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4hunnid Beanie – 7 Best 4hunnid Beanie Hats [100% 4hunnid]

Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, a famous rapper, has shaped his life story into something impassable, special lifestyle. His particularity comes from the background he presented himself when talking about a tough street school that taught him the principles of business, in a difficult and cruel way.

Somehow, he was able to achieve his goals and create something that people recognized as a good brand, unique that speaks for itself.

His dreams and his penchant for fashion have always been present in him because in order to have your own style it must be reflected in your appearance.

The turning point was the first fashion show for which much was being prepared, and that moment was a springboard for further advancement and for creating today’s easily recognizable style, „4hunnid“.

Including jackets, T-shirts, trousers, beanie hats, and various accessories, this clothing line is very popular today and is widely used.

Let’s compare the 7 best 4hunnid beanies and you can choose which one you like best.

4hunnid Beanie Hats

1. 4Hunnid Men’s Winter knit beanie

Comfort as its main feature makes this beanie stand out. Among the many styles and colors you can find, 4hunnid beanies are characterized by a simplicity that leaves room for their attention-grabbing logo. This model comes in one size. It’s made with expandable material so can be worn by both men and woman. This way it can achieve the size that you, or the person you would like to gift this beanie, need.

This beanie is folded, close-fitting and comes in light gray. The folded part consists of a 4hunnid tag on its front. The rectangle-shaped tag is stitched only on its sides. The recognizable tag is black with a large “4” tag in red. The lines of number 4 are sharp edges and curved at the very end.

This gives this mark a look that is different from the rest. The horizontal part of number 4 consists of two red lines between which space is filled with a black background on which is written “hunnid” in white letters. The inside of the letter is also filled in black.
The red horizontal line number 4 is in black letters “swiss”. You can easily combine your winter clothes with this 4hunnid beanie which will give you a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Additional characteristics:

  • light grey color
  • made of high-quality acrylic material
  • One size that fits both men and women because of its stretchability
  • warm soft and comfortable 4hunnid beanie
  • comes with a black and red tag that contains the words: 4hunnid swiss

2. Black as your happy color

As the title says, let’s go represent black as a happy color, just like freedom feels like. The shape of this beanie is untight on the top and it’s also called lazy loose beanie. The lower part of the cap is not folded and is well fitted around the head thanks to its elastic material, but its upper part is not closely fitted to the head because of the extra hanging material.

Number 4 is printed in white color, in which it is inscribed vertically in big white letters “hunnid”.
Made of 100% polyester that is warm, soft and gentle to the touch due to its soft texture. When wearing a beanie it is very important to you that it is breathable, light and dry enough, and this 4hunnid beanie just is.

There is also a 4hunnid sign on the inside, so if your exterior fades, you can always flip your beanie over and have fresh color again on the outside.

Additional characteristics:

  • black with white 4hunnid sign letters
  • 100% Polyester
  • Nice texture, strong sweat absorption, gentle to the skin, breathable and comfortable, light and dry, good elasticity, soft
  • Its dimensions are 10.6 inches x 11 inches or 26.8 cm x 28 cm
  • Due to its light and delicate material, it can be worn in all seasons

3. Unisex Warm Hipster 4hunnid beanie

Another black 4 hunnid beanie but much warmer this time. You can wear it for multiple seasons, winter, spring and fall. A knitted beanie is always a smart choice if it’s cold outside, so this standard beanie will delight you. Beanie is folded and on the folded part in the middle there is a brand tag in black, sewn to the sides. Number 4 is printed in red and along its horizontal line in white letters “hunnid” is printed. Next to number 4, a degree sign is included in the upper right.

It is machine washable i 100% Acrylic. Due to its elastic material, it is suitable for many people because of its universal size.
Additional characteristics:

  • black and it comes in one size and it stretches quite a bit
  • Beanie Width: 18 cm and height: 30 cm or Width: 7 inches and height: 11.8 inches
  • 100% acrylic and machine washable
  • folded and with black red and white colors on the tag]

4. Loose on the top beanie

Loose on the top beanie is very popular and in this case, comes with a brand tag in red. The brand tag is worn on the side and printed in a large format. Through the red number 4, the word “hunnid” is written on the vertical line in white bold letters. The material is really great for its soft texture and gives you a stylish look.

When you look at this beanie up close, there is another 4hunnid brand tag on the inside.

Additional characteristics:

  • Size is universal, stretchable material, 100% Polyester
  • soft, comfortable, soft texture, strong sweat absorption, gentle to the skin, breathable, light and dry, good elasticity
  • Dimensions : 10.6 inches x 11 inches or 26.8 cm x 28 cm
  • black 4hunnid beanie with red brand tag

5. Knitted navy blue 4hunnid beanie

This style is timeless, very simple and most applicable by men and women.

The knitted and folded beanie comes with a black brand tag with red number 4 over which the word “hunnid” is printed on the vertical line.

YG’s clothing line has made a big impression on people and this beanie model can often be seen as an integral part of the combination. Practical, cozy and warm for cold winter days, but you can also wear it in the fall and spring.

Additional characteristics:

  • Beanie dimensions: Width: 18cm/7.1″,Beanie Depth: 30cm/11.8″
  • Hand wash, Not Machine Washable, Not Bleached
  • Hand wash and not machine washable is recommended and do not use bleach
  • Navy blue, warm, soft and comfortable

6. Lazy Loose beanie with a curved number on the brand tag

You could already see this beanie model, but this time it’s with a different brand tag model. The recognizable brand tag with the curved red number 4 on which the word “hunnid” is written in white letters is a very stylish accessory. If you prefer this combination, then you are in the right place.
Additional characteristics:

  • soft, comfortable, soft texture, strong sweat absorption, gentle to the skin, breathable, light and dry, good elasticity
  • Dimensions : 10.6 inches x 11 inches or 26.8 cm x 28 cm
  • black 4hunnid beanie with black red and white colors on the tag
  • Size is universal, 100% Polyester, stretchable material

7. Dark grey 4hunnid beanie

Made of 100% acrylic material, very warm and in its standard shape, 4hunnid beanie this time in dark gray. The material is quite stretchy so most people are comfortable with the size in which this product is offered. In the middle of the folded part is a brand tag that includes a red number 4 with “hunnid” on it, in white letters.
Additional characteristics:

  • Beanie dimensions: Width: 18cm/7.1″, Beanie Depth: 30cm/11.8″
  • Dark grey color, material elastic, warm, soft and comfortable
  • Washing by hand is recommended
4hunnid Beanie

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