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5 Panel Caps | 10 Smart 5 Panel Caps for Men [BEST HATS]

In a world of fashion and style, the humble 5 panel hat is among the favorites of many men where a cap is concerned. This is typically a men’s wear hat and was started as a Brooklyn-hipster-on-a-bicycle. This is especially so for baseball fans, entertainers, music fans and celebrities in general. These days, no man can say no to a well-designed high-quality 5 panel hat, and it’s not hard to see why.

Unlike the traditional 6-panel hat, a 5-panel cap is constructed out of five panels. Besides this, you won’t see the typical little button on the top, and this makes the cap appear somewhat unstructured and casual. The hat can be worn the usual way or as a snapback hat. We’d likewise include this is most likely the main style of cap that looks cool with a pattern or all-over print. As a rule, anything excessively particular or occupied in configuration looks silly, however not so with a 5-panel cap.

These ten smart 5-panel caps for men article is all about helping you find the best caps of this nature available in the market right now. You might want to relax better and keep reading.

5 Panel Caps for Men

1. TN Air 5 Panel Cap Hat

TN Air 5 Panel Cap Hat

For years and years, the Nike brand has been delivering innovative products to users. Though they’re famous for their awesome shoes, the brand still manages to wow us with this TN Air 5 Panel Cap Hat for men. The cap is made 100 percent of polyester. As such, the hat is quite lightweight and offers breathability alongside a rich dose of retro appeal. However, the cap does have mesh markings along the top of the construction.

Also, a ‘TN AIR’ patch sits at the front of the hat. As if that is not enough, this headwear for men incorporates Dri-FIT and AeroBill technology which gives the cap its usual cool and dry fit. The cap is stylish in a sporty way and has an adjustable strap.

  • Made entirely of Polyester
  • Has ‘TN AIR’ Patch
  • Has Dri-FIT Fabric
  • Features AeroBill technology
  • Comes with a sliding back strap

2. Camper Cap 911683 Men’s OS Adjustable

Camper Cap 911683 Men's OS Adjustable

This 5-panel hat is just what you need to make a bold statement about your sports style. The hat is both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Meanwhile, the cap comes with the brand’s logo at its front. This does a great job of portraying the Oakley hat as one with an action-sports style. Also, the cap is made entirely with premium cotton material.

Meanwhile, this iconic Oakley 5 panel cap comes with laser ventilation holes. Besides, it features an adjustable strap which goes a long way in offering personalized comfort to the users. Plus, it delivers natural breathability. The cap is available in smashing pacific blue color.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Has Orange color under the bill to match the vent holes
  • Comes with adjustable strap
  • delivers natural breathability
  • had a flat brim

3. Wallowa Trail Hat Lightweight Nylon and Mesh 5 Panel Cap

Wallowa Trail Hat Lightweight Nylon and Mesh 5 Panel Cap

This particular cap is unique, and here’s why. The hat is a perfect blend of nylon and mesh. Because of this, it is both breathable and lightweight. The materials also allow the cap to be durable, easily packaged and quick to dry. Its adjustable nylon webbing closure system can adjust to fit different head sizes.

However, that’s not even the best part. Wallowa Trail Hat has a water-shedding bill. Its water-proof polyethylene material makes the cap perfect for water adventures like canoeing, kayaking and fly fishing. If you’re a lover of water sport, you’ll find this cap invaluable.

  • Has a nylon mesh five-panel design
  • It is lightweight and easy to package
  • Has a water-shedding bill
  • Nylon webbing/adjustable snap closure

4. One Star SpecCamp Cap 5-Panel Adjustable Hat

One Star SpecCamp Cap 5-Panel Adjustable Hat

This men’s only converse hat offers a mix of rugged style and modern graphics. Thus, it is both stylish and contemporary at the same time. The hat features a flat-brimmed design entirely made of cotton. Therefore the cap is soft and comfortable to wear. Its five structured panels are crafted with the user’s comfort in mind. It only comes in one size. However, its strap back allows for an adjustable fit. The hat comes in Black and White or Camouflage.

