18 Best Beanies with Buttons to Hold Face Mask (Unisex)

Health is the primary concern regardless of the time or the prevailing season. Winter, fall, spring, or summer each season is magnificent and picturesque in its way, but they also have their unique challenges and risks. Winter is a special case being the coldest season of the bunch and could provoke many different illnesses if necessary precautions are not taken.

The common cold and the flu are the most frequent infectious diseases in the winter. A cold is not a significant health risk, but it can lead to more dangerous conditions like pneumonia fueled by frigid temperatures. Asthma attacks and ear blockage are other significant threats from the cold.

Benefits Of Beanies With Buttons?

A warm slouchy or a cuffed beanie with a knitted design will provide the necessary amount of protection from the cold temperatures prevalent in the winter. But what makes these beanies with buttons important and unique?

The primary objective of the buttons on the beanie is to hold a face mask in place. Usually, a face mask is worn with straps over the ears. This can be very annoying to keep on, especially in the winter where you are wearing a beanie. The stress caused by the constant pressure of the mask’s straps would cause the ears to ache unless you wear them for just five minutes, which you won’t.

The buttons will take that burden from your ears and relieve them. Wearing face masks in the winter is beneficial as they protect your face, mostly the nose and lips, from icy temperatures and dust particles. Wearing face masks in cold weather also assists in avoiding cold stress.

This article will lend a helping hand for you to choose one of the best beanies with buttons to support face masks.

18 Best Beanies With Buttons

1. Knitted Beanie For Men And Women With Buttons

A stylish and comfortable slouchy beanie made from the highest quality acrylic. The perfect style for both men and women is guaranteed to make your overall winter attire trendy and catchy. This beanie also arrives in a pair of two, so you can share them with your bestie or loved one. The pinnacle of this warm beanie is the pair of buttons on either side to support a face mask. Wear a preferred face mask with as little discomfort as possible

  • 100% acrylic product
  • One size fits most
  • Classic fisherman beanie

2. Elastic Knitted Warm Winter Beanies With Buttons

Simple yet a magnetic stripe designed beanie. Premium quality workmanship making these beanies highly durable and incredibly soft to the touch. The excellent elasticity on the beanie will give most people a snug fit on the head. Suitable for any outdoor activity, whether it be jogging, biking, or even skiing. The elasticity also gives protection to your ears, and most importantly, a button pair is available to hold a face mask while wearing the beanie.

  • Beanie pair – 2 pieces
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Premium design and finish

3. Warm Slouchy Beanies With Buttons

Knitted with double layers of insulation to provide better shielding from cold temperature and trap as much heat as possible. The beanie is lined with two buttons on either side to hold a face mask in place as well. Fabricated using a cotton-polyester blend to get the tenderness of cotton and high durability of polyester. Together they make a perfect beanie that lasting long. A special bonus; there are four beanies in this set for your convenience.

  • Wide range of colors
  • 4-beanie set available
  • Durable and lightweight

4. Beanie Cap With Buttons For A Face Mask Suitable For Work Or Sports

It is annoying to keep a face mask on while wearing a beanie. The pull and stress from the face mask can be painful and very discomforting. Beanies with buttons to support face masks are the way to go. Release all the tension and have the face mask directly attached to your beanie. This beanie is guaranteed to keep your head warm, safe, and cozy always. Fantastic elasticity is built into the beanie to serve a wide range of people.

  • Warm and comfortable
  • Extremely durable and flexible
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities

5. Knitted Stretchy Beanie With Face Mask Holding Buttons

Ears are an important part of the body and must be taken care of care. Protect your ears! This long beanie can be pulled down enough to provide an adequate amount of coverage for your ears. And give your ears a break! Use beanies with buttons to hold face masks. It is more comfortable and would less annoying since you can attach the show from the outside. Premium craftsmanship is proved by the quality of design and neat finish of the beanie

  • Elegant and comfortable
  • Excellent elasticity built-in
  • Pair of beanies available

6. Watch Hat Style Beanie With Buttons For Face Mask

Choose through a broad range of colors to find a suitable match for your preferences and wardrobe style. Beanies have buttons to support face masks; that’s common knowledge. But d all of them have two button pairs to adjustable the fit of the face mask? This beanie does. Two buttons spaced at just the right distance, one further away and one closer, to make a face mask tighter. It is guaranteed to be skin-friendly and breathable as well.

  • Universal fit for all
  • 100% acrylic product
  • An abundance of colors

7. Beanie Hat For Men And Women With Buttons

Premium-grade cotton is used for its excellent insulation and the hypoallergenic nature of its fibers instead of many other types of materials. The cotton fibers trap an air layer among the fibers creating a blanket of insulation covering your head. It is also highly flexible so that you could pull it down to cover your ears. Once your ears are protected, use one or both of the two-button pairs to hold a face mask in place.

  • Wide range of color tones
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Breathable and lightweight

8. Winter Stretchy Knit Beanie For Women And Men With Buttons To Hold Mask

This beanie is focused on three objectives. First and foremost, it is to keep you warm and snug in the winter. The 100% soft acrylic is thick and gentle enough to provide excellent levels of insulation and trap body heat. The next objective is to make you comfortable. The tenderness of the beanie and the button pairs to mount a face mask accomplishes this. And finally, it is to make you look elegant and classy. The large assortment of colors will support that.

