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7 Perfect Texas Longhorn Beanie Hats (University of Texas)

The Texas Longhorn community includes Texas Longhorn Basketball, Texas Longhorn Football and Texas Longhorn Baseball. During the match, the stadiums are full of blazing orange. The Texas Longhorns football is very popular in America and represents the University of Texas and it is based in the city of Austin where they play their home games. It shares its popularity with sports such as baseball and basketball.

Powerful Bevo

When you hear the word Longhorn, you are reminded of the echo of the burnt orange and the mascot of The University of Texas at Austin. The story goes even before the First World War, when a longhorn steer was found whose fur was flaming orange. By the idea of the young men back then, the steer was chosen as the perfect mascot. On the longhorn steer they printed the score of the match, which they won, 13-0. This gave them the idea to rearrange the numbers 1 and 3 so that it looks like the letter B, from the hyphen they wrote the letter E and added the letter V in front of the zero. So, it was called BEVO. Since then, this mascot has been following the university community for its strength, unity, perseverance and ambition.

Fans are wearing the color of support in order to be a support force and they are inspired daily and often wear the Texas Longhorn beanie for a variety of occasions and during matches. Of the many you’ve seen, below you can see a selection of 7 cool Longhorn beanies that will delight you.

1.Burnt orange Texas Longhorn beanie

The rib knit fabric that adorns this beanie will give you a complete comfortable feeling. It is very warm and soft. It comes in a burnt orange color that will fit into your Longhorn beanies collection. The logo label is embroidered with white thread and completely filled with white and located on the front. 100% acrylic knit fabric is very elastic so one size fits all. It can be worn by both men and women. It is very warm and perfect for cold winter days so you can be sure you will not freeze while watching the outdoor game. It is joined at the top by cross stitches that are slightly visible.

Additional characteristics:

  • It comes in a burnt orange color and one universal size that fits most
  • 100% acrylic knit fabric that is very comfortable, stretchy and warm
  • The logo label is on the front and is in white

2. Mohawk Texas Longorn beanie

Extended ear flaps are located on both sides and an ends are sewn with white thread which stands out beautifully on the orange background. This model giving you extra warmth during cold winter days. Ear flaps are attached with hanging tassels also. Team logo is stitched on the left ear flap and embroidered with white thread and so that the logo label is completely white. In the middle of beanie there are white lines that form gray, diamond-shaped sections. This special addition is a very nice detail. Due to its elastic material it fits most, and can be worn by both men and women. The Mohawk detail runs along the top of the head and is decorated with white, gray and orange tassels.

Additional characteristics:

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Mohawk beanie is decorated with orange white and gray tassels
  • Very stretchy and extra warm
  • The logo label is embroidered with white thread on the left side on the ear flap

3. Cactus Longhorn beanie

This particular beanie is very interesting because all over the beanie there are a small longhorn logos with small white cactuses. Both cactuses and longhorn are densely arranged on an orange background. The material is made of 100% Polyester so that it is very stretchy, very soft, comfortable and stylish. Because of its moderately thick fabric, it can be worn in spring and fall. In winter, it is recommended to wear when it is not very cold. This beanie is not folded so it fit closely with your head.

Additional characteristics:

  • 100% Polyester, a very comfortable and stretchy material, comes in one size that fits many
  • Longhorn Beanie is densely filled with small Longhorn logos and small cactuses in white
  • for head circumference 55-64cm / 21.7-25.2in
  • Delicate material that is most suitable for autumn spring and mild winter
  • Most of the cap material is in burnt orange

4. Pom pom Texas Longhorn beanie

This Longhorn beanie has a fun pom pom on top. The pom pom is made of white, gray and orange tessels. What is characteristic of this beanie is that it is composed of three colors. The folded part is knitted and colored orange and on its upper right side there is a quilted Longhorn tag also in orange. It is stitched from the top and bottom and has a white longhorn on it. The other third of the cap is painted white with „TEXAS“ in large orange letters. The last third of the cap is in light gray.

The different colors make this beanie very special. It is made of very warm material so that you will welcome winter without the fear of getting cold.

Only one size is available, but because of the stretchy material, one size will surely fit you.

Additional characteristics:

  • It comes in three colors, gray, white and orange
  • The folded part has the Longhorn tag and the white part has the word TEXAS
  • It is very warm and comfortable, elastic, soft and made of 100% acrylic material
  • It has a pom pom on top in white gray and orange tessels

5. Cozy cable cuffed Longhorn beanie

This beanie comes in a combination of two colors, orange and white. Orange is prevalent, while white is only found on the Longhorn logo label and in the pom pom set at the top of the beanie. It is knitted with a standard and basic plain stitch, making it a true winter cozy accessory. It is stretchy and fits most people. It can be worn by both women and men.

Additional characteristics:

  • Folded beanie with pom pom on top, and contains 93% Acrylic / 7% Polyester Shell; 100% Polyester Lining
  • Woven with metallic thread accents
  • The Longhorn logo is located in the middle of the folded part

6. Camouflage Texas Longhorn Beanie

If you like camouglade material, this beanie will be perfect for you. It is dominated by black, gray, green and brown. There is a Longhorn label at the beginning, and because of the specific shape of the cap, you can set it to have your logo on the center of your head or on the side.

Another surprise about this Longhorn beanie is that the inside is completely orange and also has a Longhorn logo so it can be worn in two ways.

It is stretchy and comfortable, soft and one size fits most.

Additional characteristics:

  • The logo tag is in the middle and is sewn with silk brown thread
  • The material is camouflage themed
  • On the inside is orange with a logo tag too, so you can twist it and wear it in two ways
  • The material is elastic, soft, comfortable

7. Orange-light gray Longhorn beanie

This beanie is made of 75% Acrylic, 25% Polyester. It is very comfortable with the folded part on which the Longhorn tag is embroidered with silk orange thread. The folded part is extra soft and light gray. The rest of the cap is in burnt orange. Beanie is very warm and fits most with her universal size.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very warm, comfortable and soft, stretchy
  • Made of 75% Acrylic, 25% Polyester
  • The Longhorn tag is embroidered with beautiful silk orange threads
  • Burnt orange is most prevalent

Longhorn Beanie

Frequent questions:

1.Which model would be the best as a gift?

If you want to treat your friends with a nice gift and you both share the same sympathy for Texas Longhorn beanies, then a classic folded model in burnt orange would be the perfect gift to please any fan. If your friends like to experiment, try to find as much fun model as possible from this list and enjoy the shared joy.

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