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10 Best Beard Beanies To Grow A Full Beard In A Day

Bearded beanies are a hilarious costume option that let you grow a full beard in a day. These quick and easy dress-up hats make a perfect Halloween addition and offer a comical twist to any costume party.

Whether it is satirical humor for the sarcastic or a fitting costume for a Viking themed party, these ten bearded beanie hats let you accessorize with comedy.



SQUID BEARD | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: Kafeimali

For a fun twist on facial hair, tentacles are the highlighted option. Instead of growing a full patch on the cheeks and chin, these slippery sea creatures adorn the squid hat style. Keeping the wearer warm in winter, this option makes for a quick and easy costume opportunity, great for taking kids trick-or-treating.

The black color and sturdy material allow this beanie to be worn for many seasons. Easy to wash, this cool beanie serves as a great ice breaker as well as a high-functioning cold weather accessory.

  • Distinct appearance
  • Long facial tresses
  • Dark color option
  • Minimizes exposed skin
  • Provides significant warmth


VIKING LIKING | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: goodluck2017

A great costume opportunity, the Vikings have a rich history of thriving in cold weather conditions. According to a BBC study, this culture is of far northern origin. The traditionally icy region of the world offered extremely inhospitable conditions.

The Viking style was, in large part, dictated by the natural surroundings. Beards were more than a fashion statement, serving rather as a protective layer of insulation from the cold. A throwback to this original style, these Viking style beanie hats offer facial protection and a fun style for cold weather or costume situations.

  • Styled to emulate traditional Norsemen
  • Costume oriented option
  • Suitable to cold weather situations
  • Braided and lengthy facial tresses


RASTA STYLE | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: Mr.Kooky Official Store

Sources note that Rastafarian culture dates back to 1930s Jamaica. The practice evolved as a social and religious phenomenon that is now recognized worldwide. Possibly the most widely recognized icon is the late musician, Bob Marley.

This hat is a direct reference to this musical icon and the relaxed values which he emulated. A stylish beard couples with the bright red, green and yellow colors long expected of this icon. The bearded beanie makes this a great conversation starter, and a solid way to bring the warm, Caribbean climate to cold winter conditions.

  • Emulates Rastafarian culture
  • Classic red, yellow, and green colors
  • Medium length beard
  • Warm woolen material


TODDLERS AND KIDS | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: Simplicity

Fathers with young children see the most benefit from the miniature toddler beard on these fun beanies. Providing great warmth for young children, the featured facial coverage has the added benefit of providing insulation in the cold weather.

For kids seeking to look just like their dads, this beanie hat is an ideal option. Easy to maintain, these options make a great daily solution to keep kids interested and happy to wear their winter gear.

  • Sized for younger wearers
  • Gives boys a quick-growing beard
  • Short-bearded option
  • Makes winter wear fun


STYLISH SANTA| Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: Kafeimali

This North Pole reference is a classy and fun take on the traditional Santa suit that often makes a holiday appearance. The crocheted look adds a chic touch to this well-recognized outfit. For a modern Santa Claus style, this beanie hat is a perfect option.

Instead of the scratchy beard with the oft snapped elastic, the facial feature is built into the stitching for more comfortable wear. Great for caroling or any yuletide celebration, this beanie sets Santa apart from the impostors.

  • Christmas season celebrant
  • The unique twist on Santa style
  • Prevents painful elastic snap of Santa costume beards
  • Cooler than traditional Santa uniform, making it better for indoors


BEARDLESS BEARD | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: JIUSUYI Official Store

Seeking a beard without the itchiness that can come with facial hair, this option offers a streamlined take on the beanie beard. A balaclava style offers full coverage, with only the eyes exposed. Fun fabrics highlight men’s bearded faces for a unique twist on the beard.

The easiest way to grow an authentic beard quickly is to slip on this beanie, and a realistic patch of facial hair is highlighted. Different options for appearance, these beanies make great gag gifts and a fun way to highlight the ironic taste of the wearer.


LUMBERJACK LUXURY | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: jvestores

Lumberjack style is generally denoted by thick plaid jackets and the classic woodsman beard. To speed along the process of growing a rich patch of facial hair, these beanies embrace the lumberjack fashion for those who only make it to the cabin on weekends.

A fun take on the well-recognized beanie outdoorsy fashion, this beanie provides warm wear. Thick insulation makes this the perfect beanie for camping, to highlight the masculine style without forgoing comic fashion.

  • Styled to reference lumberjack culture
  • Warm option for outdoors
  • Ideal for camping
  • Humorous and practical


CENTURION CHIC | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: anybestbuy

The bearded beanie generally refers to the facial coverage that blocks from the nose to the chin with the material. In the case of the Roman helmet style beanie, the faux metal plate covers the face and chin, making a great costume option.

On its own, this beanie works as a warm and fun option and a great conversation starter. For costume parties, this beanie hat choice is a stand-out accessory. Acting like a complete costume unto itself, this style is perfect for everything from novelty props to cosplay events.

  • References Ancient Roman culture
  • Helmet styled
  • Provides significant warmth
  • Stand-alone costume option


Image credit: Beard Beanie

Bright orange color makes this beanie a practical wearing option for outdoor events like hunting and trapping, where visibility is key. The panel covering the face highlights a subtler beard making this a highly functional option.

Wearable for long stretches in the great outdoors, this option provides safety from the cold and ensures the wearer can be seen in camouflaged situations. The beard is of a closer faux shave, making this a practical option that can be worn comically or seriously.

  • A practical choice for staying warm outdoors
  • Bright colored to promote safety
  • Small beard for light humor


HELMET HAIR | Best Beard Beanies
Image credit: VBIGER

The beard on this unique and popular beanie hat option is ideal for costumes. Making it perfect for Halloween or other costume parties, this option is a reference to science fiction styles. The dark and light colors contrast distinctly, making the wearer noticeable in a crowd.

Crotchet stitching makes this a breathable option so that it can be worn indoors. Easily integrated into any costume, the use of metallic colors promote the beanie’s sharp features and give a fantastical illusion to the style itself.

  • Stretchy fit for one-size-fits-all wear
  • Breathable material
  • Suitable costume accessory
  • Can be worn indoors

These are the ten best beanies to suit the bearded style during any season. Showing the wide variety of fashions and uses for these cool beanie hats, this top ten ranges from Halloween to Christmas, while keeping humor in the day-to-day. For more hilarious beanie options, these comic hat choices will get you laughing and keep fashion fun.

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