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18 Best Men’s Beanies With Ear Flaps (+ Winter Hats)

You probably the feeling with a runny nose and blocked ears on a cold rainy day. The crisp winter season will crank that feeling up to eleven. The nose and ears are mostly similar, at least when it comes to how they react to the cold. Ever noticed how your ears and nose are the first to get cold, even on a typical rainy day? This is because ears and the nose, in this case, don’t have the same level of insulation by fat as the rest of your body.

Damage to the ears in the winter season may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but frequent exposure to the chilly atmosphere in the winter is harmful to your ears in the long run. People, especially those who are constantly outdoors, maybe for work or to engage in different winter sports, have the highest tendency to injure their ears. The cold temperatures cause the unprotected nerves in the ear canal under the skin and to react with a strong pain impulse.

Why Is It Important to Wear Winter Hats With Ear Flaps in Winter?

The recommended choice of accessory is a winter beanie/hat with sufficiently long earflaps, probably with a length of around 4 inches or more. But why?

Cold temperature can result in freezing or hardening of ear wax formed in the canal. This hardening will eventually lead to temporary blockages and impaired hearing. If you are already wearing hearing aids, ear wax will naturally produce a higher amount and result in hearing loss or tinnitus.

Ear infections are common in the winter season. Swollen glands can block the ability to drain fluid, supporting a good breeding ground for infections to dwell on. A chronic ear infection can ultimately lead to hearing loss.

Exostosis is another condition caused by cold temperature. This is when constant exposure to cold wind causes the bone in the ears to develop abnormal bone growth blocking the pathway to the ear canal. This condition is common among surfers, but the winter season can also provoke this condition.

Lastly, if you are wearing hearing aids, the increased moisture amount in the atmosphere will damage your hearing aids.

This article will help you to select one of the best men’s winter hats with ear flaps.

18 Best Ear Flaps Beanies for Men

1. Men’s Fleece-Lined Earflap Beanie

Fleece-Lined Earflap Beanie Fabricated using 48.3% viscose, 30.1% of polyester, and 21.6% of the highest quality nylon. The viscose is excellent at absorbs moisture from your skin; therefore is highly breathable and comfortable. The polyester and nylon make the beanie both super durable and comfortable at the same time. This beanie is designed with a cable knit style to be warm and snug. It is also coupled with earflaps to support more protection from freezing temperatures.

  • Viscose-polyester-nylon blend
  • Cable knit style finish
  • Available in a variety of tones

2. Men’s Winter Earflap Beanie Military Style

Ear blockage is a big concern during the winter season. Then this earflap beanie is just what you would need. Equipped with protective coverings to safeguard your precious earlobes from cold temperatures. Made high-grade polyester microfleece fabric, which is guaranteed to keep your head warm and cozy. Microfleece is also super soft and flexible; it also weighs less than normal fleece fabric with a comfortable fit on your head.

  • Microfleece fabric
  • Super soft and warm
  • Comfortable fit on your head

3. Fleece Lined Men’s Winter Caps With Ear Flaps

A classic tuque knitted winter cap. The knitted design helps to trap an ample amount of air between the beanie and your head, providing excellent insulation from the cold temperatures. On top of the knit design, it has a double-layered finish making the hat even warmer. This beanie is also stretchable, so one size can fit most people comfortably. The most important are the ear flaps, deployed to protect your ears from the cold.

  • Size: appr.56-58cm
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Material: Knit

4. Warm Knit Earflap Beanie For Men

It is made from premium quality acrylic yarn, which is super durable and soft. Acrylic yarn is a human-made polymer fabric used to design warm clothes, especially for winter. Acrylic yarn is a good substitute for wool as it retains the same quality and softness as wool and is lighter and hypoallergenic (it doesn’t cause allergies to sensitive skins). These men’s winter hats with ear flaps have a double-layered tuque knit design, making it a “must-have” accessory in winter.

  • 100% acrylic yarn
  • Tuque knit design
  • Stretchable fit

5. Windproof Beanie With Ear Flaps for Men

Beanies are of no good use if they get blow away in the wind. The Winter season is known for its cold temperature and notoriously high winds. Arm yourself with this windproof beanie, it comes in a stretchable size that fits many, but you get more control over how to fit it needs to be with a drawstring at the back. This drawstring can be adjusted to get a tighter fit if the winds get higher. It is also water-resistant and durable, making it perfect for any outdoor activity.

