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Top 10 Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

The iconic style of the CC Beanie was thrust into popularity for its comfortable and stylish take on the traditional knit beanie. CC hats’ meaning is an abbreviated form of ‘Cheveux Corp’, a French phrase that translates to ‘body of hair’. After the product was licensed from the original CC beanie company, the trend of popularity spread like wildfire.

CC beanies are recognized as a cable knit design, generally made of either natural or artificial wool. With thick horizontal ribs, the cable style of these hats sets them apart. While the CC beanie is generally of a fixed material, the styles and colors offered are diverse. From ponytail beanies to bold hues, there is a suitable CC beanie for every need.

As with all hats, the main factors are comfort, airflow, insulation, and aesthetic appeal. Broken down here are the ten coolest CC beanie hats for women to provide comfort, warmth, and the iconic style associated with these knit beanie hats.



POM-POM FASHION | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: NYFASHION101

The best beanie hats integrate into any outfit through the use of neutral colors and patterns. Using this method, most users can be gleaned from the beanie itself. The reason for the common question of ‘Why are CC beanies so popular?’ is their ability to transcend season and become a year-round accessory.

The dark grayish black CC beanie seen here is a perfect outfit choice for those who generally wear patterned clothing. With a big pom-pom that wears at the back of the head, the flashy style of this cool beanie hat gives it a noteworthy appearance.

Warm and breathable, this beanie is made out of an elastic acrylic material. As a result, this beanie can be machine washed and dried. The durability and simplicity of this option make it a suitable outfit addition for the long-term.

  • Made of acrylic material
  • Large pom-pom
  • Can be machine washed


MULTIPLE COLORS FAUX FUR | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: blessingtreeofny

A pop of color is a stylish method for calling attention to the wearer’s outfit without being gaudy or excessive. Using faux fur, the pom-pom on this beanie gives it an extra feature. The thick knit acrylic material provides sufficient airflow, and the layered material makes this hat ideal for winter.

Loose-Fitting wear, this beanie is suited to all sizes and offers enough room to wear any style of hair beneath the fold. Machine washable, this beanie requires minimal maintenance. Using the added accessory of the fur top, this beanie stands out. Maintaining its ethics of sourcing, the fur itself is artificially manufactured so that no animals are harmed in the beanie’s production.


UNIQUE COLORS | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: Tough Headwear

Self-expression is the cornerstone of fashion, as it gives an opportunity to highlight externally the best features of the wearer. Through the use of colors, patterns, and styles, the wearer can express their personality and intentions to the world, without ever speaking a word. These CC hats employ unique colors and a sleek design to facilitate creativity.

The chunky knit style provides warmth to the wearer. Though the hat is of a stretchy fit, a bun or other hairstyle would be apparent if worn beneath the beanie, making this option best suited to either short hair, or hair worn down. Made of acrylic yarn, this feature stretches well for a fit on any size. Because of the added insulation, this beanie is perfectly suited to winter or cold weather conditions.

  • Made of acrylic material
  • Bright color options
  • Stretchy wear
  • Perfect for winter wear


AUTUMN CHIC | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: black rebel motorcycle club Store

The third season, the transitory period between summer and winter has unique clothing requirements. Due to the unpredictable nature of fall weather, the beanie must be suited to cold and warm weather, as well as amenable to windy conditions.

Featuring a faux-fur pom-pom that sits boldly at the top of the head, this beanie is made of a stretchy acrylic fabric that allows one size to fit all heads. Using many color options, the tight-knit features make this ideal for cold weather, and the airflow afforded to make this suitable to warmer conditions. Ideal for any casual situation, this beanie functions well from early autumn into the full throes of winter.

  • Ideal for autumn and winter
  • Made of acrylic material
  • Durable and stretchy


ADJUSTABLE STYLE | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: FURTALK

Added features to accessories add to their many uses and give multiple style options to the wearer. The oversized beanie style fits well on any head and allows for any hairstyle to be worn beneath the fold.

