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11 Best Velvet Beanies and Winter Hats For Women

The beanie family is a collection of accessories famed by people residing in every nook and corner of the world. They have come a long way, undergoing several phases of evolution and getting diversified according to various criteria.

On the other hand, velvet is a luxury-class fabric known for its incredibly soft (velvety) feel and glossy appearance. Despite being high quality, it doesn’t necessarily come with a premium price tag, and therefore is integrated into different garments and accessories.

One such brilliant accessory is, of course, the velvet beanie, which many people unanimously love. Velvet has always been the unofficial theme of the fall and winter season and thus is an excellent choice to forge a warm winter beanie. But their ultra-soft feel and fashionable appeal have made them an irresistible selection to be worn throughout the year.

Hence, this article will lend you the necessary guidance to select a velvet beanie and why you should even buy one in the first place. Let’s dig in.

Are Velvet Beanies Fashionable?

Let us explore why velvet beanies have preserved their relevance for a very long time. Primarily this is due to the never-ending demand for velvet beanies ignited by its high trendiness.

According to the global search engine for fashion “”, searches for “velvet” have been surged by 30% every month. It is due to the unique and majestic sense of fashion because, if truth be told, garments without an increasing trend would die out soon and disappear. This is solid evidence to show the love of people for velvet. How can you say no to the velvet’s elegant and rich appearance?

Beanies made from velvet directly get benefitted from the admiration people have for velvet. Therefore, it is evident that the combination of the stylish and matching appeal of beanies and the voguish demeanor of velvet has kept the velvet beanie on the top of the fashion chain for an extended period. Moreover, velvet beanies are even used in new fashion showcases worldwide; this has also led them to be used irrespective of the prevalent season.

Best women’s Velvet Beanies

1. Women’s Slouchy Velvet Beanie For Winter

Everybody prefers their beanies to be as soft as possible. What better material to make garments smooth other than velvet? The velvet construct on this beanie will provide a luxurious feeling on your scalp. Since it is skin-friendly, this velvet beanie suitable to wear even if you have hair losing problems or taking up chemotherapy. It is available in a multitude of different colors to have a perfect match for your preference.

  • Magnificent elasticity
  • Highly stylish and soft
  • Durable and versatile

2. Baggy Skull Cap Type Velvet Beanie Hat

A lightweight beanie is preferred, especially by people who work outdoors, whereas a dual-layered beanie is an absolute necessity for insulation against the frosty temperature prevalent in the winter. These two features usually don’t go together since dual layers will increase the weight of the beanie. But super-soft velvet has made it a possibility. This dual-layered velvet beanie will safeguard your scalp from the cold while not giving a very hefty feel.

  • Premium velvet fleece
  • Lightweight beanie
  • One size fit many

3. Multi-Purpose Velvet Beanie Neck Warmer Scarf For Women

You are in for a treat here. This slouchy velvet beanie is a 2-in-1 product where you can loosen up the top to be usable as a scarf to warm your neck when necessary. Since this scarf can be pulled down up to your neck, you could utilise it; as a scarf with a face cover, a ponytail or hair bun beanie, and even a headband if you require it. The flexibility and the comfort provided by this beanie makes it a must-have accessory in the winter.

  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Toasty and comfortable
  • Usable as a warm scarf

4. Women’s Warm Winter Solid Color Slouchy Velvet Beanie Cap

A velvet garment is always a great addition to a women’s wardrobe. Then why not add a splendid velvet beanie to your wardrobe as well? Check out this premium-grade beanie designed using velvet which is both breathable and is stretchable. The excellent flexibility allows this beanie to be worn by a broader range of people. Its 11-inches long manages to supply excellent coverage to your head, forehead, and all-the-way down to your ears.

  • Delicate feel to the touch
  • Large to cover your ears
  • Breathable and stretchable

5. Velvet Beanie For Women With Cashmere Fashion Painting

This is a multi-purpose velvet beanie crafted just for you. Soft velvet is used to fabricate the external layer, and a thermal fleece is used to line its interior. This beanie appears as a typical slouchy beanie, but it can also be used as a neck warmer scarf. The top of the beanie can be detached and pulled down to form a scarf. Additionally, you can use the cutout at the top to exhibit your gorgeous ponytail while wearing this slouchy beanie.

