skating, skiing and other outdoor activities are now much more fun with this comfortable beanie. It has a variety of colors such as yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and purple.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: Acrylic40% and Polyester 60%
  • A very comfortable and stretchy beanie, made from the highest quality and super soft material
  • One size fits all
  • Wash in cold water
  • Multi-colored

11. Light gray folded oversized beanie

This light gray beanie comes in a very nice and gentle color and is knit with a thicker fabric so it’s a lot warmer. Winter no longer has to be cold and boring because wherever you go, there is so cold air. That’s about to change with this beanie!

Additional characteristics:

  • 100% acrylic material, very stretchy, comfortable, knit with different patterns
  • It has a folded part
  • It comes in one size fits all
  • Color: Light gray
  • Very warm

12. Fresh pumpkin look orange oversized beanie

Oh, that beautiful pumpkin. It will give you warmth to your look and a very kind note as the color is appealing with this sophisticated oversized beanie.

Autumn colors are just lovely and always have their remarkable charm, just as you will when wearing this slouchy freestyle oversized beanie.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very stretchy material and comfy, pleasant, soft made of kind acrylic material
  • One size fits all
  • Wash in cold temperature and air dry
  • Gender: for women
  • Knit a lot of quality thread

13. Black and brownish-gray thin stripes oversized beanie with fur fleece lining

This beanie has many thin stripes in black and brownish-gray and is very comfortable and soft. It’s extremely warm because it has a fleece lining so you can go hiking, jogging or skiing and you’ll still be adequately protected from the cold.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very stretchy, comfortable, soft beanie
  • Made of 100% acrylic material
  • One size fits all
  • Fleece lining inside
  • It has black and brownish stripes on

14. Rose pink oversized beanie for women

Women always have a special style that stands out with elegant, delicate and beautiful colors. If you are looking for just such a beanie with a slouchy look, this rose pink beanie is just perfect for you.

It is knitted with plain and rib stitch which makes a nice pattern and is very warm and stretchy. When you see it, it will remind you of a beautiful, gorgeous pink rose.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made of 100% wool material
  • It has a fleece great material inside which is made of 100% polyester
  • Color: Rose pink
  • Stretchy and not to forget also extremely warm, suitable for winter and fall
  • Wash in cold temperature and air dry
  • One size fits all people and has a cuff

15. Mixed red-blue-gray-yellow colors oversized beanie

This beanie comes in multiple colors. The folded part is red, followed by a blue, gray and yellow. Oversized beanie hat with a pom-pom on the top whose threads are made in colors that are also on the beanie.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: 100% acrylic, very flexible, durable, knit
  • Comfortable and much warm
  • One size fits all
  • Pom-pom on the top

16. Black with white and gray stripes oversized beanie

If you are looking for simplicity and shades of black on a beanie, then this beanie will interest you. It is knitted with black, gray and white threads, and its top is joined by two tassels that are tied and hung on the back. It is knitted with a garter stitch pattern.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very resilient and comfortable beanie
  • Made of 50% soft acrylic and 50% wool material
  • Ultimate comfort and warmth
  • One size fits all
  • Black, white and gray stripes

17. Colorful folded oversized beanie with pom pom

It’s time to paint a monotonous and gloomy winter with these beautiful colors that are vibrant and cheerful. It also has a fluffy ball made out of threads on the top, named pom-pom.

Black, purple, yellow are included with orange, mint, blue and pink also. It is very comfortable and nicely warm.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made from 100% acrylic material
  • Colorful oversized beanie
  • Pom-pom on the top
  • One size fits all
  • Comes with a cuff part

18. Brown ombre slouchy oversized beanie

Ombre look is very popular and in this case, it was achieved using threads of different colors. The first part of the beanie is knit with brown and black threads, the second part is knit with light brown and beige threads, and the last part is knit with white and beige threads to give it an ombre look. Let’s ombre your outfit with this great beanie.

Additional characteristics:

  • Acrylic and polyester, elastic, stretchy, soft
  • It has a fleece lining
  • Very warm and comes in one size
  • Brownish ombre style

19. Fall-yellow colored knit oversized beanie

Mustard yellow is a true autumn color, which warms every outfit as it will yours. It has a thick chunky cable knit construction and is very modern and snug-fitting.

Additional characteristics:

  • Warm and cozy on chilly days
  • Made of 50% soft acrylic and 50% wool
  • Dimensions: Length: 10 ” and width: 10 ”
  • Color autumn mustard yellow slouchy oversized beanie

20. Claret slouchy oversized beanie men

This beanie for men comes in a claret color and is very comfortable and stylish. It is stretchy and close-fitting at the beginning and there is excess hanging material at the back. Breathable material is somethink that you will be very thankfull for and it’s a great advantage when it’s so soft and warm.

Additional characteristics:

  • Flat dimensions: length: 12 Inch, width: 10 Inch
  • High-quality acrylic and polyester material
  • One size fits all
  • Color: claret

Oversized Beanies

For a very outstanding look and warm feeling, never forget your oversized beanie hat, which is very impressive and stylish and will keep you warm. When you have one of these beautiful style beanies, you do not have to worry about a bad-hair day, because this beanie will always save the day, just when you need it.

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