Highlighting a removable pom-pom, this beanie allows for different wearing options to adjust according to outfit style. The cable knit acrylic design affords a high quality, comfortable wear. Through the use of multiple color options and the choice to emphasize the pom, the wearer can use this beanie in any outfit or situation. Suited best for winter, this beanie provides thermal regulation that protects against both the cold and humidity.

  • Warm and insulating
  • Bright, stylish color options
  • Perfect for winter wear
  • Removable pom-pom


PONYTAIL ROOM | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: ritasloft

While hairstyles vary, a large number of women choose long tresses; which, while beautiful, can pose issues of static electricity or bulkiness. To mitigate bulkiness, ponytails are a much-used accessory to keep hair sleek. Though stylish and efficient, these can be cumbersome when they cause a bulge in a hat. To alleviate these concerns, this beanie allows for a ponytail to be pulled through the back, avoiding bulk, and highlighting the hair as well as the hat.

Multiple color options allow for personalized fashion for the wearer. Made entirely of acrylic material, the beanie is durable and easy to maintain. Oversized for a comfortable fit, this loose and cozy beanie offers the warmth that couples with a relaxed appearance.

  • Oversized for a loose fit
  • Made of acrylic wool
  • Bright color options
  • Perfect for all seasons


TIGHT FITTING AND ELASTIC| Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: Funky Junque

This CC beanie ponytail hat features a ponytail pull-through option, the elastic material provides a tight and stretchy fit that suits any style. Beanies that can be machine washed and dried, though the bright colors are best maintained when washed in cold water with a delicate detergent.

Suited to exercise, this beanie affords airflow and humidity control that makes this style well-suited for laborious activities. The thick crocheted style offers the iconic CC fashion, making this the perfect accessory for casual outfits in any season.

  • Casual accessory
  • Thick crocheted stitching
  • Best when washed in cold water
  • Ponytail beanie


CONFETTI KNIT | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: Beyong store

Feminine by nature, the confetti style that is featured on this beanie makes it a perfect girly option. Through the use of multiple colors, the wearer can best highlight their personality while keeping to the whimsical fashion of confetti knitted beanies.

Made of polyester, this beanie is designed for long-term wear that can withstand machine washing and drying. The loose fit prevents concerns of wear that can result from shrinking and stretching. Comfortable and fashionable, this CC beanie is a great option to highlight the feminine style.

  • Feminine, confetti knit
  • Loose fitting and comfortable
  • Suited to all seasons


HIGH PONYTAIL | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: blessingtreeofny

The simplicity of the ponytail meets the classic look of the CC ponytail beanie in this stylish hat option. Suited best to high ponytails, the slit in the fabric that affords a pull-through hair option is established on the top of the beanie for a look that highlights the buoyancy of the hair with the sharp color contrast of the beanie fabric.

Made entirely of a stretchy acrylic material, this comfortable beanie has a plain pattern that suits it to any casual outfit. Soft and cozy, the thick stitch by which this beanie is formed makes it perfect for winter wear and cold conditions.

  • Bright color options
  • Plain patterned
  • Suited to winter and cold weather


VISIONARY VISOR | Cool CC Beanie hats for Women

Image credit: C.C

Added features give cool CC beanie hats an edge over their standard counterparts. This beanie is a synergetic mix between the traditional cap and the much-loved knit CC hat. Accentuating a well-formed visor, this beanie offers sun protection for both the head and the eyes. Ideal when managing the glare from a snowy landscape, this hat mitigates brightness and makes being outside fun.

A thick knit acrylic design allows breathability and a slit towards the back of the hat makes it suited for a ponytail. Using many colors, the stretchy hat is ideal for warmth since the layers provide insulation against cold conditions.

  • Features visor for sun protection
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Room for a ponytail to be pulled through
  • Machine washable

When wondering how to spot a fake CC beanie, the best solution is to look for the iconic ‘CC’ tag which was licensed by the original creators. Though many options emulate the spirit of the CC beanie, for those seeking the authentic experience, those two letters denote a reliable source. These top ten beanies highlight the best options for CC beanie style, showing options that are suited to any style and personality.

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