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Baby Girl Winter Hats – 10 Best Baby Girl and Infant Winter Hats

Babies are the light and happiness in the house of every family. Therefore, parents always want something cutie for their little girls. They want to dress their baby girls as the best possible. Parents wish to use something cutie and fashion at the same time, even if the babies do not know about it. Therefore, a winter hat is so useful for babies around the world. Here, we have ten best baby girl winter hats.

The winter season allows us to enjoy with our children in different places, but it is necessary to take them well protected so that the fantastic season does not let any problem with our baby girls. Do not forget a beautiful hat! These cute hats can protect your baby’s head, and you will not have to worry about any problem with it.

A piece of valuable information about a long time ago

When a baby is born, usually, the nurse puts a hat in the baby’s head instead of some clothes. Why does it happen? Well, a long time ago, the first thing after the baby was born, nurse and doctors measure, do some exploration, give a shower, and even wear the baby girls. But nowadays, the process is not in that way anymore.

Nowadays, what happened when a baby girl born? They put a HAT!

The baby girl is born, and they put her on the mother’s chest to create an engagement between them. Because the mother transmits all her love to the baby, she will perceive it, and it will generate a better temperature in the baby. Moreover, another thing that has changed, the clothes have been removed to put the baby in your chest. But, in a vast amount of hospitals, they will always put a hat in the baby girls’ heads. It is because the mother’s body can maintain a high-quality temperature, but not the baby’s head.
Isn’t this fact so fascinating?

Five fun facts about babies who sure did not know

Baby girls, these mini-humans require our care and attention to grow strong and healthy. Therefore, there are several things about babies, but we bet you don’t know these fascinating curiosities about them.

1. Baby girls and boys see black and white

As you may know, parents spend a vast amount of money on colorful toys to stimulate their children; however, they do not realize something bright, since babies see black and white.

2. Most babies have at least one birthmark

It can be a mole, wine color mark, or any color different from the common one. 80% of babies are born with some birthmark.

3. Babies’ brain

A baby’s brain corresponds to 10% of its weight, while its head corresponds to a quarter of it. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Female voices

Baby girls and boys calm down easier if the one who is rocking or talking to them is a woman. It is because they got used to their mother’s voice while they were in the womb.

5. Full speed growth. It cannot be true!

Between the time of birth and two years of age, babies grow up a lot. In its first two years of life, a baby quadruples its size.



An interesting fact: a baby girl can change clothes around ten times in a day. Can you imagine the number of winter hats that you will need for your girl? Do not worry about it! We have a solution for that stressing point. Therefore, here you can find a list of the best hats that you can purchase for your beautiful baby at any time. You, as a parent, will be in love with this idea!

1. Cutie hat for all ages

Your baby girl will look so amazing and comfortable at the same time. Have you ever seen a hat like this one? She will attract all the sights from other mothers, and they will ask you where you got the incredible hat. As you can see in the picture, this hat possesses two beautiful pompoms at each side!!

Can this beanie be used only in winter?

Even this list is for you to know the hats that can be used in winter, you will be able to wear your girl with these accessories in any season during the year. She will always seem according to the occasion.

Which sizes does this hat have?

The hat came in two sizes. It will not be a harder decision; you will find the correct one easy.

S size hat. It has a circumference of 17″-19″ fit for 4-10 months,

M size hat. It has a circumference of 19-20.5″ It is fitted for 10-24 years baby girls or boys.


All the materials are with a soft fabric to make your baby feel more comfortable with the idea of using it.

2. Knited Baby Beanie with bow

This design is simple, but cute! Your little girl will show a spectacular outfit if she uses the bow hat with any clothes. It can be a daily complement for her to look incredible. It will be easy to find a pair to wear. Thanks to the variety of colors that this has, you, as a parent, will be able to select the best fit for your girl.

Where does my girl can use it?

She will be able to use it at any outdoor activity, even if the actual season is not winter. Your girl will have the opportunity to look comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Materials used in the accessory

  • 38.4% of cotton
  • 26.5% polyester
  • 23.4% Nylon
  • 11.7% Viscose

When can you buy it?

You can purchase this beautiful hat at any time, with the purpose to give away as a gift, New Year vibes, birthday, and many other special dates.

3. Three pack for wonderful beanie hats

Thanks to the fantastic design that this ribbed knit beanie has, your little girl will keep her head so warm in winter. This three-pack is available in different colors that will allow your girl looks so stunning at every time she wears it.

What are the sizes of this hat?

Because the brand is always thinking in the comfort of their client, you will be able to select a single size that will fit for a girl between 6-48 months.

Tips used to wash it.

