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YETI Beanie: 5 Best Yeti Beanie Hats (Knit Hats & Winter Hats)

The Yeti, also known as Abominable Snowman, is a human-like being covered with hair all over its body. There have been various rumors about this creature so far, and he is known as the scary snowman who inhabits the Himalayan region. In this area such as Tibet and Nepal, we are constantly confronted with various legends about two-legged hairy creatures.
How Yeti looks like?

Yeti’s description is mainly that he is a very powerful giant half-monkey and half-human who lives in inaccessible caves. His arms are longer than a human’s and look more like a monkey hands because they extend to the knees. Still trying to differentiate whether the Yeti is just a creature from legends or is a real creature. To this day, many footprints in the snow have been found and that could say a lot about real existence.

Creature legends have always been popular with humans and as children we all loved listening to them with dim light because it gives us a glimmer of the mystery we are trying to grasp with our own thoughts. The Yeti has fans all over the world and its shape is often found on accessories such as beanies. If you are a big fan of legends, then you will definitely want these warm beanies in your collection. Let’s look at the 5 best Yeti beanies.

Best Yeti Beanies

1. Seafoam colored Yeti beanie with pom pom

This beanie is colored with a very delicate color and because of its knit fabric is very warm on cold winter days. The color that dominates this Yeti beanie is seafoam color combined with green and white. The folded part is colored with seafoam color and above it is a green area over which two thin white lines pass horizontally. The word “Yeti” is written in large white bold letters between the white lines. The top of the cap is joined by six stitches that are embellished with a nice pom pom consisting of threads in colors from all over the beanie.

In addition to its beautiful and easy to combine look, this beanie is very warm and made of an elastic material that will allow you to wear this beanie no matter what size you need. One size fits all and can be worn by both men and women.

Additional characteristics:

  • Colors: Seafoam, green and white
  • Material: Very elastic, warm, skin-friendly, high quality, comfortable and soft
  • The word “Yeti” is written in capital bold white letters between two white horizontal lines
  • This beanie is a folded part model

2. Christmas themed Yeti beanie

When the holiday spirit comes to your home then winter and falling snowflakes just make a special magic. During those days you need the cozy atmosphere that this beanie will sure give you. This knit beanie comes in blue and is decorated with Christmas details of yellow and red throughout the beanie. In the middle of the folded part there is the word „Yeti“ and below it „Christmas“ in large bold letters. The letters are embroidered with white silk thread just like the Yeti located in the middle of the beanie which is positioned as walking to the right. Behind him are footprints that he leaves walking. At the top of the beanie is a pom pom whose threads are white and blue. On the back of the beanie there is a stitch line by which the beanie is connected, but it is not prominent.

This holiday themed beanie is made of warm material that is stretchy and comfortable. Beanie is skin-friendly and comes in one size that will fit your head size. Also, this beanie can be worn by both men and women.

Additional characteristics:

  • Yeti beanie comes in blue with holiday themed colors (red, white, yellow)
  • The pom pom is on top in blue and white
  • The folded part contains the words “Yeti Christmas” in white capital bold letters
  • In the middle of the beanie is the whole body of the Yeti, which is positioned to walk to the right
  • Behind the Yeti are footprints
  • The material is very comfortable, soft, high quality, stretchy, skin-friendly, flexible and very warm
  • It comes in one size

3. Animal costume with ear flaps Yeti beanie

This beanie is made of very high quality material that heats well. Due to its flexibility, this beanie comes in one size which means it fits different shapes and sizes of the head. The entire beanie has furry details so that fleece covers most of the beanie. Part on the front and the ear area this beanie is knit. As for the color, the whole beanie is in snow white only in the front, under the eyes of the Yeti there is a muzzle in blue.

The eyes and nose of the Yeti are embroidered with black thread. Over the blue part is a white patch representing the teeth. What is very important for winter is that your ears are covered. This is why this beanie has ear flaps that will protect you during extremely cold winter days. Ear flaps include braided tassels that are also white.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very warm knit beanie made of elastic fabric, and covered with fleece
  • It comes in white and one size, can be worn by both men and women
  • The yeti face is located on the front
  • Yeti’s eyes and nose are tied with black thread
  • The muzzle area is blue
  • Beanie has ears and braided tassels
  • Warm, comfortable, flexible, soft, gentle and high quality material

4. Black and Gray Yeti beanie with pom pom

This beanie is very simple and common looking, very easy to combine and stylish. Most of the beanie is gray, while across the middle is a black area with two horizontal gray lines. Between the horizontal lines the word “Yeti” is written in large bold letters. This beanie is knit and folded so it is very warm, comfortable and soft on your skin. It comes in one size so you can’t go wrong for yourself or if you choosing this beanie for your friends. At the top it is sewn together with a pom pom in black and gray.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very warm, supple and comes in one color
  • Knit folded beanie with the word “Yeti” written on it
  • It comes in one size
  • It can be worn by both men and women
  • Colors: Gray and black
  • Two gray horizontal lines pass over the black area

5. Natural burgundy and cream fiber Yeti beanie

This beanie is very special because it is knitted from natural fiber which is a very healthy option. Natural fiber is extremely skin-friendly and will allow your skin to breathe while maintaining heat. Lined with super soft fleece, this beanie will protect your head and ears during the cold winter days. It is knitted in a unique way so that the natural fiber comes in two colors, burgundy and cream. The colors alternate across the beanie which makes for a very nice combination. Beanie starts and ends with a burgundy color. It comes in one color that suits most people because of its elasticity. At the bottom right of the beanie is a logo tag that shows the shape of the Yeti.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made of high quality natural fiber material
  • Very skin friendly, soft and comfortable
  • It comes in one size and fits most people
  • Colors: burgundy and cream
  • The logo tag that shows the shape of the Yeti is located in the bottom right corner
  • Size: 10″ x 7.75″. For an adult head 21 ″ and the material is stretching to 28 ″ in circumference.

People keep reporting that they saw Yeti in their immediate area, just like the one-man case recorded in December 2011. In the area of Russia, the story begins as a man noticed a large bear-like creature. The man fired a bullet from his gun so the creature would not kill one of his sheep. The various experiences that people have conveyed to the public speak a lot about the phenomena of the Yeti, so the thesis that the Yeti does not exist cannot be completely rejected. The Yeti is a mystery in the same amount as a legend.

Fans of mysteries and legends, especially fans of Yeti legends, will find the perfect choice for themselves in this collection of 5 best Yeti beanies.

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