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Strap back for an adjustable fit.
  • Eyelets to keep your head cool.
  • Converse wordmark
  • Men’s one size

5. Suede Peak 5-Panel Cap

Suede Peak 5-Panel Cap

If you’re looking for a 5-panel cap that will turn heads, you should go for the Beechfield Suede Peak 5-Panel Cap. Its crown is 100% cotton canvas while its flat peak is made from faux suede. The headgear also features a leather-look strap back adjuster as well as a brass effect buckle. It comes in a single size. What’s more, the hat features metal ventilation eyelets

  • 100% cotton canvas crown
  • One size
  • Faux suede flat peak
  • Tear away label for ease of rebranding
  • Leather-look strap back adjuster and brass effect buckle
  • Metal ventilation eyelets

6. Highland Forest Premium 5 Panel Hat

Highland Forest Premium 5 Panel Hat

This apparel is from a brand known for exceptional quality hats crafted from handpicked fabrics. The company has decided to focus mainly on this particular accessory. As a result, it not surprising that they have mastered the art and are competing favorably with other brands.

As a hat coming from this iconic brand, the Highland Forest Premium 5 Panel Hat does not disappoint. Its materials and design are just right. Constructed with a handpicked dark-green mix of wool alongside a floral coloring beneath the brim, the whole hat comes out great. With a design inspired by the rolling green of the beautiful countryside and highland of Scotland, the hat is unique and tells an inspiring story. This headwear is worth adding to your arsenal.

  • Has leather patch on the front panel
  • Features authentic metal ventilation eyelet
  • Comes with adjustable leather strap
  • One size fits most
  • Handpicked fabrics
  • Offers comfort and quality

7. Made in USA Cotton Twill 5 Panel Flat Brim Cap

Made in USA Cotton Twill 5 Panel Flat Brim Cap

Talk about trendy and excellence, and you have to give it to this twill five-panel flat brim hat. It is of the best quality. Also, it is made entirely of cotton and can fit into any occasion or environment. Apart from these, the hat is also comfortable to wear and will turn heads wherever you go. You need to give it a try!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Great quality
  • Spot clean
  • Perfect for various occasions
  • One size fits most
  • Has a leather buckle strap closure

8. RapDom USA Flag 5 Panel Golf Men’s Cap

RapDom USA Flag 5 Panel Golf Men's Cap

You’ll love this RapDom USA Flag 5 Panel Golf Men’s Cap. It is a new classic golf cap which of course has the simple shape of a golf cap. It has a unique braid at the bottom of the crown. Like its name suggests the cap features a top-quality US flag which is embroidered on its front. By combining the front panels, the manufacturer was able to design a unique 5-panel hat. You’ll be interested to know that the headwear integrates a cotton sweatband and an underlying shape bill. It also includes stitched eyelets to aid ventilation as well as plastic snap closure for a comfortable fit.

  • 100% Cotton
  • One size fits most
  • 5-Panel golf cap
  • Vintage snapback closure
  • Stitched eyelet
  • Cotton sweatband

9. Canvas 5 Panel Classic Baseball Cap

Canvas 5 Panel Classic Baseball Cap

This canvas 5-panel baseball cap has a very simple design, no patterns or heavy print. Made out of 100% cotton therefore, the cap is soft and comfortable to wear. Its five structured panels are crafted with the user’s comfort in mind. The hat is quite lightweight and offers breathability. It only comes in one size but can be adjusted to anyone’s size and available only in black color. It has a flat peak original metal ventilation eyelets and the snap fastening strap is adjustable. This simple and smart baseball cap is the perfect choice for a baseball match.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Black color
  • Sponge clean
  • Tear away label

10. Pattern Multi Color Stripe 5 Panel Cap

Pattern Multi Color Stripe 5 Panel Cap

As the name says this is a pattern multi-color stripe 5-panel cap. There are several patterns and colors available in this 5-panel cap and you can choose whatever you prefer. This cap is the perfect choice for anyone who likes heavy pattern caps and I’m sure this will make you absolutely smart and eye-catching among a crowd. Material is pretty thick and heavy but it’s quite comfortable and breathable with the two holes on either side. One size for everyone and the strap is adjustable and fits anyone.

  • Thick and heavy material
  • Multi-color pattern stripes
  • Comes with adjustable strap
  • One size fit most
  • Offers comfort and quality


There you have it! All the fantastic 5-panel hats that can make you look stylish, sporty and fun at once. You know how vital hats are to you, especially cap-styled one like those listed here. They do an excellent job of telling people about your sports allegiance, even without you saying a word. So, if you’re ready to shake those baseball hats off and go for a more stylish and sporty headgear, then you’ll find our suggestions very helpful.

The caps listed here come from reliable brands, and they promise to be qualitative and long-lasting. Have you made up your mind yet? You need not think twice about it, now is the time to make your purchase and enjoy your brand new 5-panel hat!

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