It is made with knitting. Therefore, you must wash it with a washing machine and a flat dry.

4. Kitty hat style for your baby

Your girl will look fantastic. Thanks to the kitty design, she will look like an adorable little girl, and everybody will love her. The materials allow comfort and have the ears warm for the winter season. This beanie hat is created with high-quality standards that will exceed expectations.

In which activities does my girl can use it?

  • Climbing
  • Outdoor activities
  • Camping
  • Playing games
  • Hiking, and so on.

Of course, a little girl will do these activities with her parents.

5. Cutie Bear Beanie Hat

Your baby girl is going to be the most seen person in every place she arrives. This beautiful hat has a high-quality standard followed to fulfill the necessity for all those beautiful girls, intending to provide comfort and security for your lovely.

The materials used in the sewing process for this amazing accessory are 50% cotton and 50% acrylic fibers, which enable the hat to look comfortable.

Moreover, your little girl will be able to use it every single day without any problem in her skin. You do not need to worry about the size; we will let you know the three essential aspects you need to care about it:

  • S Size suggest to 0-7 Months
  • M suggests to 7-15 Months
  • L suggests to 15-30 Months.

6. Little pompom beanies for your lovely girl

In winter, your baby will need something that can maintain her as warm as possible. Therefore, this beautiful pompom beanie will let your girl feel better in this cold season. Your lovely little girl is going to look fabulous, and every little girl around her will want one for them.

Which accessories can I mix with this beanie?

Winter coats, mittens, onesies, socks, boots, and more accessories will look amazing with the beanies.

7. Mom and daughter wearing the same

There is no other better option than matching with your little girl. In winter, all you want is to feel gorgeous and comfortable with this season. Therefore, this pack is what you need to get all the sights from EVERYONE! You and your baby girl will look wonderful at any time.

Moreover, the hats are made with excellent quality to fulfill the client’s needs, and it is made with soft and cashmere material. The usage of these hats will attract many compliments about it.

You will be able to find different colors for you to match them with every outfit in your daily style.

8. Amazing winter toddler hat!!

This beautiful toddler hat is designed for babies with 2-7 years old. It has two layers, the outer material is knitted, and the inside content is velvet lining. Do not let the chance to purchase this fantastic accessory for your little girl. She will be attracting all those people around her.

Moreover, this excellent hat can cover their ears, head, face, and neck. The design is cute and at the same time, fashionable. You will love it!

9. Wonder and colorful ball beanie hat

This fashion and comfort beanie is available with a single size for you to easily select only the color needed for your little girl. This beanie was sewing with material that has highly qualified for the satisfaction of the clients. Just to mention, it is for the usage of little girls or little boys. The double balls will help your baby look even more beautiful.

10. A wonderful pack for you to wear with your little girl

This cute hat is made of cotton material. It will let your girl look beautiful and comfortable in those cold days in the winter season. Because of the two packs, you, as a mother, and your little girl will be matching all the time.

How to take care of a baby girl and her clothes?

A baby girl’s clothes require special care, not only because they get dirtier or stains, but because they tend to be more delicate clothes… but the most important thing is that by some contact with the baby, they can cause irritations or allergies.

Therefore, you must take into consideration an essential fact about taking care of a baby girl and her clothes. Every clothes that your baby is going to use, you MUST wash it before using it. To point it out, it is because of some chemicals or substances for dyeing can cause some harm to your baby.

Tips for washing your baby girl’s hats

  1. Ensure that the water with which the hat is to be washed in warm water instead of hot.
  2. Use a product for delicate and sensitive clothing.
  3. In any case that you want to use the washing machine, you must use the delicate laundry.
  4. Do not mix the baby’s clothes with the other dresses from your family.
  5. Pay attention to the care label on the hat.


Should I wash the baby girl garments with the one from the rest of the family?

It is recommended that all types of clothes should be washed one by one, without mixing the garments with the rest from your family.

Which product is better to use for washing the baby girl’s clothes?

You must use detergents that are specific for a baby. This is intending to take care of the baby girl’s skin. Moreover, in every wash, you should use a special softener for baby’s uses.

What are the features or characteristics of an excellent detergent for babies’ hats?

  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
  • It is recommended for babies and people with sensitive skin.
  • Soft fragrance.
  • Take care of the fibers of your hat.
  • Leave the clothes soft.


There is a wide variety for you to buy some baby girl winter hats, but you must be aware of the necessity to take care of those accessories. Your little girl will indeed look so gorgeous and cutie, but you will be the in-charge person to wash it adequately to avoid some illness or allergies in your baby. A little girl will always look amazing with these accessories. Do not let the time pass and purchase all those ten best baby girl winter hats!

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