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Cat Beanie – 7 Cute Cat Ear Beanie Hats (Pusheen beanie)

Are you a cat lover?

Are you in search of accessories that will help you flaunt your love for your furry, lazy friends?

Well, then you have just stumbled upon at the right place where you are about to get your answer.

Accessories featuring cute cats, cat ears or cat paws are very common. However seldom they are utility oriented as well. In other words, you might not find any added function or use of those particular accessories.

Thus, CoolBeanieHats have come up with a brilliant solution to your above queries- Cat Ear Beanie.

Cat Ear Beanies are the ultimate accessory that allows you to flaunt your love for your cat while keeping you warm and stylish as well.

These beanies are designed with intricate designs and patterns that trendy, eye-catching and comfortable.
They are available in various designs, patterns, style, and colors. You can easily pick the one that suits your style and preference.

The Cat Ear Winter Beanie Hats are an ideal choice as gifts for your family and friends on birthdays, Christmas, New Year or Halloween.

These beanies are so cute and cozy that you can wear them to shopping, picnic, parties, gatherings, birthdays, or enjoy outdoor activities as well.

Without any ado, let’s hop into the list of ultimate Cute Cat Ear Beanie Hats by CoolBeanieHats:

Cat Ear Beanie Hats

1. Pussy Cat Ear Beanie

Pussy Cat Ear Beanie

Pussy cat ear beanie is a cute and amiable beanie that keeps you warm and stylish in winters. The beanie features a simple braid knit design, which makes the beanie look super classical and cool.

The beanie is easy to wear and you can mix and match the beanie with a variety of clothing option. The beanie features a definite triangular pointed cat ear design that accentuates the look of the cat ear beanie.
The beanie is made of 70% acrylic and 30% wool as the outer layer. The inner lining is made of soft and smooth fleece to boost your comfort.

2. Crochet Braided Cat Ear Beanie

Crochet Braided Cat Ear Beanie

Crochet Braided Cat Ear Beanie brings you a fresh style in the world of beanies. It features distinct cat ears with two pointed- triangular shape at top of the beanie. The beanie has a simple yet quirky look that looks stylish, trendy and eye-catching.

The beanie is designed to keep your head and ears warm and protected against extreme winds. The beanie is available in two sizes- one for adults and others for kids.

It’s perfect for couples, parent-kid duo, siblings and friends. This is the warmest gift you can give to your family and friends on occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year.

3. Cute Cat Ear With Ear flap Beanie for Women

Cute Cat Ear With Earflap Beanie

This Cute Cat Ear with Earflap Beanie is an amazing cat ear beanie that you can add to your wardrobe. It’s cute, simple and quirky. It is designed to fight winter and keep you comfortably warm.

The beanie features two cute cat ears at the top and long earflaps at the side of it. The earflaps on the beanie help you keep your ears and neck warm. The earflaps also accentuate the cute and amiable look of the beanie to make you look cool, cute and trendy.

The beanie is available in various colors like black, beige, coffee, dark coffee, white and light grey. It is available in one size alone that is designed to fit all adults.

4. Pompom Cat- Ear Beanie

Pompom Cat- Ear Beanie

The Pompom Cat- Ear Beanie is among the most adorable beanie on CoolBeanieHat’s ultimate list of cute cat-ear beanie hats. The beanie is made of acrylic blend with an ultra-thick cable knit.

This beanie features cat ears in the form of two pretty pompoms at the top of it. The pompom is made of faux fur, which attached with a high- quality and durable stitching with the beanie.

The dual-layer knit is added to provide your added warmth and comfort in winters. The beanie is high stretchable to offer you a comfortably snug fit irrespective your head size.

5. Braided Cat Ear Beanie Hat

Braided Cat Ear Beanie Hat

Made of 100% eco- friendly and soft acrylic, the Braided Beanie Hat is designed for simple, sober and stylish people. The elegant style and design of the beanie allow people of all age wear it with equal grace and flamboyance.

You can find all this beanie in sober colors like beige, black grey and brown. The beanie is available in one size only that fits all men and women. Due to its unisex design and style, it is an ideal choice as a gift for parents, elders, and loved ones on a New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions.

6. Smiling Cat Beanie With 3D Cat Ears

Smiling Cat Beanie With 3D Cat Ears

The Smiling Cat Beanie with 3D cat ears featuring at the top is another pretty and amiable beanie in this collection. The smiling cat print on the front f the beanie is sweet and adorable. It will make you fall in love with your furry again (if that’s even possible).

The beanie has only one variation, which is available in two shades of brown. Made of high- quality and soft fabric, this beanie is a delight to wear in winters. It offers you a snug fit over your head protecting your head and ear against chilling winds in winter.

You can wear it on special occasions like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and thanksgiving or even in Halloween.


7. Cute Slouchy Cat Ear Beanie

Cute Slouchy Cat Ear Beanie

This cute Slouchy Cat Ear Beanie is a great choice to flaunt your cat love. This one of a kind crochet-knit beanie is an awesome blend of knitting acrylic fabric. The knitting acrylic blend is designed to keep you warm and cozy in the colder months.

The inner lining of the beanie is made of artificial wool, which makes the beanie soft, non- itchy, windproof, and highly comfortable.

You can use it for daily purpose or save it for the special days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year. It is an ideal gift for your family and friends as well.

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