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Jellyfish Hat | 10 Cutest and Funniest Jellyfish Hats [+Costumes ]

A jellyfish hat is one size fit hats whose design was inspired from the Jellyfish a sea animal. The fact that Jellyfish are eerily beautiful creatures it has drawn a lot of visual inspiration among the costume designers. The Jellyfish Costume is one you can go for during the Halloween, a parade, a school play or a school pageant. However, finding the right Jellyfish hats for any events is not that easy. This has resulted in most people going for the DIY Jellyfish costumes option. Though, when you make a though research on the largest online stores, you will never miss getting an appropriate answer.

Key features of a jellyfish hat

Jellyfish hat is made to represent the shape of a natural jellyfish therefore, jellyfish hats are very different from the traditional hats.

Large flat bell shape crown and body

The body and crown of the hat is large and usually bell shape, sometimes oval shape. This represents the body of the jellyfish. Some hats have eyes on the hat to make it look more like a Jellyfish. The crown and body come in different shiny colors.

Tentacles and oral arms

The Jellyfish has downward projections which are tentacles and oral arms. The jellyfish hat also represents the same and features these tentacles and oral arms in the hat. It can flow downwards throughout the hat rim or on the sides only so, that your face is not covered.

When to wear a jellyfish hat?

The Jellyfish hats can be completed with any outdoor fun outfits like jeans and t-shirts. However, some of the Jellyfish hats come with a complimentary costume that fully matches them. Some of the jellyfish hats are shiny and glowing, so you need to select the right outfits that compliment them. Jellyfish hat is often worn for Halloween parties, parades, fancy costume parties, and school pageants. It can also be worn for any outdoor activity and it matches perfectly well with any outfit.

Since finding the best Jellyfish Hats can be a nightmare, we have created a shortlist of the 10 cutest and funniest Jellyfish Hats that you can go for. Our list comprises of the specifications, products descriptions and the best events where you can show up with a Jellyfish hat costume.

Jellyfish Hats

1. Light Up Jellyfish Costume Headpiece

Light Up Jellyfish Costume Headpiece

The Light Up Jellyfish Costume Headpiece is designed from high-quality materials with excellent finishing. This is a Pink padded headpiece that has iridescent streamers that represent the tentacles of the Jellyfish. This is the best costume you can consider during the Halloween cause of the LED Lights on top of it. The 4 “AA” batteries that are available separately will be able to last you over 10hours during your party event or the Halloween event. Let’s see what makes this jellyfish hat the right option that you can go for.

  • Iridescent color.
  • It glows.
  • Has LED.
  • Powered by the 4 “AA” batteries.
  • 100% polyester
  • Its hand washed.
  • One-size fit

You can get one from

2. Metallic Jellyfish Hat

Metallic Jellyfish Hat

Going out for a sea party? Then this is the right choice that you can make. This is a One Size jellyfish hat that fits both teens and adults. This sea-themed jellyfish hat is designed from exceptional materials that make it very comfortable, and you will feel great having it on your head. This is a perfect choice not only for sea parties but also Halloween, birthday parties, costume parties and any office events. Its designs comprise of big eyes and long tentacles that brings this sea animal to your arty. You want to feel the aqua vibe in your party, then let’s discover the features of this hat that this jellyfish hat brings in your party;
Design Features;

  • It’s Blue-themed.
  • has large eyeballs.
  • blue tentacles.
  • Hand washed in cold water or air-dry cleaning.
  • One size.

Looking for one? Then you can check this on

3. Iridescent Novelty Jellyfish Hat

Iridescent Novelty Jellyfish Hat

If you are ready for a flashy fan in the ocean sun, then why won’t you order for an iridescent Novelty Jellyfish Hat. This cosplay costume is one of a kind causes of its design that is unique. It’s available in 3 colors and an elastic headband which is flexible is present. Jellyfish eyes are placed on the hat and the hat looks cool and dashing.

  • It’s a light size.
  • Flexible elastic headband
  • One-size fit.
  • Available in 3 colors

This is one of the funniest Jellyfish hats that you can get from

4. Women’s Jellyfish Costume

Women's Jellyfish Costume

Jellyfish hats are known to be a lady’s thing, and this time we bring to you the Women’s Jellyfish Costume, which looks very girlish. The Women’s Jellyfish costume transforms you into the gelatinous animal of the sea/ocean. This whimsical costume is meant for you when you are attending any ladies’ events or parties, including the birthday parties. The mesh tentacles attached to this Jelly hat will make you float in the party. This fun costume is a fun choice cause of the following descriptive features that it comes with;

  • 97% polyester, 3% spandex
  • 2 sizes available
  • The dangling strips of fabric sheer.

