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8 Best Video Gaming Beanies For Serious Gamers

The gaming scene has fast become one of the most culturally iconic features of our time. With a growing number of devices and platforms through which countless games can reach users, the sensation of gaming culture transcends age, gender, and borders.

According to Statista, the most popular games were on the Wii platform, as engaging in activity while playing maintains huge popularity. Other games, such as the phenomenally popular Minecraft, have over 91 million users playing every month, according to Expanded Ramblings.

Many gamers use Bluetooth beanies for access to music and communication on the go, and an amazing set of Bluetooth beanies can be found at Best Rated Bluetooth Beanies. While a fair few use this fantastic feature, many of the most serious gamers will use headsets and silence their phones while gameplay is active.

Beanie culture’s diverse style and relaxed ethos plays well with the gaming hats market, as these video game hats find a perfect fit with every gaming style. Also, check out our 8 Best Anime Beanies For Anime Lovers. This list is created especially for anime lovers.

Gamer beanies apply to everyone from those playing chess in a park to the dedicated Fortnight player, and a plethora of options abound the online market. To make easy the task of finding the best beanie for the job, some basic criteria can be established.

The video game beanie needs to provide the wearer with breathable comfort and easy maintenance so that they can focus on the game. Though method and style can vary between gamers, the basic needs are similar. Every gamer needs a comfortable beanie with an easy-to-wear fabric and simple maintenance.

The best beanies provide warmth coupled with a perfect fit and are formed of a cloth that holds its shape after multiple uses. These eight ideal gaming beanies for the serious gamer take all these needs into account, and provide the best options to let the individual shine:

Best Gaming Beanies


For those with lively energy and passion for movement, the colorful pattern and breathable fabric of the beanie brought to market by ‘XXZIJI’ is ideal.

Whether bouncing around to Wii fit or cheering into the console, the fun, blue heartbeat design emulates the upbeat features of the serious gamer. Suited for all ages, this gaming beanie grips the wearer comfortably to facilitate easy movement and spirited gameplay.

Gamer Heart Beat Funny Unisex Slouchy Beanies Ski Hat Comfortable Watch Cap
  • High Quality 15% Wool,85%cotton Soft Skull Beanies Hat
  • It Need 7-15 Days To Deliver

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Anyone who is invested in game culture knows the two things which are the most necessary, the head and the hands. With this beanie and glove set highlighting the Super Mario designs against a black beanie, the soft fabric and gender-neutral design make this the perfect gift for younger gamers.

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Some of the most serious gamers, posting consistent high scores, lean into fun patterns and bright colors to showcase their humorous personality and amusement with the competition. Those gamers looking to highlight the hilarity of the competition, all while styled in an easy breathing hat designed for long use, the Nintendo Merchandise Goomba gaming beanies make a fabulous accessory. Ideal for younger gamers, the festive design highlights the passionate attitude of the wearer towards all things game-related.

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There are several massively popular computer games, and creative keyboarders internationally use these games as both a method of stress release and a fun way to spend time. World of Warcraft is a global sensation often including lengthy journeys for the player, as they trek through miles of digital landscapes, all from the comfort of their own home.

Often, gamers will wear headsets for team-oriented sessions. For a comfort focussed fit, the Jinx black and red beanie is a suitable choice that allows the computer focussed wearer an easy fit for their head and gaming hats style.

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Geared towards the craftier gamer, the world of Minecraft has steadily grown its popularity since coming onto the game scene in 2011. The serious players often make videos to help those less experienced, or curious to learn the ins of the online world.

The stylish gaming beanie by Jinx, modeled after a ‘creeper’, is an ideal way to declare a love for this block-based game. Size choices make this ideal for the gamer of any age, with a fun flair for Minecraft fans and players. Its easy airflow makes it wearable for the full gaming session, be it in creative or survival mode. The flavorful color scheme makes this perfect for children, and kids at heart everywhere who spend their days creating in the world of Minecraft.

JINX Minecraft Creeper Face Knit Beanie, Green, S/M
  • Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by JINX
  • Green ski cap featuring Creeper face from Minecraft video game

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The most serious gamers make no mystery of their love of the game; so, to embody that philosophy, the proudly sarcastic gamer can lean into the fun design from Speedy Pros. Letting everyone know the wearer’s priorities, the yellow on black quote pops to attention, reading, “I paused my game to be here.” The sardonic message coupled with stretchy wear is a great twist on the average gamer beanie’s heavy use of imagery. Useful for both outdoor and indoor applications, the Speedy Pros beanie maintains a tether to the gaming world during busy days.

Beanies for Men I Paused My Game to Be Here Love Winter Hats for Women Skull Cap
  • Long-Lasting Materials: Take your winter outfit to the next level and have wonderful Christmas time with our classic 100% high quality acrylic unisex skull cap beanie for women and men.
  • Perfect For The Cold Weather: Our winter hats for women and winter hats for men are made of thick material to keep your head and ears warm for a cozy and comfortable winter.

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Not all gamers come from the same generation, but nearly all can appreciate those classic retro designs. No matter whether you prefer mobile gaming consoles or personal devices like phones and tablets, a chic and simple way to keep gaming a part of the ensemble is this black and gray beanie from the Bioworld Store. With a simple, neutral-colored cotton fabric and cuffed style, the sleek gaming hat design matches perfectly with a retro-loving gamer.

Bioworld NES Retro Controller Design Knit Hat Beanie Grey and Black
  • Thick Warm Winter Hat
  • Patch on Cuff - Great Detail

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From clever logos to avatars, animals are a part of the gaming reality as their features have long been personified in times of play. For those who like to share their enthusiasm and prefer styles that set them apart through the use of popular culture references, a beanie that makes a loud statement is ideal.

Often those that take gaming the most seriously will live to stream their sessions to digital audiences across the world. To stand out from the gamer crowd, the PawStar beanie calls attention to the unique style of the gamer. With earflaps and adorable cat ears, fellow gamers will never see the wearer coming with the feline stealth and skilled gaming style.

Pawstar Game on Kitty Cat Beanie Hat - Power Symbol
  • Machine embroidered emblem for duribility
  • High-Quality, Vegan-Friendly, Anti-Pill Fleece

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Encouraging gamers to lean in to the culture of play, these beanies facilitate long wear times so that users can continue gaming as long as desired.

These diverse beanies embrace a variety of games, styles, and fashions. Whether players spend their time on personal computers or one of the plethora of consoles, these beanies embody the best of the gaming world. One of the biggest appeals of beanie culture is its ability to integrate into all hobbies or sets of interests.

The gamer beanie is a perfect example of highlighting the wearer’s strengths and passions through diverse patterns and themes, from Nintendo to PlayStation.

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