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12 Funny Beanies For Guys & Girls That Will Have You ROFL

Humor is a much needed and highly valued trait that aids in both surviving, and enjoying life to its fullest. According to the American Physiology Association, among the many positive impacts of humor and laughter is the reduction of stress-related illness. This well-known medicine has made its mark in history, appearing in the Book of Proverbs, in addition to being common in Ancient Greek medical practice.

A number of popular types of comedy, which according to Literary Devices, include satire and farce. Much of the nature of comedy will be dictated by its method of delivery. Through the use of clothing applications, the span of visual humor has expanded with the development of comedy beanies. Using a plethora of designs and references, funny beanies cover a lot of comic ground.

Modernization has made comedy more accessible than ever before. Funny beanies are a perfect way to lighten the mood and bring a smile to friends faces. These funny beanies for guys and girls highlight all types of humor, from the dark to the traditional. Designed to make even the most serious person burst into laughter, these top 12 surmise the best of funny and comedy beanies.



For any man looking to rescue a princess from a tower, the medieval helmet inspired beanie will be a perfect fit. The matching beard adds an extra satirical twist to the thick knit design.

Red wool highlights the Centurion style as the wearer can use the dramatic and loud accessory to get a laugh. This crazy cap embraces the eccentricity of costumes and makes dramatic comedy easy with the free-spirited beanie approach

This funny knit cap is styled to resemble the hero on the white horse, with the removable beard an optional addition. Ideal for Halloween or costumed celebration, without the beard, this fun beanie is functional and wearable for those with a constant supply of sarcasm.


Since Shrek, a DreamWorks film came onto the scene in 2001, the ogre has become an icon of dry humor and the darker side of fairy tale humor. This bright green funny beanie with knit, ogre ear features, is a perfect reference to the dry humor of the film. Given the lightweight of this funny beanie, it is perfect for any season and can be worn either indoors or outside.

Ideal for any fans of the creature or franchise, this funny beanie for men is ideal for youth, parents, or as a costume option. The strange, protruding, rounded ears add a humorous characteristic to the beanie, though with the reference, this crazy hat becomes a model funny beanie for men.


Funny beanies that can still be worn regularly add a level of function to the satire of the funny beanie for men. In keeping with the trending zombie craze, this beanie is modeled after brains. The bold pink keeps to the traditional appearance of brains for this funny beanie, though a number of other color options are available.

The ridges are raised with a thick, crochet pattern on this loose-fitting beanie. The subtlety of the design makes this funny beanie the perfect conversation starter, sure to get a laugh in any situation. For the ironically brainy and zombie-lovers alike, this funny beanie is sure to fit well.


These warm wear, balaclava-style crazy hats have a fun animal theme making them the perfect humorous beanie accessory. Perfect for warmer weather conditions, these funny beanie hats come in a number of animal themes.

Showing only the eyes, this funny hat option is suited for a range of purposes, including outdoor activities as well as costume parties. For an ice-breaker that is sure to draw a smile from animal fans everywhere, these animal-themed beanies are a well-suited match.

Sarcastic patterns that highlight realistic animal patterns, these fun beanies are suitable for any age. Much like the animal beanies that highlight the wearer’s love of animals, this funny beanie option shows the lighthearted side of the animal fan.


Funny beanies are a very popular costume accessory for men, pulling together a costume with little effort. This Viking inspired, mohawk styled beanie is perfect for outdoor situations. The warming facial coverage imitates a beard while providing warmth. The stray wool provides a thick ‘head of hair’ on the beanie.

This crazy beanie is ideal for any age or size, and through the handmade knit design, the wearer has multiple options for how to style the beanie. Funny beanies that stand on their own, and can be integrated into a costume, are ideal for even the busiest men. Due to its multiple wearing options and durability, this funny beanie is sure to see many uses and applications over the long-term.


This funny beanie is plain of style, with a white skullcap base that provides the perfect canvas for visual humor. For a family-friendly set of humor, the punning exchange between the controlling controller and distantly powerful remote provides perfectly tasteful humor.

