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13 Best Men’s Cable Knit Beanies (Cable Knit Winter Hats)

A beanie is a great fashion accessory to add to your fashion collection. The sleek yet functional adornment is excellent for keeping you warm during colder seasons. Beanies come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s one out there on the market, suited for everyone’s likes and wants. This trendy hair accessory can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age and gender. Beanie winter hats range from basic utilitarian beanies to ultra-lavish feeling and looking beanies. They also come in various design types to better fit both men and women.

What Does Cable Knit Beanies Mean?

The cable knit beanie is a classic staple among beanie lovers as the design dates back to the old times. The creative cable design used is incorporated to provide immense comfort and warmth at the same time. The cable-like texture used in the beanie hugs the wearer’s head very well, bestowing ample warmth to the scalp. The cable design also allows for more excellent airflow through the fabric, which helps your skin breathe better. The sky is the limit when choosing cable knit beanies as there are all sorts of different ones on the market place right now. However, it is quite a bit of a hassle to choose a good beanie that suits your personality and, more importantly, your wallet. Here we have slimmed down some of the best men’s cable knit beanies out on the current marketplace.

13 Best Cable Knit Beanie for Men

1. Men’s Winter Beanie Hat

This particular beanie is 100% acrylic, leading to a super-lightweight design and thick enough to retain warmth on your head. The primary colors available do not disappoint as the elaborate cable knit is trendy. The double layers present provides a silky smooth feeling while being stretchy enough to fit different head shapes. We recommend that you hand wash the beanie to improve the usable lifetime of it. The lining of it is also thick and sturdy enough to grip your head adequately.

  • Thick and warm
  • Plain colors but funky design
  • Stretchy and will fit most of the head shapes.

2. Men’s Winter Knitted Beanie Hat

These beanies with wool and acrylic blend are the perfect partner for a freezing winter morning. The thick knitting and the thermal lining on this beanie are competent enough to maintain warmth on your head and ears. The multitude of colors available paired with the delightful design used makes this beanie an excellent buy for your hard-earned money. One size will fit most head shapes and sizes.  Pair this beanie with any of these outfits, and they will instantly look fashionable and stylish looking.

  • Great looking design
  • The thermal lining retains more warmth.
  • Various colors available

3. Men’s Winter Cable Knit Hat

The 100% cotton build of this beanie makes this beanie the perfect companion for cold climates. The moisture-wicking nature will also ensure that this beanie will be a treat to wear daily without any uncomfortable feelings. The bigger and higher length is sure to cover your head and ears, keeping them warm while granting air to flow. The rib going around the length of this beanie is great for hugging your head tightly and staying in place. One size is assured to fit heads of all sizes regardless of whether you have a full head of hair or not.

  • 100% cotton build is exceptionally comfortable 
  • Cute looking design
  • One size will fit all.

4. Knitted Beanie Hat for Men

Nothing is more bothering than a beanie, which is heavy that causes pain on your head from the moment you put it on. Well, seek no further as this particular beanie is a lightweight yet very comfortable piece of clothing, designed to integrate into your life without any hassle seamlessly. You can choose among many different builds and colors which suit your personality and outfits. The elastic band at the rib aids to keep the beanie in place without move or slip. One size is claimed to fit all kinds of head shapes and sizes. Hand washing this beanie is recommended to improve the lifetime of it.

  • Plethora of different
  • Holds on well onto the wearers head
  • Various designs fitting both men and women

5. Men’s Wool Knit Scully Beanie

The significant form factor mixed with the high-quality wool blend is sure to leave you satisfied with your purchase. The classic cable knit design and the doubled down the rib of the beanie is sure to fit you perfect and keep you warm in the years to come. This particular beanie can be hand washed or machine washed without any harm to its fabrics. The high-quality wool used in the build is silky smooth and traps air causing the material to retain heat, aiding in keeping your hair fresh along with a dazzling appearance.

  • Quality materials used
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent in retaining heat

6. Cable Knit Wool Beanie

This particular beanie is made from a fine blend of wool, which is fantastic for its heat retaining properties. The soft inner fleece lining also elevates the warmth and comfort of the beanie. You will automatically become an attention grabber with the classic weave design of the knit. The premium materials bring forth a sense of luxury. It is recommended that you hand wash this beanie to avoid shrinking and to increase durability.

