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12 Cutest Pom Pom Beanie Hats for Your Baby [Girls & Boys]

Beanies have bombarded the worldwide markets in recent years. It’s amazing how beanies have become an everyday part of many people. Irrespective of the gender, age or region, people like to wear beanies. Even babies and toddlers like to stay warm under their comfy beanies. Pompom Baby Beanie is one the variants most liked by parents for their babies as they are cute, adorable, trendy, and stylish and of course, keep their babies warm and comfortable.

These cute little beanies with pompom are available in a wide range of variants; color, patterns, design and sometimes shape as well. They are available in various sizes that fit babies of ages.

However, before you get ready to start shopping for your little bundle of love, make sure you know what is best for your baby. Thus, before on to the lost amazing Pompom Baby Beanies, CoolBeanieHats brings you the factors that need to be considered before buying a beanie for your baby.

Factors Need to Consider

Factors need to consider before buying a baby’s clothing accessories:

  • Comfort: While you are buying beanie for your baby, you should consider your baby’s comfort as the topmost priority.
  • Size: Babies feel suffocated in tight clothes and accessories and behave crankily. Make sure you buy a beanie that is spacious and bigger than their actual size.
  • Material: Cotton is the best material when babies are concerned. It is soft, smooth, breathable, and comfortable. Babies tend to feel relaxed and cheerful in cotton more than any other fabric material. However, linen and fleece are other options that keep babies happy and gleeful.
  • Easy of wearing: Make sure the beanie is easy to wear. If the beanie takes time to be worn, then it will make your baby cranky and irritated.

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Now, without any adieu, let’s check out the amazing Pompom Baby beanies that will make your babies look more adorable and stylish:

pom pom beanies for baby

Baby Pom Pom Beanies for Baby Girls and Boys

1. Fluffy Pompom Baby Beanie

This Fluffy Pompom Baby Beanie is a perfect gift for babies during winters. This beanie is ideal for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and other special events. The beanie is designed to keep your baby warm and cozy during the chilling winters.

The beanie is made of high quality and soft fabric material that keeps your baby relaxed through the time he/she wears it. The beanie looks cute and adorable. It comes with two pompoms placed on both sides of the topmost of the beanie. The beanie features an intricate crocket knit pattern design that accentuates your baby’s adorable looks.

The beanie is available in one size that is designed to fit babies from 0 – 3 years olds. It is available in some cute colors like red, white, beige, and pink and black.

2. Fur Ball Knit Pompom Baby Beanie

Fur Ball Knit Pompom Baby Beanie is a classic pompom beanie for babies. It looks elegant and adorable. It feels soft, soothing and relaxing against your baby’s delicate skin. Moreover, it is designed to keep your baby warm, cozy and comfortable during the chilling winter. Overall, wearing this beanie will make your baby happy, cheerful and more adorable.

The beanie is lightweight, stretchable and highly breathable. It is made of high quality and soft fabric that feels soft against your baby’s sensitive skin. (Also read: Allergy Friendly Beanie Hats For Sensitive Skin)

The beanie is an ideal gift for babies on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Birthdays and other similar events.

3. Bow with Pompom Baby Beanie

The Bow with Pompom Baby Beanie is an adorable beanie to have for your baby. The beanie feature two faux fur pompoms on the top at the opposite sides of the beanie. It also comes with a cute little bow at the left hand of the beanie that is intended to accentuate your baby’s grace and looks.

The beanie comes in two sizes- small and medium. You need to choose the size of the beanie carefully based on the size of your baby’s head to ensure his/her comfort. The beanie is made of 100% wool to ensure that your baby feels warm and comfortable during the heavy winter season.

The beanie features a knit braid texture revels that look elegant and stylish. The beanie is available in various colors such as white, ivory, brown, pink and others.

4. Fleece Lined Knit Pompom Baby Beanie

Made with 100% acrylic, this Fleece Lined Knit Pompom Baby Beanie is a choice for your baby. The soft fabric feels very soothing and smooth against your baby’s sensitive skin. The beanie is designed to be warm and comfortable for your baby. The inner lining is made of 100% polyester.

The beanie comes with a cute pompom on the head along with earflaps. The earflaps are just an extension part of the beanie. The earflaps are designed to keep your baby cozy and warm. The pompom is made of wool and attached with strong stitching.

The beanie comes in one size with a relaxed fit that offers your baby a comfortable and cozy. You can easily tie a knot along the face of the baby to secure the fit of the beanie and earflaps on your baby’s head.