  • Great elasticity
  • High-quality acrylic
  • Fashionable design

9. Fleece Lined Winter Beanies With Buttons

Excellent acrylic is meticulously crafted to make this beanie. Acrylic is already soft, but who doesn’t like more tenderness? A thermal fleece layer is added to give that warm cozy fit on your head. The buttons to support will provide comfort by taking off the pressure from your ears. Look trendy and classy while staying warm with this beanie; its unique braided thick knit design will give an exquisite vibe to your winter attire.

  • One size fits most
  • Toasty and comfy
  • Premium quality material

10. Warm Pompom Winter Beanies With Buttons

This knitted beanie hat is available in many different colors to match all your winter cold-weather clothing. Designed with selected high-quality raw acrylic to be highly elastic and breathable. The buttons on the beanie can reduce the long-term pressure caused by the straps of the face masks. It is available in a multitude of different colors to choose from and better match your preference. An adorable pompom is added to increase your charming and stylish personality.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Unique and adorable design
  • Warm and Comfortable

11. Warm Winter Knitted Beanie Hat With Button For Mask

Removable mini buttons are included in the knitted beanie to take the burden of holding face masks from your ears and relieve them. Pull this beanie down to cover your ears from the freezing temperatures and hook the straps f the face mask behind the adorable buttons. Breathable beanie provides excellent quality insulation so your head can stay all toasty and snug even when the outside is icy cold.

  • Premium grade acrylic fibers
  • Ponytail hole for women’s hairstyles
  • High elasticity; will stretch to fit many

12. Warm Knitted Wool Beanie With Ponytail Hole And Face Mask Holding Buttons

This beanie is generally for women. A prominent issue when wearing a beanie is to have your hair down most of the time. But a ponytail-cut featured in this beanie will facilitate you to keep your ponytail or messy bun on all the time. It won’t matter whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, or wavy, as the elastic band at the cutout will adjust to any hairstyle or size. The adorable buttons to hold face masks and the pompom will add a subtle, elegant feel to your winter attire.

  • 100% acrylic material
  • Stretchable to fit many
  • Comfortable and warm

13. Knitted Elastic Warm Winter Beanies With Buttons For Face Masks

This beanie is carefully constructed with a premium quality acrylic, which is super soft and great at insulating. Protect your ears from cold while warding off the ear pain caused by straps of face masks. The elastic band lining the edge of the beanie is stretchable to give a snuggly fit and prevent the leaking of cold air inside the beanie. It will be a great accessory in your arsenal against the icy-cold temperatures and frigid winds.

  • Breathable and durable
  • Hypoallergenic raw material
  • Trendy and classy design

14. Ribbed Knit And Tie Dyed Beanie With Buttons

Tie-dyeing is a unique method of using bright, saturated colors accompanied by bold and striking patterns. This dyeing technique is used extensively in making fashionable garments that would make the wearer easily standout be uniquely recognizable in a crowd. It is the same with this beanie. Due to the randomized tie-dye printing, the pattern of each beanie is distinctive. Coupled with the warmth and tenderness will make this a perfect winter accessory.

  • Beanie pair included – 2 pieces.
  • Lined with a cashmere blend
  • Buttons to hold a face mask

15. Ribbed Knit Warm Slouchy Winter Beanies With Buttons

A slouchy beanie with buttons with built-in camouflage to hold a face mask. Yes, camouflage; the buttons will match the color of the beanie to hide in plain sight. The beanie itself is available to be chosen in a broad range of colors; surely one of the twelve different colors will fit your preference. The premium quality acrylic used in fabrication is super durable and soft, providing excellent insulation to your head from the cold.

  • One size fits most people.
  • Warm and comfortable
  • 100% acrylic product

16. Warm And Soft Winter Beanie Hat With Buttons

Splendid beanie for outdoor use in the frosty winter season. The two-button pairs allow multiple options to wear a face mask, even have it hanging down if the mask is not necessary. The beanie can fit perfectly for many due to the stretchable and durable fabric used in crafting. Extremely lightweight as well as soft to give a comfy feel on the head. Available plenty of unique colors to match with any type of winter dress.

  • Stretchable and highly durable
  • Fashionable and trendy design
  • Suitable for any outdoor activity

17. Knitted Warm Beanie With Buttons And Face Mask

Most beanies can arrive in different features and with buttons to hold face masks and relieve your ears. But do most of them arrive with a face mask? The beanie comes paired with a face mask of the same color as the beanie. It can be attached to the two buttons on either side of the beanie. The face mask has the same knit design to provide warmth and insulation, just as the beanie would. They are also stretchable to provide a snug fit.

  • Matching face mask Included
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Super soft and skin-friendly

18. Cuffed Style Beanie With Buttons And Detachable Face Mask

A warm cuffed beanie is rolling up with an anti-bacterial fabric mask. Two buttons on the beanie will provide the necessary support to hold the mask. The mask has two buckles on its straps to adjust its length and get a good fit on your face for maximum protection. Acrylic fabric is already warm, and snug but the beanie’s cuff provides more warmth while nylon is thrown into the mix for increased strength and longevity.

  • Good elasticity with spandex
  • Warm and highly comfortable
  • Face mask adjustable straps
Face Mask Button Beanie

Final Thoughts

Your face and head are the most exposed parts of your body and are most susceptible to risk, especially in the winter season. The frigid temperatures can cause drying off lips, frostbite, and other risks to your skin. A beanie plus a face mask would be ideal for covering around 90% of your head and face.

But since wearing face masks with a beanie is troublesome, beanies with buttons to hold the masks can be used. While you are engaged in searching for the best beanies, do not miss out on the additional perks offered, like having fashionable pompoms and inner faux fur linings. Some beanies even arrive with detachable face masks knitted with excellent built-in insulation.

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