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Toddler Winter Hats – 7 Cute and Adorable Toddler Beanies

Winter is here again; the snowflakes are falling like they are never going to stop- and boy, is it so hard keeping warm during this season. With that cute little thing in your arms, getting out would require so much preparation, not only for you but for your little toddler too. When the temperature starts to drop down, then you’ve got to keep up with the season, to keep your little kiddo all warmed up. For all this, you would need hats, gloves, coats and more, but amongst all this getting a cute warm and cozy hat for the little kiddo is of high priority.

It’s not just enough to get one that’s way too cute, but also to get one that would keep that little kiddos head, ears and neck all warmed up, comfortable and also stay on. Either a boy or a girl, it shouldn’t be of any stress (even if toddlers might be a bit pickier compared to babies) getting either toddler girls winter hat or toddler boys winter hat or even unisex, depending on your preferred choice.

What you need to consider

What you need to consider when getting a Winter Hat for your Toddler.

When getting winter hats for your toddler, there are a bunch of things you might need to consider, asides your style and how cute it is. You might want to consider, the material- is it cotton, wool, which would be more comfortable, the size, strapless or not, with ear flaps or not, with gloves or not, if you want girl winter hat, boy winter hat or unisex winter hats. All these factors don’t just play a role in how your little one looks, but also how safe and comfortable you can keep your kiddo.

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Here we have compiled to the best of our assessment and knowledge some of the best winter hats that wouldn’t just be cute for your kiddo but also cozy and comfortable.

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Best Winter Hats for Your Toddler

1. Toddler Earflap Beanie Winter Hat

Made from acrylic fibers and organic cotton, this hat is one you would want to try out. If you are a mum with a great taste or a toddler that has a high taste, then you should try out this winter hat. It is a cute unisex toddler hat which is soft, cozy, well-aerated and comfortable. It comes with adorable earflaps and not to forget, a strap/chin tie, which helps to keep it, on your toddlers head for a long while without falling off.

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It comes in three different sizes, right up to 15 months and also four different choices of color, for your cute boy or girl toddler- white, navy blue, grey, and pink. It was designed to fit perfectly well for your toddler, keeping your kiddo lovely, warm and comfortable.

  • Multiple colors
  • Made from 50% organic wool and 50% acrylic fibers
  • Comes with earflaps
  • Comes with chin ties

2. Fleece Lined Winter Hat and Mitten Set

Fleece Lined Winter Hat and Mitten SetLooking for an adorable winter hat that comes with a matching mitten set? Then this is what you have been searching for. It is a perfect toddler winter hat, and glove set made from100% polyester and also lined with Sherpa, this winter hat is warm, cozy, and comfortable. It is very light and well ventilated that your toddler might even forget he has one on.

It also has a Velcro chin strap that keeps it strapped to the head at all times. Not to mention that it comes in different sizes, up to 7 years and also comes with various cute designs of planes and also cars. It is a specially made toddler boy’s winter hat that can maintain its shape for as long as you use it, even after washing.

  • Made from 100% Polyester and lined with Sherpa
  • Comes with matching mittens
  • Has a Velcro chin strap
  • Lightweight, comfortable and warm

3. Winter Hat Scarf Earflap Hood Winter Cap

Winter Hat Scarf Earflap Hood Winter CapYou wouldn’t like to miss out on this one. Looking for something that would either your baby boy or girl? Then this absolutely what you need. This cute toddler winter hat made of cotton and acrylic is soft, cozy, lightweight, and comfortable and comes in so many colors. It has been designed in such a unique way that it covers the head, ears, and even the neck of your baby while matching perfectly with you little toddlers clothe.

This cute winter hat has a width of 9inches and also a length of 19inches, making it long and big enough to cover and keep your toddler warm. This unisex winter hat also comes in just one size with a circumference of about 17 to 22 inches. Its durability is second to none allowing to maintain it without worrying about any problems.

  • It comes in different colors
  • Doesn’t shrink on washing
  • It can stretch
  • 20% and 80% cotton and wool respectively

4. Baby Girls Boys Winter Warm Cap Hat

Baby Girls Boys Winter Warm Cap HatWant the cool look for your little toddler? Here’s something you can try out. This cute toddler winter hat comes in shape of a pilot hat with aviator goggles also, and it comes in two lovely colors- brown and blue. They come in bright shades of these colors which stay sharp and intact without fading, even after a very long period of use.

It is made from 100% cotton and also soft wool material and comes in just one size of about 20inches (for the head circumference). This cool, soft and comfortable winter hat would be perfect for kids who like to fly, or have an interest in aviation; you could even gift it to your little toddler! It is an ideal and adorable baby winter hat to use during freezing winter days.

  • Made from 100% cotton blend
  • Comes in a cool design for kids
  • It is resistant to fading
  • It soft and comfortable

5. Warm Fleece Lined Winter Hat

Warm Fleece Lined Winter HatFor toddlers who can be a bit picky, this would be an excellent choice. Made of knitted yarn, this cute winter hat is cozy, soft, lightweight and also comfortable as it comes with an inner lining of human-made fleece. It comes in the standard colors – blue, grey, black and red and also has a band which makes it stretchy and also helps to adjust to whatever head size you want. Although it is available in just one size, it can fit toddlers of age 0-5, thanks to its adjustable band.

Not to forget, it comes with a cute fluffy hairball that would make your toddler want to keep it on all day.

  • It is soft and comfortable
  • Made from knitted yarn and lined with fleece
  • Cute design that is toddler-friendly
  • Comes with an adjustable band

6. Warm Crotchet Knit Pompom Beanie with Scarf

Are you looking for something to keep your child’s head and neck warm? To protect your child from cold weather? then this is the perfect toddler winter hat as it comes along with a scarf. This hat and scarf cover your baby’s head, ears, and neck well, therefore it’s ideal if your taking your baby outside in colder weather. you must be already knowing that unlike adult’s baby’s skin is soft and warm and they can easily get cold as the skin adaptive mechanisms are weak to adjust according to the weather and keep the body warm. So, your child needs extra layers of clothes and proper headgear to maintain the warmness.

This cute toddler winter hat comes in several colors and you can choose any color you want. There are two pompoms attached to either side of the beanie. This crotchet knit beanie is unisex and will fit perfectly for most toddlers.

  • Two pompoms
  • Crotchet knit
  • Easy to maintain
  • Several colors available

7. Warm Crotchet Family Beanie Winter Hat

Warm Crotchet Family Beanie Winter HatIs there anything cuter than looking as adorable as your little toddler? Nothing, right? An additional catch is a pom-pom right at the top of the beanie hat, leaving you and your adorable toddler looking as cute as ever. This lovely winter hat is made of 100% cotton, comes in just one size but also many colors to pick from.

It is soft, comfortable and cozy for your little one and you, with a knitted yarn lining just on the outer part of the winter hat, making it even thicker and warmer. These family beanies are an excellent choice for freezing days in the winter season.

  • Multiple colors
  • 2-piece set for mother and child- matching designs and colors
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Thick, cozy and comfortable

If you are searching for the perfect winter hat for your little toddler, then we have got you covered. The above-listed baby winter hats are adorable, comfortable, and cozy and not irritate your little toddler’s skin. You don’t want your little toddler freezing when you go out for a walk or something, either of the winter hats listed would be of great help to you.

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