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12 Best Unicorn Beanie and Winter Hats For Little Girls

Adults have a robust protection layer underneath their skin which is powered by accumulated body fat. That is not 100% perfect, but it at least provides some shielding against the cold. Since babies and young children lack this layer of fat and have soft, susceptible skin, they are more vulnerable to the risks posed by freezing temperatures.

As a parent, with the advent of the wintertime, you would be hurrying to grab a perfect beanie to protect your little one from frosty temperatures. But your kid, on the other hand, might be interested in vastly different criteria like the shape of the beanie, its colors, and whether it has bright or sparkly designs. Therefore, you may need to choose a beanie that would be perfect for your kid’s preferences as well.

Unicorn beanie hats are a trendy subset of the broad family tree of beanies. Children are particularly fond of their fancy and adorable designs. It might be just the thing that suits you since it comprises excellent insulation and an entertaining style for your baby.

Thus, in this article, we will dive into the world of unicorn beanie hats to find a perfect match for you and your junior.

Why Do Kids Love Unicorn?

Unicorn beanie hats belong to the larger group of animal hats in the beanie family. They are highly admired and demanded by children, mainly due to their tremendous love for unicorns. Let us investigate why children are very attracted to unicorns.

Kids love unicorns prominently for their appearance. Unicorns are horse-like creatures that mainly appear in legends or folklore. They are described as beautiful and magnificent creatures that live in forbidden magical forests. These stories provoke the curious minds of kids, as they naturally love mysterious things that adults would find hard to believe in.

Unicorns are also depicted as exquisite life-forms that possess magical powers, especially in their horns, which are said to have healing powers. Kids get fascinated by these other-worldly characteristics of unicorns to the point where meeting a unicorn someday becomes a dream to them.

Another reason would be that kids can reflect themself through unicorns since unicorns represent purity and truth in a corrupt world, the same as children born to this world with pure hearts.

All these reasons let kids unleash their imagination and admire these mythical creatures, which has dramatically influenced our popular culture in terms of merchandise like books, movies, toys, and unicorn beanie hats.

Best Unicorn Beanies for Girls

1. Knitted Unicorn Beanie Hat With Fleece Lining

Dress up your little girl or your baby in this magical unicorn beanie and watch them get overwhelmed by its adorable style. This bobble-style animal hat is fabricated using high-grade acrylic to be extra-durable and bestow a warm feeling on your little one’s head. The dual layers, along with the fleece lining, will increase the comfort of the beanie. It is dyed in a sparkly color tone and is decorated with jacquard unicorns and rainbow appliques.

  • Colorful and sparkly
  • One size fits many
  • Dual layers with fleece

2. Warm And Lighted Unicorn Beanie With Cuff

This beanie is designed to supply your baby with the maximum protection and safety possible. It is made from acrylic to shield your kids’ heads from the winter’s icy-cold temperature and provide comfort. The battery-powered LED on the beanie’s cuff can light the way for safer outdoor experiences, weighing lighter than a regular headlamp. Hence, this unicorn beanie hat is a convenient selection for your children.

  • 100% acrylic material
  • Available in many designs
  • Built-in LED light on top

3. Knit Earflap Warm Fleece Lined Unicorn Horn Beanie

Kids, especially babies, have incredibly soft skin prone to harm and will catch allergies quickly to harmful materials. But a hypoallergenic cotton-polyester blend is used in these unicorn beanie hats to provide a comfortable and irritation-free feel on your baby’s scalp and forehead. For added coziness and insulation, the interior is lined with fleece. This beanie is also ornamented with a unicorn face and a small horn on the crown.

  • Superb insulation from cold
  • Toasty and comfortable
  • 60% cotton and 40% acrylic

4. Adorable Unicorn Beanie Hat For Toddlers

Generally, kids want their toys or clothes to have very colorful, bright tones. This white beanie’s appealing manner doesn’t stop with a red color lining at the edge of its crown. The beanie’s top is lined with fur-like fabric with lucid tones like red, yellow, and blue. It is then topped off by a little horn and a pair of ears. All these decorations accumulate to resemble a beautiful unicorn, which your little one will undoubtedly adore.

  • A flexible and durable construct
  • Attractive unicorn design
  • Warm and snuggly fit

5. Lovely Knitted Warm Unicorn Beanie Hat

This beautiful unicorn-style beanie is constructed with the finest of fabrics to be resistant to shrinking and piling. It will assuredly retain the original quality even after extensive use, and therefore your kids can wear and enjoy this beanie for a more extended period. The unicorn face with a colorful horn surrounded by soft plush-pom fibers gives this beanie a mystical vibe that little girls will love. Additionally, its cuff consists of a dozen little embroidered hearts.