  • Fabricated with fleece
  • Warm and cozy fit
  • Windproof and durable

6. Ushanka Earflap Winter Hat For Men

Classic Russian Ushanka Hat (Earflap hat). The outer shell of the hat is made from a polyester-nylon blend stitched to perfection. The inside of the beanie is lined with full thick sherpa fleece, which is guaranteed to give you a heavenly feeling when worn. The sherpa fleece is designed to super soft and warm. So, while the cold temperature is kept away by the outer shell, the thread will provide all the comfort you require. An adjustable drawstring is also included for customizability.

  • 90% polyester with 10% nylon
  • Super warm and tender
  • Russian Ushanka Hat style

7. Men’s Fleece Thermal Winter Beanie With Earflaps

Equipped with an elastic band at the back of the beanie, it will provide a perfect fit on most people’s heads without issues of being too tight or being too loose. A lining with soft fur is at the inside of the beanie to give that velvety feeling to you whenever it is worn. The mens winter hats with ear flaps can be attached with velcro and a hook if necessary. This is will both increase the warmth and make for a good secure fit.

  • Made from polyester
  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Warm and cozy feeling

8. Winter Skull Cap With Earflaps And Visor

Available in several different tones to choose from, mostly darker tones as the darker the color, the more heat it will absorb. This particularly useful in the winter season where you are trying to insulate from the cold and trap as much heat as possible. The elastic band also offers customizability as it will stretch to fit comfortably on your head and let the ear covers do their magic, which protects your ear lobes.

  • Soft sweatband included
  • Retractable ear flaps
  • Variety of tones to choose

9. Men’s Winter Ski Hat With Ear Flaps

The fabric of this beanie is mostly made of wool, polyester, and acrylic fabric with trace mounts of nylon and viscose for added durability. This stylish hat comes with earflaps that can be either deployed attached or can be attached to the crown of the hat, taking them away from your ears. The earflap beanie mens are lined with 73% acrylic and 27% polyester faux fur that gives a super soft feeling on your head. Excellent for all outdoor purposes.

  • Perfect brim size for many
  • Earflaps with three snap buttons
  • Cozy and a snug fit on your head

10. Winter Beanie With Earflaps And Scarf Set For Men

Super soft winter beanie with a 2.3-inch visor. The visor will protect your eyes and face from rain or snowstorms with its ample width, and it also can safeguard you from sun rays. The earflaps can be tucked underneath the crown to hide them away if necessary. The fur lining will give a soft, cozy feeling to the wearer. The fur lining is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is guaranteed to not give any allergies or irritations to your skin.

  • 70% acrylic and 30% wool
  • Visor, Earflaps, and scarf set
  • Perfect all outdoor activities

11. Warm Winter Cap With Earflaps For Men

Produced using high-grade polyester to be both soft and durable. This hat is designed to provide the highest level of protection from cold temperatures. The inside is lined with faux fur to give a very comfortable and warm feeling to the wearer. The earflaps are equipped with velcro to connect them, which gives more warmth. A face mask comes along with the cap, which is directly attachable to the earflaps. Stay cozy and snug with this cap.

  • 100% polyester outer shell
  • Earflaps and detachable mask
  • Windproof with a comfortable fit

12. Trapper Style Men’s Winter Beanie

Warm trapper hat fabricated using super soft faux fur lining covering the inside portion of the beanie. The outside is impenetrable by the freezing temperatures of the winter season. The earflaps, while keeping you warm, can also be rolled up as an Ushanka hat (Russian earflap beanie). It also comes with a detachable face mask, which hooks up directly to the ear flaps. This setup will provide ample protection to your ears, chin, and face in general.

  • Stylish trapper beanie
  • The inner faux fur lining
  • Detachable face mask

13. Warm Faux Wool Fleece Lined Winter Cap For Men

This winter cap comes with attachable earflaps for added warmth. A secure buckle is used to attach the two earflaps. Velvety feelings provided by the soft faux fur lining on the inside of the cap, made in a one fit for all shape, to give a perfect and comfortable fit for many. The polyester fleece used is both extra durable and lightweight at the same time. The earflap buckle makes the beanie resistant to high wind.

