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Nirvana Beanie – 7 Best Nirvana Beanie Hats & Winter Hats

Nirvana is a rock band founded in 1987 whose genre is grunge and hard rock. Their active period extends from the year of establishment until 1994. During this period they gained immense popularity and singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain became a recognizable figure around the world. The band, next to Kurt Cobain, consisted of bassist Krist Novoselic. Dave Grohl is a drummer who joined the group 4 years before the death of Kurt Cobain, and is the drummer who stayed most in the band. With the release of the Nevermind album, they became much more popular and the most popular hit was „Smells Like Teen Spirit“.

Even though their active period ended in 1994, their music is still alive and gaining new fans every day.

Accessories with Nirvana logo are very popular. The logo is known for a smiley face that has crossed eyes and tongue. If you want to add another accessory to your collection, let’s take a look at the 7 best Nirvana beanie hats.

Best Nirvana Beanies

1. Black Nirvana beanie

This beanie comes in black and is very comfortable. If you love listening to Nirvana, this beanie will definitely be your favorite choice because its folded part has a logo label that says the word Nirvana with very cool curved letters that are intertwined so as not to be neatly arranged. This free style of lettering represents the diversity and freedom that is the main message of Nirvana music. The letters are yellow and bold in 3D. The background of the letter is as black as the whole beanie. With its simple and standard look it will be perfect for you and comes in one size that will surely fit you. Made of acrylic material will be a very comfortable and warm accessory in your closet.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very comfortable, acrylic material, warm and stretchy
  • On the heart of the folded part is the Nirvana logo for cool interlaced yellow letters
  • Comes in black and one size, flexible
  • It can be worn by both men and women
  • It is made of high quality material that does not lose its elastin over time

2. Retro gray Nirvana beanie

Retro style has always had a special significance and represented an interesting, cool and mystical look. His popularity is talked about over the years, and he it continued to be usable and popular. This Nirvana beanie is very retro oriented and enriched with high quality and stretchy material that will give you a feeling of comfort, warmth and softness. It comes in one size so it will surely fit you. It is made of gray flexible material and has an extra material at the top that will look retro and slouchy as you wear it. Its folded part features the Nirvana logo. The white letters are stitched with white silk thread and are sewn on a black background to make it stand out.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very flexible and comes in one size fits all
  • It can be worn by both men and women who love retro style
  • High quality gray material with high quality stitches
  • The logo is located in the middle of the folded part and is stitched with white silk thread on a black background
  • Beanie gets a retro slouchy look when worn

3. Smiley face with horns Nirvana beanie

If you are a big fan of Nirvana music and want a beanie that has big Nirvana logo on it then this is your ideal choice. Nirvana beanie comes in black and looks slouchy and baggy. Across the whole beanie is a large Nirvana smiley face with crossed eyes and tongue out. What is characteristic of this smiley face is that his smile is reminiscent of a cat’s mouth and mustache. So if you like cats with Nirvana, this will be a good combination that is different from others. The cat, of course, has ears, but in this case instead of the ears horns have been added to the top of the smiley face. Symbolize the ears this emphasize the rock style. Above the smiley face is printed with the capital letters „Nirvana“. Both the Nirvana word and the smiley face are printed in yellow.

This beanie will also surprise you with its softness and gentle texture, so it’s not too warm and can be worn throughout the year as a fashion accessory. The material is made of a combination of cotton and polyester, but cotton is more dominant. It can be worn by both men and women by finding one size that fits most because of its flexibility.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very comfortable and soft, made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester
  • Dimensions: 10.6 “(W) x11” (H), Head Circumference 21.5 “-23”
  • One size fits all men and women
  • Beanie is in black and throughout the beanie is a smiley face with horns and cat face features
  • Above the smiley face is written in large yellow Nirvana letters

4. Black with smiley face Nirvana beanie

This black beanie has across most of its surface a printed Nirvana classic and very familiar smiley face with crossed eyes and a flushed tongue. The lines that print the smiley face are in yellow and are printed in such a way that the color looks faded to emphasize rock style. This beanie has no folded part so it will fit beautifully around your head and will fit you in one size because it is very supple and comfortable. It is made of 100% cotton so you will feel warm and your scalp will be able to breathe.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made about 100% cotton in black
  • Smiley face is printed in yellow that looks faded
  • It is possible to wash in the machine
  • Stretchy and one size fits many people

5. Black Nirvana beanie with white label

This Nirvana beanie comes in black color which is very easy to combine, and in the middle of the folded part is a white label with black capital and bold letters spelling out the word „Nirvana“. The letters are black at the ends, while the inside is as white as the entire label. Beneath the word Nirvana is a distinctive smiley face with crossed eyes and tongue out. It is very warm and stretchy, so you can wear it during the winter to keep you out of the cold. Because of its flexibility and pleasent feel, one size fits most people. It is made of acrylic material that has proven to be durable and does not lose elastin over time.

Additional characteristics:

  • Comes in black
  • Made in one size flexible high quality acrylic material
  • The folded part features a Nirvana smiley face label
  • It is possible to wash in a machine at cold temperature

6. Circled yellow logo Nirvana beanie

This Nirvana beanie is knit and extra warm on cold winter days. In addition, her folded part features a Nivana logo consisting of the printed word „Nirvana“ and below it there is smiley face. Both are surrounded by a yellow circle.Nirvana, smiley face and circle are sewn with yellow silk thread.

Additional characteristics:

  • Patch size 2 1 / 4×2 1/4 – 60×60 mm
  • Head circumference 40 ~ 60cm
  • Elastic, flexible and one size fits most men and women
  • It comes in black, very warm
  • Soft and comfortable

7. Black and gray stripes Nirvana beanie with pom pom

It is made of a combination of acrylic material and spandex in one size that fits all. The folded part is in black with the word „Nirvana“ written on it. The rest of the beanie consists of horizontal black and gray stripes that alternate. A smiley face is stitched across the stripes. On top of this beanie is a cheerful pom pom that gives a special winter look.

Additional characteristics:

  • 95% acrylic; 5% spandex
  • Comfortable, stretchy, skin friendly
  • It comes in one size
  • Contains the word Nirvana and smiley face
  • Overlaid with horizontal black and gray stripes
Nirvana beanie

These comfortable and warm beanies will give you a feeling of pleasure and present a very cool, rock style accessory in your wardrobe. If you are collecting a Nivana beanie you have the opportunity to choose one of the different model variants. The main goal is the comfort that these beanies will surely give you.

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