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10 Best Beanies & Skull Caps To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Helmets are lifesavers. So are the beanies and skull caps that use comfort and style to make this safety necessity enjoyable. From fun weekend activities to workplace essentials, helmets have been saving lives for centuries.

According to the World Health Organization, millions of tragedies could be prevented annually by wearing helmets. Loss of life is reduced by 35% when a helmet is worn. Helmets offer up to 88% reduction in the risk of brain injury. Still, hundreds of preventable deaths occur annually, and across the globe, due to improper helmet-wearing practices.

Whether caused by rush or complaint, these numbers show that these vital safety features are often forgotten.  In response to this, beanies have become a must-have helmet supplement. With an answer to every potential issue with a helmet, beanies strut onto the scene with ease and comfort.  While protective headgear can chafe, itch, scratch, and shift, these beanies and skull caps swoop in and make everything right with design features to meet every need.

Helmets come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and uses. For every helmet design, there is the ideal beanie to fit comfortably, providing warmth and cushion. Cool Beanie Hats has tracked down the ten best beanies to pair perfectly with the most common, year-round uses of helmets.

Best Beanies And Skull Caps To Wear Underneath A Helmet


HOCKEY AND ICE SPORTS | Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: jewelryfindingshop

For many, the first thing that comes to mind with the word helmet is hockey. Both team, and solo sports like skiing and snowboarding, are a great way to fill the cold months. Adrenaline pumps and the rush of the sport fills the time with energy. Yet, while the athlete is swishing downhill, or skating from net to net, sweat pouring then freezing the head is one of the most frustrating parts of the helmet. To solve this predicament, in swoops the knit beanie brought to market by ‘jewleryfindingshop’.

  • Sleek, unisex design comes in gray, dark green, and black
  • Knitted structure promotes breathability
  • Loose design gives wiggle-room beneath helmet for easy wear





Image credit: Tough Headwear

All-terrain trekking personal vehicles are a much-loved part of weekends that focus on the great outdoors. It’s no secret that the safest way to ride these adventurous autos is to strap on a helmet.  That is where the helmet lining beanie from Tough Headwear enters the scene. Adaptable and sleek, it slides under the helmet and adds warmth and cushioning to the rider. Its lightweight makes it ideal both under a helmet and worn as a hat. Without risking overheating, the recreational rider can comfortably settle into the lightweight headwear.

  • Fits all head sizes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Six design options for choice of style
  • Polyester/Spandex blend




BABIES AND TODDLERS | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: REDESS

Safety is perhaps most critical to the most vulnerable. For this reason, helmets are often used on our most fragile: babies and toddlers. These innocent creatures benefit the most from a warm hat and the safe grip of a helmet. With a thin head of hair, the fabric touching the young’s heads is of importance. To prevent rashes or irritation from an abrading helmet, the Redess baby beanie is ideal. Its design is focussed on the youngest consumers, with a view of comforting the infant and the easing parental worry. With the warm design and ability to sneak simply underneath a helmet, toddlers are in fine hands.

  • Multiple color options
  • Sold in sets of three
  • Quality material and stitchwork
  • Satisfaction guarantee




KIDS SPORTS | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: KooL Hop

Those same toddlers grow quickly into children, who are some of the top users of helmets worldwide. They are also some of the trickiest characters for whom to find a helmet with a proper fit. Bearing this in mind, the firm grip and cozy design of the Kool Hop kids beanie was brought to life. It is meant to go beneath the helmet, facilitating a good fit and a warm, healthy child. Bright colors make the hat easy to find and fun to wear for the children. The Kool Hop’s smooth design makes putting on kids’ helmets is a breeze so that the focus can return to play.

  • 100% cotton fabric promotes airflow
  • Twelve color options for a lively appearance
  • Stretchy, sturdy build designed to last




WORK RELATED | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: elitesuperstores

In many a workplace, hard hats are a mandatory safety feature on site.  Whether in the hot or the cold, the slippery grip and lopsided weighting of the casually worn hardhat makes it perfect for the Puma Xtreme adult Skull cap. This black skull cap has a thick enough design to encourage the hardhat into place, with enough airflow to make it wearable for the whole shift. Breathable fabric acting as a buffer between the scalp and hard-hat is crucial in all weather conditions. In the cold, this skull cap provides warmth and stability to the firm, plastic headgear. In times of warmth, the Puma Xtreme offers grip and airflow to the busy worker.

