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15 Best Women’s 100% Wool Beanies, Winter Hats and Caps

The winter season can be a treacherous and risky period if you don’t give enough attention to your well-being. Icy-cold temperatures can provoke certain respiratory illnesses, mainly; asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. Primarily loss of body heat is among the main reason for these health risks. Working outdoors or engaging in winter sports can greatly expose you to lose body heat rapidly if you are not well insulated.

Our head doesn’t have a lot of fat to help it constrain the loss of heat; therefore, you will lose up to 40%-50% of body heat if your head is uncovered and is out in the cold. The failure of body heat from the head will render any gloves or warm boots useless because you would still feel cold regardless. Wearing a hat or a beanie covering the head can drastically improve your chances of surviving the winter while performing those preferred outdoor activities without getting ill.

Why Do Most People Like to Wear Woolen Caps?

Wearing a beanie or a cap will help mitigate the health concerns posed by the winter season, but wearing a wool beanie is even better. Most people love to dress up in wool caps and just wool attire, in general, is mainly due to the substantial benefits given by them to the wearer. And the ability of wool caps to look adorable and trendy, especially with a pompom on top of them.

Some benefits of wool hats including but not limited to;

  • Can keep you super warm in frosty times – Wool beanies/caps traps an air layer between the skin, effectively acting as an excellent insulation layer to prevent the body’s heat loss. This will keep you cozy and comfortable when the outside temperature is frigid.
  • It is breathable and has static resistance – Wool can absorb a large of moisture without getting all soaked and wet, and it doesn’t create static electricity meaning it doesn’t do any awkward clinging on to you.
  • Wool is a natural and odor-resistant material making it ideal for beanies/caps.
  • The fibers in wool, especially merino wool, are extra fine, making it super soft and tender. This also benefits the wearer with a very fashionable vibe to match various wardrobe choices.
Benefits of wool hats

This article will help you to select one of the best Women’s Wool Winter Hats.

15 Best Wool Winter Hats for Women

1. Cashmere Wool Beanie for Women

Premium quality cashmere wool is utilized to fabricate this beanie, making it up to 8 times warmer than sheep wool. Its classic style will boost your overall appearance while keeping you cozy and warm in the winter chill. It is suitable for most women as a slouchy beanie having ample space for your hair while fitting on your head.

  • Made from 100% cashmere wool
  • Classic style
  • One size fit many

2. Double Layered Women’s Wool Winter Hat

The freezing weather can be treacherous, especially when performing outdoor activities. If so, this double-layered beanie is just what you need. Pure cashmere wool coupled with double layers will provide you all the warmth and tenderness required when doing high-performance sports like; skiing or snowboarding. This too can be a perfect choice for those who opt to look stylish.

  • Double layered beanie
  • 100% Cashmere wool
  • Classic style to fit your wardrobe

3. Women’s Woolen Winter Cap

Available in a variety of unique colors, this beanie is guaranteed not to fade its colors.  High-quality cashmere wool fabrication will give it a lightweight and soft-touch feel while providing an adequate amount of warmth. The wool is woven to be extremely durable and snag resistant to prevent snagging or ripping.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Durable and snag resistant
  • Available in a unique set of colors

4. Knit Cuffed Woolen Winter Cap For Women

Here’s a classic style beanie with a knit cuffed design. Pilling can be a real nuisance, especially with wool dresses, and you might have noticed this on your favorite sweater. Two poly densely-knitted yarn is used to prevent piling. Lightweight and versatile, having been made from cashmere wool and is heavenly soft and cozy.

  • High anti-pilling performance
  • Knit cuff design is woven from Cashmere
  • Breathable and warmth

5. Merino Wool Fisherman Beanie

Merino wool is unique as it can absorb odor caused by bacteria. Guess what? This beanie is made from 100% merino wool. These cuffed beanies are designed in an adjustable size to suit most people. Assured to keep your head warm and snug as well as cover your ears in freezing temperatures. Choose from a variety of colors to match your wardrobe choice.

  • 100% Merino wool is used in the fabrication
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Adjustable size

6. Pure Cashmere Wool Slouchy Beanie Hat

Plenty of heat is trapped by the unique ability of cashmere wool to better insulate than sheep wool. It is also more refined, softer, and stronger than regular fleece, making it resistant to wear and tear while being extraordinarily tender and lightweight. In addition to that, a stylish finish makes this beanie wearable accessory not just in the colder seasons but also in spring or summer.

  • Super warm due to cashmere wool
  • Stylish design with matching colors
  • Lightweight and durable

7. Alpaca Wool Beanie for Women

How about a change of pace? Try out this beanie made from premium grade Peruvian Alpaca wool, making it durable and luxurious. It also is warmer and silky than regular sheep wool and does not cause any allergies, so you don’t have to worry about that on top of the cold weather. Another benefit is that alpaca wool is a natural water repellent. Therefore, it is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry.