Are you attending a ladies party this weekend why won’t you surprise one of them with this from

5. Fun Costume Adult Jellyfish Hat

Fun Costume Adult Jellyfish Hat

The Fun Costume Adult Jellyfish transforms yourself into a jellyfish as you show up in your daughter’ s/sons birthday. It has a unique design that comprises of a thick and padded hat that is shiny pink. The hat also comes with long and twisty tentacles that are translucent. Its sheen is also pink though at times it might even be blue and comes with various lengths.

  • Standard size for adults
  • Stretchy and elastic
  • It’s lightweight.

It’s time to surprise your child’s birthday by acquiring one from

6. The Green Jellyfish Hat

The Green Jellyfish Hat

The green Jellyfish hat is the latest Jellyfish in the market, and its iridescent glowing nature makes it appear on our list of the 10 cutest and funniest Jellyfish Hats of 2019. Its glowing nature transforms from green to pink though its main color is green. Here are some of its descriptive features that makes it the best option for you to select.

  • 100% polyester.
  • Iridescent green
  • Has different sizes.
  • Has hook-and-loop size adjuster.
  • Can be spot cleaned.

You can always purchase one from

7. Lightweight Jumbo Jellyfish Novelty Hat.

Lightweight Novelty Jumbo Jellyfish Hat.

Looking for an elegant finish on your Halloween Costume? Then don’t search anymore because you have one here. The lightweight Novelty Jumbo Jellyfish cannot only be used in the Halloween occasion but also on different events such as birthday parties. This hat comes in a variety of 3 colors to choose from. Here are some of its other descriptive features;

  • It’s lightweight
  • Has 30-inch tentacles
  • Exits in 3 bright colors.
  • It’s soft and soothing to wear.
  • One size fit.
  • Has a diameter of 12-inches.

You can get one from

8. Holographic Jellyfish Hat.

Holographic Jellyfish Hat.

This is a simple bell-shaped jellyfish outfit that can match any of your Halloween costumes. This 12″ Jellyfish Hat will glow very gentle, and it comes with a 4-minute Ocean Wonder melody. It Weighs 0.32 ounces making it easy to carry around in your head. It’s powered by 3 AA Batteries that last longer during your Halloween party or Office party. Why should you opt for the Holographic Jellyfish Hat? Well, let’s discover that.

  • This 100% polyester.
  • Iridescent silver.
  • Secret pocket.
  • Variable sizes.
  • Has hook-and-loop size adjuster.

If looking forward to gifting someone special then you will always get one from

9. Jellyfish Hat Costume.

Jellyfish Hat Costume.

If you still think that Sharks do rule the blue sea, then I bet you are wrong. As for now, Jellyfish are the kingpins of the blue sea which has inspired the design of the Unisex Jellyfish Hats and costume. The unisex jellyfish hat comes with a pink mushroom-shaped hat that has cascading iridescent tentacles. The unisex Jellyfish can glow, making it the perfect costume for Halloween and even office even parties. Let’s discover of the other features that will make a turn round from the shark hats to the unisex jellyfish hat.

  • Has fiberfill
  • 100% polyester.
  • Has LED light.
  • It’s powered by 4 AA sized batteries.
  • Iridescent tentacles
  • Mushroom edge.

You can order one from

10. The Jellyfish Animal Hat.

The Jellyfish Animal Hat.

The Jellyfish Animal Hat is a unique undersea costume that you can get at a lower price. This blue themed undersea costume comes with 12″ long tentacles. It’s made from 100% polyester materials which makes it cute for Halloween. It comes with the following features;

  • It glitters
  • 100% polyester.
  • It’s one size fit for all.

You can place an order from


Our list of the ten cutest and funniest Jellyfish hats is not only seasonal costumes on Halloween, but they are committed to transforming your world with laughter and celebrations. The funny beanies and costumes are wearable art that will always make you stand out from the rest of the crowd in any event. As mysterious as the ocean, the costume will also make your party mysterious. Try this out and get one from the links provided.

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