  • Sturdy design
  • Plain beanie design: black hat with gray stripe
  • Recognizable logo
  • Featured zipper
  • Wearable under helmet or on its own




SAFETY FOCUSSED FAMILY FUN | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: Pudcoco Franchise Store

Sometimes, the best way to foster a safety culture is to encourage small traditions that grow to routines. With the stylish, matching family beanies brought to market by Sweet FangFang, the caps are an ideal option to outfit the whole family. These matching hats for the family keep everyone linked together in fun and safe practices. Perfect for those with large families, the variety of colors makes the beanies easy to store and identify ownership. With these beanies, comfortable safety becomes a colorful and warm family habit.

  • Several color options from pink to gold
  • Size options for both adults and children
  • Low cost makes ideal to outfit the whole family




BIKING AND CYCLING | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: www.sourcebmx.com

Biking is more than a hobby. It is a prevalent subculture that has woven its way into international society.  In keeping with the growing trend of passionate pedalling, the classic bike helmet has been thrust into law in many locations. Now, these helmets are not only the smart choice, they are often a legal necessity. For comfortable wear, the SourceBMX has made a beanie designed specifically for gear-driven culture.  Able to slip seamlessly under the helmet, and make apparent the propensity to ride when the helmet comes off, the SourceBMX beanie is an ideal companion for bikers everywhere.

  • Ribbed, stretchy design
  • Earth-tone color options
  • Well-known, Tall Order icon




SLEDDING, SLIDING | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: TAGVO

Warmth and comfort compose the spirit of the Tagvo beanie. Perfect for outdoor adventures, the heat-retaining structure keeps the face and neck warm against frosty winds and biting colds. To protect the eyes from the sharp glare of sunlit snow, the brim protrudes over the wearer’s brow. Fitting effortlessly underneath a helmet, the winter-oriented purpose is clear in the balaclava design. Best for those who embrace the cold, this structure is for those popping on and off helmets while setting up the next escapade.

  • Fleece lining and acrylic outer form provide two layers of warmth
  • Multiple wearing options and adjustable functions
  • Lightweight design provides easy fit beneath a helmet




MOTORCYCLES | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: shirleyek

The soothing sounds of a roaring engine as the wheels race beneath is a priceless memory for motorcyclists. With specific helmets designed for those on the road, a specific skull cap beanie is needed. For this, the Ride Forever skull cap beanie is ideally suited. It’s classic appearance couples with a helmet-friendly design to protect the scalp during long drives. Its unmistakable appearance embraces proudly the wearer’s passion for motorcycle culture as it serves both as a useful tool beneath a helmet and a functional accessory during down-time.

  • Motorcycle culture emblem
  • Flexible material
  • Designed for long wear time




HELMET-HAIR PREVENTION BEANIE | Best Beanies To Wear Underneath A Helmet

Image credit: Surblue

For many, the tedium of a helmet is not the feature itself, but the travesty it can wreak on the hair. While not quite magic, the stylish beanie by Surblue keeps hair tamed and untangled.

Under the helmet, this cable knit beanie loosely hugs the head and hair. It’s relaxed structure keeps tresses smoothly beneath its folds. Easy wear and color compatibility make it so no helmet-hair need ever be seen again.

  • Multiple color options including cream, red and gray
  • Laid back, cable knit stitching
  • Sized to fit all ages
  • Works as an accessory or under helmets



Whether using helmets for ourselves or our loved ones, the extra cushiony comfort of a beanie is a popular addition. To make for an easy fit, these beanies snug to the head and incentivize safety through the coziness they provide. No longer are their excuses for abandoning safety for style. These beanies provide a cost-effective and easy to execute solution for protection and flare.

Be the need outdoor or indoor, workplace or leisure, these beanies make helmet safety fun with their individuality and usefulness. As with a helmet, it is important to find the right beanie to fit unique needs. These top ten beanies encompass all requirements, from delicate skin to stylish desires; and, best of all, they make the safe choice easy.

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