5. Crocket Hairball Pompom Baby Beanie

This adorable Crocket Hairball Pompom Baby Beanie is a great option for your baby this winter. The graceful and charming design makes the beanie look more adorable and cute. The beanie is designed with utmost care to suit a baby’s sensitive skin. The beanie is recommended for babies aged 0- 36 months. The beanie is available in just one size with enough stretch and breathability to keep your baby comfortable and cozy.

The beanie is made of 100% high quality and soft Knitting yarn. It feels light, soft, smooth and soothing against your baby’s skin. The beanie is available in various amiable colors such as lake green, red, white, khaki and others.

6. Knit Yarn Soft Pompom Baby Beanie

The Knit Yarn Soft Pompom Toddlers Beanie looks great on any infants and toddlers. The beanie is designed with care and love to make your baby feel warm, cozy and comfortable during winters. The beanie is made of high-quality knitting yarn.

The beanie comes with two top pompom attached to the sides of the beanie. The stitching is strong to ensure it won’t fall off the beanie. The beanie is super stretchy to provide your baby with a snug fit and comfortable experience.

The beanie looks cute, stylish, and cool on your baby. You can mix- match the beanie with your baby apparels to complete his/ her look. It is available in sober and cute colors like pink, red, black, camel, grey and others.

7. Exclusives Baby Infant Beanie

Keep your little one extra warm and cuddly this winter! These thick ribbed knit beanies will keep them cute, but most importantly they’ll stay so toasty. This hat is perfect for preemie and infants with head circumferences between 13 and 17 inches which typically includes a new born or baby up to six months old. These can be washed on cold delicate cycle and hung dry. Pick up the exclusives baby infant beanie today!

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Size: one size fits most
  • Care Instructions: wash on a cold, delicate cycle and hang to dry. 
  • For: baby
  • Season: winter

8. Earflap Attached Pompom Baby Beanie

The amiable Earflap Attached Pompom Baby Beanie is made of a comfortable fabric blend that intends to keep your baby cozy, warm and trendy. The earflap present in the beanie ensures your baby stays protected and prevented against the winter chills without a miss. The strings attached to the earflap are provided to tie the beanie to secure a snug fit for your baby.

The beanie is made of a 50% cotton and 50% acrylic blend. The inner lining is 100% cotton to protect your new born’s delicate and sensitive skin. The fabric is highly stretchable and breathable. The beanie is available in various sizes for babies 0 months to 5 years old. It is available in various charming shades of pink, white, beige, and greys.

9. Shaded Knit Pompom Baby Beanie

The Shaded Knit Pompom Baby Beanie comes in two variants that look cute, stylish and trendy. The beanie is made of high-quality fabric material that feels soft and smooth against your baby’s sensitive skin the beanie is designed to offer your baby the utmost comfort and warmth.

The beanie comes with a pompom at the top which is extremely attractive and would call for many compliments for your kid for sure. It comes in gradient or shaded design that gives the beanie a super cool and unique look.

The beanie is recommended for babies of 12 months old to 4 years old. It comes in two variants as far as color is concerned- pink and blue.

10. Knitted Baby Ball On Top Hat With Scarf Set

This is the perfect accessory for your precious little one, with an adorable knitted hat and scarf set. Featuring three different sizes of hats that can fit from baby to toddler to kid, this bundle is sure to keep their head and neck warm while still looking stylish. Great for most occasions like Halloween or a birthday party!

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Closure: elastic closure
  • For: baby boys
  • Season: winter
  • Occasions: perfect fits to most occasions
  • Features:  hat has three sizes fits ranges from baby and toddler to kid

11. Paw Patrol Winter Hat and Mitten or Glove Set

You know who has the coolest hat around? Marshall, of course! This super-soft two-piece set features his Paw Patrol colors and looks great for a winter stroll or playing in the snow together. Perfect gift for babies aged 2 to 5 with adjustable velcro sizing that’s easy for little one to wear.

  • Brand: Nickelodeon
  • Size: one size, designed to fit toddler boys age 2 to 5
  • For: baby
  • Season: winter
  • Licensed: officially licensed nickelodeon paw patrol product

12. Baby and Toddler Pom Hat and Mitten Set

This cute wintery hat and mitten set is perfect for outdoor play! Your baby boys will be cozy, warm, and stylish this winter with a matching hat and mitten set. The super soft material means they’ll want to wear it all day long! So go ahead—buy this cutie the matching hat and mittens today!

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Care Instructions: machine wash
  • For: baby boys
  • Season: winter
  • Features: includes 2 pairs of matching mittens
  • Features: mittens have ribbed cuffs
pom pom beanie hats for baby

Final Thoughts

Make your baby or toddler happy in the winter by giving them a cute pom-pom beanie. They’ll love it! Check out these different types of hats and find one that is perfect for you little ones personality.

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