  • 100% polyester fleece
  • Attachable ear flaps
  • Super warm with a snug fit

14. Ushanka Trapper Winter Cap With Ear Flaps For Men

Premium quality polyester is used in the making of this winter cap, armed with 4.7-inch earflaps and a detachable face mask for greater range protection. The mask is held in place on the earflaps with anti-rust metal pins so it can be used in the winter season, where there’s a higher level of moisture in the air. The mask also has straps to be woven behind the ear if that’s your preference. If you don’t need the earflaps, you can attach them over the crown.

  • 100% high-quality polyester
  • Windproof and breathable
  • Comfy and hypoallergenic

15. Windproof Men’s Winter Hunting Hat With Earflaps

Faux fur lined interior for a high comfort and tenderness while the outside protective shell is made from premium grade nylon, making it impenetrable to freezing temperatures. Nylon makes the hat resistant to water, thereby making it using in rainy or snowy climates. The earflaps will safeguard your ears from the cold and can also be attached to get a tighter fit, effectively making the hat windproof.

  • 100% nylon product
  • Fleece and faux fur lining
  • Warm and comfortable

16. Men’s Acrylic Knitted Winter Beanie With Ear Flaps And Pompom

Most of the winter caps/beanies/hats arrive with their advantages, but usually, every beanie looks somewhat similar. How about a change of pace? Try out this high-quality, unique looking acrylic beanie. Subtle changes to the hat’s overall design combined with the snowflake pattern and the unique set of vibrant tones will give a stylish refresh to your overall attire while staying cozy and snug. The pompom is the cherry on top of the beanie, quite literally.

  • Made from 100% acrylic
  • Unique tones and patterns
  • Stylish and super warm

17. Wool Winter Beanie For Men With Ear Flaps

Are you looking for an ‘out of the blue’ type of patterns and designs on the garments you seek? If so, this is the perfect winter beanie for your wardrobe collection. A multitude of distinctive and matching patterns. The basic advantages of an ear-flapped beanie are delivered from this beanie, but being made of wool, it is warmer and softer than most other hats. The inner fleece lining is also anti-allergenic, so do not worry about skin irritations.

  • Best quality hand knitting
  • Made from 100% wool
  • A unique set of patterns to choose

18. Men’s Winter Ivy Hat With Ear Flaps

Stylish and trendy Ivy hat made from 100% wool. Equipped with a soft plaid lining in the interior of the hat, which is skin-friendly and super soft. The men’s beanie with ear flaps are in place for maximum ear coverage but can be tucked away underneath if necessary. Tucking away the ear flaps will bring out the trendy look of an ivy hat. Take a stroll down the road with this unique and highly fashionable ivy hat while staying warm and comfortable.

  • High-quality wool
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Warm and breathable

Our Winter Hats With Ear Flaps in Style?

The main objective of men’s winter caps with ear flaps is to keep you warm in frosty temperatures, but that won’t keep them from looking trendy and stylish. The earflaps winter hats arrive in unique and colorful tones to help you stand out in the crowd when wearing them. Winter hats come in distinctive patterns and styles of knitting so that every single earflap doesn’t look the same all the time.

Some have the classic Ushanka hat style, while some even come in the ivy hat style, which is two highly fashionable wardrobe choices in the present time. Pompoms and decorative faux fur braids are also included to give a boost to your appearance. Wear an earflap to safeguard your ears and look elegant while doing so.

Should a Beanie Cover Your Ears?

This question depends on your choice and the setting of a particular day. The standard way of wearing a beanie is to wear them with or without cuffing and covering your ears, so it provides the maximum amount of warmth. This isn’t a problem with beanies with dedicated ear flaps. But in icy-cold temperatures, it is highly recommended to cover your ears.

Most earflap beanies come with pins or a buckle to attach them; another advantage of this is that the earflaps can be taken out of the way by attaching them over the crown if that’s your preference. This gives the flexibility to look highly stylish and still stay warm. Not that keeping the earflaps hanging is not fashionable, owing to the many different color tones and unique patterns

Final Thoughts

The winter season poses many threats to your overall body, with the ears being a prominent target as well. Icy-cold temperatures can easily damage your unprotected ears, as they don’t have natural shielding like the rest of the body, so most of the blood vessels and the ear canal are left exposed to irritations, blocking, and infections.

The cut and dry solution for this issue are wearing a winter hat with good ear protection. A hat with around 4-inch long earflaps would be enough to get ample ear coverage. When shopping for winter hats, please pay attention to the materials they are made; usually wool or polyester, and nylon blend is a fantastic mix of materials. Even acrylic yarn is also an excellent choice.

You want to find the best ear flap beanie for women

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