  • One size fits all
  • Classy weave pattern
  • Excellent mobility and highly warmth retaining

7. Men’s Warm Winter Beanie Hat

This basic looking yet extremely sophisticated beanie has a lot of hidden tricks up its sleeve. The different weave pattern of material helps retain warmth whilst stretching enough to fit all head shapes and sizes. The 100% acrylic build brings about softness and comfort without any itchiness. The color palette in which the beanie is available is incredibly versatile and can be matched to almost any kind of outfit you fancy. The materials used also allows the wearer to wash this beanie in any way preferred without any consequences. 

  • The utilitarian look is terrific to be paired with anything.
  • Ingenious weaving methods for maximum form and function
  • One size fits most

8. Men’s Soft Cotton Cable Knit Beanie

This is an excellent option for those of you searching for a fully cotton beanie for daily use. The cotton will help capture and retain warmth, protecting your head and ears from the elements. The cable knit design, along with the soft material, makes this a real treat to have in your wardrobe. The color choice also helps portray a more fun side of your personality. The material stretch is also good enough to hold onto the head without slips that cause due to sweat or ill fittings.

  • Great materials used
  • One size fits all
  • Machine washable

9. Cable Knit Beanie Winter Hat

This beanie is specially made for the harsh seasons of winter as the chunky design is sure to make a great partner on a cold day. The inner fleece lining ensures that the trapped warmth within the beanie will not dissipate, leading to a warm and comfortable wearing experience. The longer form factor of the beanie is also great for covering your ears as well. The contrasting hem around the beanie elevates the design while also aiding the tensile strength of the beanie, keeping it in place on your head. 

  • Bigger form factor
  • One size  Fit
  • More extended design to cover ears

10. Men’s Cable Beanie

The 100% acrylic material of the beanie, paired with the 100% polyester build of the inner fleece, makes this beanie an excellent value for money product. The cute and colorful nature of this beanie is sure to attract a lot of attention. The weave pattern also helps in stretching according to the wearer’s head whilst trapping air within the fleece layer. It is best if this men’s cable knit beanie is washed by hand to improve the lifespan of it further.

  • Good build quality
  • Great use of materials
  • Adorable design

11. Waterproof Cable Knit Beanie

This beanie is waterproof, meaning the cold and dampness will not eventually seep into the beanie while wearing it for extended periods outdoors. The three-layered construction of this beanie also helps in retaining warmth and increasing comfort. The cute knitting pattern and the waterproof design will benefit you in terms of this beanie to grab attention wherever you go. This particular beanie will fit most people with larger heads better.

  • Waterproof design
  • Cute knitting pattern
  • The layered build is excellent for keeping warm.

12. Wool Knit Visor Beanie Hat

This particular beanie comes with a twist as it is a combination of a beanie and a cap. The bill on top of the beanie will act as a windbreaker on a cold, windy day, and the earflaps aid in preserving heat in your ears, keeping them warm. The acrylic and wool blend of materials make this the perfect beanie for wearing in the winter seasons. The inner doubled down layering on the inside will help in retaining warmth. Pair this beanie hat with an outfit of your choice and put it together for the perfect winter outfit.

  • Great build quality
  • Preserves warmth well
  • Subtle but innovative design

13. Knit Beanie Hat with Visor Brim

This fashionable beanie comes in various designs and colors. If you are the kind of person whose ears get cold often, a beanie with ear flaps is the go-to option. The furry lining on the inner side of the beanie is good to keep your head warm whilst also allowing for airflow in and out of the beanie. The premium acrylic material paired with the cleverly knit pattern elevates the looks while also being able to stretch enough to accommodate all kinds of head shapes with or without a full head of hair. Hand washing is recommended to improve the lifetime of the beanie further.

  • Multitude of options
  • Variety of colors
  • Good build quality

Are Cable Knit Beanies Fashionable?

Cable knit beanies are a great fashion item due to the skillful yet straightforward design it consists of, concealing a lot of hidden features. A cable knit beanie can be paired with any one of your outfits to heighten the exquisite nature of your fashion collection instantly. The super cute knitting patterns of these beanies further make it an item that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age.

Final Thoughts

A cable knit beanie is a great fashion accessory to be included in your wardrobe. Men’s cable knit winter hats come in every size, shape, or form you can imagine. So get one you prefer the most and works best for you to use in the years to come.

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