  • Lightweight build
  • Adorable and comfy
  • Highly durable material

6. Warm Fleece Lined Pompom Unicorn Beanie Hats

A cute pompom beanie crafted from premium quality acrylic fabric, which is both soft and hypoallergenic. Its unique and highly fashionable appearance is fueled by the distinctive color tones and by the hearts, stars, and mini unicorns used to decorate the beanie’s crown. The ends of the fabrics are tied up in a colorful pompom on the top. Being made of acrylic also makes this beanie durable and flexible at the same time.

  • One size fits many
  • Unique design style
  • Hypoallergenic fabric

7. Knitted Sequin Attached Unicorn Beanie Hat For Winter

Available in a variety of different color tones, this unicorn beanie is a perfect choice for your little girl. Why, may you ask? Since it arrives with a good design that would please your kid and provide adequate protection to her head in winter, it is flawless. An adorable unicorn decorated with bright and glittering sequins is sewn in the beanie’s front to have a beautiful nature. At the same time, the acrylic and the fleece lining supplies the necessary warmth and coziness.

  • A more comprehensive range of designs
  • Fleece-lined interior
  • 100% acrylic product

8. Colorful Knit Unicorn Pony Novelty Beanie Hat

Everybody loves a fleece-lined hat in the chilly winter season since it has a velvety feel, and the long fiber of fleece is excellent at trapping air for better insulation against the cold. Why not get your kids a fleece-lined beanie? It has an 8.5-inch width making it perfect for a little girl between 5-9 years old. This beanie is adorned with a 3D unicorn design and a colorful pompom. And as a bonus, the beanie comes with a pair of stretchable gloves as well.

  • 3D Unicorn Pattern
  • Soft pair of gloves
  • Stretchable and durable

9. Winter Unicorn Beanie Hat And Gloves Set With Pompom

This two-piece set is packed with a unicorn beanie hat and a pair of gloves. Both the gloves and the beanie are produced with durable acrylic, which also comprises brilliant elasticity allowing the pair to be worn by kids of different age categories. The high-grade acrylic can effortlessly keep the cold temperatures at bay while the polyester bestows a soft feel on your kids’ hands and scalp. Unicorns line the crown of the beanie with attractive and vibrant color tones.

  • Beanie and gloves set.
  • Made from 100% acrylic
  • Stylish and appealing

10. Winter Knitted Unicorn Beanie Hat With Mittens For Newborn

The temperature in the winter season can drop down to drastically cold levels. Babies don’t necessarily have the same skin protection as adults have. Still, a beanie with an outer shell acrylic with an internal polyester lining will protect your baby’s skin and scalp. The “2 by 2 Rib” stitch makes the beanie impermeable by cold, while the polyester grants a luxurious feel on your baby’s head. This beanie also arrives with a pair of mittens for your kid’s soft hands.

  • Premium quality knit
  • Adorable and cozy
  • Dual-layered construct

11. Unicorn Beanie Hat and Gloves Set For Kids With Earflaps

The frigid winter can have adverse effects on your kid’s ears; therefore, we would suggest using a beanie with earflaps for extra protection. This beanie’s interior and the earflaps are lined with deluxe class polyester, which is super soft and hypoallergenic. It is adorned with a cute unicorn face along with a shiny horn on the top of the beanie. This set includes a pair of fingerless gloves with a unicorn design covering if the temperature drops to colder levels.

  • Sturdy and durable knit.
  • A charming and stylish set
  • 100% polyester lining

12. Faux Fur Hoodie Style Unicorn Beanie With Gloves

Faux fur and polyester fleece are combined to offer a top of the line tenderness on your kids’ forehead and scalp. Both the unicorn beanie and glove pair are fabricated with faux fur covering and a fleece lining. The gloves are fingerless but have an adorable unicorn sheath to cover kids’ fingers when needed. This beanie hat is suitable for any outdoor activity, and it is also an ideal costume choice to be worn at winter parties owing to its magical style.

  • Picturesque appearance
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Super soft faux fur beanie
Unicorn Beanies

Final Thoughts

These unicorn beanie hats are multi-functional, which is one of the main reasons why they have remained popular for an extensive period. Commonly made from materials like acrylic or blends of cotton and polyester combined with polyester fleece linings, these beanies will safeguard your kids from the cold while providing a toasty feeling and being healthy for their scalps.

They are also packed with cute and loveable unicorn designs ranging from embroidery patterns to unicorn horns and even 3D-style unicorns sewn on the crowns of these beanies and decorated with sequins.

On that account, unicorn beanie hats are a superb choice to adorn your little one in the winter or to be given as a gift to children in the festive season. A bonus feature of these beanies is the usability in winter costume parties due to their picture-perfect demeanor.

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