Ideal for men with children, this beanie is stretchy and comfortable with the main focus on the funny image. Highly function, the acrylic and cotton blend makes this beanie durable and suitable for long term use. This funny beanie for men is suited for all ages, and good for all situations, though is best for indoor and warm weather occasions.


For those who seek a funny beanie that loudly declares its humor, the long tentacled, face-covering crazy beanie is ideal. Coming in a series of bright and bold color options, the only exposed skin of this tight-knit beanie is on the eyes. A goofy way to stay warm in cold conditions, this funny octopus hat is a great twist on winter style.

Fully covering the head, face and extending to the neck, this beanie is an ideal cold-weather companion. Humor and warmth are the main draws of this bulky beanie that uses tentacle features to declare itself as a fun beanie for all ages.

8. Funny embroidery funny beanie hats

This beanie can be worn in two ways, the traditional slouchy way that shows no print, very simple and stylish. When you want your beanie to be hilarious, just folded it and you have a “Fuck it” funny beanie hat. It comes in two colors, black and gray and is made of very healthy material. It can be a very funny gift for your friends who understand this way of joking.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, stretchy, warm, stylish funny beanie made of cotton material
  • One size fits most
  • Color: black and gray
  • Dimensions: Head circumference: 21.65-23.23 inches and beanie depth is 10.63 inches

9. Fuck everything script funny beanies for guys

It comes in gray and black and is knitted with a flat plain knit pattern and on the folded part there is a black embroidery Fuck everything. If you like hip hop style beanies, this beanie is just perfect for you and it’s also very comfortable as it’s made of fine soft material. Winter no longer has to be cold, you will feel warm and stylish.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, stretchy, warm, casual-shaped funny beanies for guys made of knitting material
  • One size fits most
  • Color: gray with black embroidery

10. I woke up like this script funny beanie hats

Suitable for all ages and genders, this beanie is uniquely funny with its embroidery that says “I woke up like this” in large bold capital letters. Perfect to make a statement and finish your outfit.

This beanie is knitted with a flat plain knit pattern and can be washed in the machine, but it is recommended to dry it naturally without using a dryer or iron.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, stretchy, warm, lightweight, folded, durable funny beanie hats made from 100% acrylic material
  • One size fits most
  • Dimensions: 12 inches long
  • Color: Black with white embroidery on the folded part

11. Knit Batman funny hats for guys

Based on the character, this beanie is knit and comes in black. It is stretchy and fits most adults with its size, and a close-fitting look will give you a true Batman look. Also, this beanie is very warm, so if you have a party under the masks outside, this beanie will definitely warm you up throughout the night.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, stretchy, warm, knit funny hats for guys made from 100% acrylic material
  • One size fits most
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: head circumference 55cm and can extend up to 63cm
  • This beanie has a Batman mask shape

12. Animal funny beanie hats with ear flaps

If you like to make funny parties for your family and friends by acting animal or mythical creature, this beanie is perfect for you. Also, different sizes are available so they are suitable for the whole family. You can get different designs like moose, bear, buffalo, or prehistoric dinosaur, and this beanie has earflaps, horns, ears, and faux fur fabric all over the beanie. It is lined with plaid fleece lining.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comfortable, soft, stretchy, warm, fleece-lined funny beanie hats made from faux fur material
  • Sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large
  • Color: a lot of different colors of animal designed beanies

Crazy hats are a fun and innovative way to lighten the mood during tricky situations and declare the virtue of humor in everyday situations. These ten beanies highlight the diversity of senses of humor and shine a spotlight on the funny beanies that brighten up the day-to-day.

Funny Beanies For Guys That Will Have You ROFL

Some styles are best suited to costume-oriented occasions, where these beanies can make easy the process of themed styles. Many, however, are suited for any casual situation, with more subtle humor through cartoon imagery or references and puns. Regardless of the situation or sense of humor, there is a funny beanie to suit every need and every style.

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