  • Fabricated using 100% Alpaca wool
  • Durable and has a luxurious feel
  • Natural water repellent

8. Light Blue Pure Wool Pompom Multicolored Beanie

Decorate yourself with this light blue theme multicolored winter while enjoying the coziness it provides during the winter season. Handmade from the finest wool to trap heat and keep your head warm all-day throughout the cold season. An extra inner lining of fleece is thrown into the mix to provide additional warmth and tenderness. The 3 inch round wool pompom is the cherry on the top for this beanie.

  • A trendy addition to your wardrobe
  • Woven with highest quality wool
  • Thicker inner lining for extra warmth

9. Oliver Green Women’ Wool Beanie

Equipped with an inner lining of fleece to further improve the smoothness provided by the wool finish. A unique mix of olive green is used to give a unique vibe to the beanie; these wool yarns are also dyed using extremely eco-friendly processes. Enhance your attire with a unique color to stand out.

  • Ample amount of heat regulation
  • High-grade wool is used in its production
  • Unique color choice

10. Knit-Cuffed Cashmere Wool Women’s Beanie

A classic knit-cuffed beanie. Who doesn’t love these? Add this beanie to your everyday attire to boost your appearance while protecting against cold temperatures. Choose from a variety of brilliant colors to better suit your style and appearance. Look classy and enjoy the warmth given by densely woven poly yarn.

  • Pure Cashmere wool
  • A unique set of colors
  • Densely woven yarn

11. Women’s Woolen Beanie-Glove-Scarf Triple Set

High-grade cashmere wool is used in the making of not only the beanie but also the gloves and the scarf that comes along with it. Enjoy this splendid deal that cuts down the time spent to shop the necessary accessories to fight against the cold separately. Keep your head warm and your hands warm by using this triple set. It comes with a ton of colors to choose from to suit your wardrobe theme as a bonus.

  • 100% cashmere wool with two poly yarn for warmth
  • Three-Piece Set – a beanie, a scarf, and a pair of gloves
  • Stylish design with a multitude of matching colors

12. Merino Wool Cuffed Beanie Hat

A beanie that can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter is a winner. This Merino wool beanie is highly breathable, insulating you from the cold weather, and while the interlocked knit is breathable not to overheat your head if you decide to wear this in the summer. The natural water and odor resistance of the wool can keep you dry and comfortable while working in cold weather.

  • Soft and warm
  • 100% Merino wool
  • Odor resistant and breathable

13. Women’s Wool Winter Hat With Visor

This beanie has been made with convenience and timelessness in mind. It can be worn regardless of the season. It will protect you from the icy-cold temperatures with a stylish knit finish to trap as much heat as possible for the winter. In the summer, it will shelter you from the blazing sun rays with its adorable visor. It is also fashioned with plenty of colors and patterns to choose from, to suit a wider range of people.

  • 100% Merino Wool with a knit finish
  • A knitted visor to be safeguarded from sunlight
  • Stretchable – pull down to cover the ears or shove all hair into it.

14. Wool Pom Winter Hat For Women

High-quality lambswool is used for tenderness and less likelihood of causing skin irritation or allergy than regular wool. Lambswool also can absorb up to 20% of its weight in water before it starts to soak, making it water-resistant. All this will help you have a warm and dry beanie through the frosty winter season.

  • 100% lambswool for beanie; 100% cow leather for trim
  • Traps adequate amount of heat
  • Fashionable finish with a pompom

15. Cable Knitted Irish Wool Beanie for Women

Traditional Irish cable knitting, where layers are crossed with permuting stitches, gives a unique yet classic look. It is finished off with a catchy faux fur pompom to enhance its appearance even more. But it is not just the looks that matter. Being produced using merino wool, making it soft and highly durable.

  • An elegant and dashing boost to your wardrobe
  • Highest quality pure merino wool
  • Higher degree of comfort and long-lasting quality

Can You Wear Woolen Caps in Summer?

Woolen caps are better suited for the winter conditions, where it is icy-cold, and you need to get insulated from the cold. They accomplish it by trapping a layer of air underneath the beanie. This would become a concern in the summer; the loss of heat is what keeps the body from overheating. But in contrast to synthetics, wool is an active fiber that can respond to your body temperature. Therefore, it can ensure warmth in the winter and cool in the summertime.

Wearing a wool hat also helps to protect the scalp from radiant heat. Some beanies are equipped with visors to shield against the blazing sunlight that falls directly on your face. Wool is also excellent making them one of the softest fibers while also being exceptional at protecting you against UV rays from the sun.

Final Thoughts

When the winter chill is approaching, everyone is hurrying to wrap themselves cozy and snug in winter attire. Wool is the best material to go with, especially with headwear. Prevent heat loss from the head by wearing a woolen beanie and look adorable and stylish while doing so.

Wool hats and beanies look after you well, can you return the favor? While woolen beanies are soft and tender, they are also very durable. Irrespective of the resistance, these materials are prone to wear and tear with extensive use. The common question is, “How to wash wool hats?” Here’s a quick tip for that for all you wool lovers out there;

Handwashing is the recommended way to go for wool beanies using shampoo water. Also, make sure not to use hot water. If you need to machine-wash it, set the washing machine to a gentle cycle or the lowest setting with a mild detergent.

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