  • One size fits most
  • Lined with fleece
  • Fashionable design

6. Women’s Fashionable Winter Warm Soft Velvet Beanie for Outdoors

The last thing you would need in the freezing winter is a nasty skin rash due to cheap allergy-causing fabric. But this velvet beanie is made with a deluxe-class hypoallergenic material which is assured not to give any allergies or skin irritations. Therefore, enjoy your light jog down the street or your favorite winter sport without any hindrances. The velvet also grants a heavenly and comfortable feeling on your scalp.

  • Skin-friendly and super-soft
  • Great for outdoor activities
  • Accessible in unique tones

7. Adorable Unique Velvet Cat Ears Beanie For Women

Cat ears are always a playful and quirky accessory to wear, especially if you are fond of cats or a massive anime fan. They are primarily worn at costume parties, but what if you had a beanie that had pair of little cat ears on it? This unique velvet beanie that arrives in various vivid color tones will undoubtedly make you stand out in a crowd with its lovely cat ears. It is also adorned with a pearl brooch and smiley-face pin.

  • Dual layers of velvet
  • Available in many colors
  • One size can fit many

8. Warm Knit Thick Velvet Beanie Hat For Women

Beanies should hug your head in a tight fit, but nobody prefers them notoriously tight. This velvet beanie is built with excellent elasticity to have the perfect comfy shape for many people. The fabric used in its crafting is highly resilient and is resistant to extensive wear and tear; hence you can use it for a more prolonged period. Its super-slouchy style is a distinctly fashionable trend and is beneficial to cover your head and ears altogether.

  • Stretchable and resilient
  • Breathable outer shell
  • Trendy and classy design

9. Hair-Friendly Soft Slouchy Women’s Velvet Beanie Hat

This spectacular women’s velvet beanie can be introduced as your hair’s new best friend. Firstly, the beanie exterior is crafted with a thick-wool knit to protect your hair from frigid temperature. Meanwhile, the interior is lined with hypoallergenic velvet microfiber. This velvet lining has low friction and won’t make your hair get tangled or matted. When you wear it with wet hair, it will absorb the moisture and make your scalp more comfortable.

  • Usable on damp or dry hair
  • Impermeable outer layer
  • Velvet Microfiber lining

10. Velvet Stretchable Slouchy Beanie Knit Hat For Winter

Polyester and Lycra are blended to produce this velvet beanie. The polyester supplies adequate tenderness and durability, whereas the Lycra handles the elasticity of the beanie. Lycra is an extraordinarily flexible material that can be stretched 5-8 times their typical size, thereby allowing this beanie to have a snug fit in a wider variety of people. Its slouch can be pulled down to cover your precious ears if necessary.

  • Superb insulation
  • Polyester-Lycra blend
  • Elegant appearance

11. Women’s Velvet Turban Style Chemo Wrap Beanie

Cancers are treated by chemotherapy or radiation treatments. If you are taking these treatments or have hair problems in general, this velvet beanie is made with love and care just for you. It is designed in a turban style to give a perfectly cozy fit on your scalp, while the slouch will trap an ample amount of heat to warm up your head. The beanie’s crown is decorated with a sparkly weaving of a flower, giving it a very charming aesthetic.

  • Tender to the touch
  • Exquisite design
  • Warm and snug

Are Velvet Beanies Breathable?

A good beanie is a convenient accessory to survive the cold winter months. But many winter beanies will fit on your head like an air-tight vacuum, completely sealing off the airflow from the outside. This is beneficial for highly frigid temperatures of -55 to -65 degrees Fahrenheit. But for averagely cold temperatures, being non-breathable can lead to a displeasing feel when wearing the beanie for an extended period.

When a beanie is not breathable enough, after extensive use, your head may start to sweat regardless of the outside temperature since the trapped body heat will slowly overheat your scalp. Consequently, as your scalp is sweating, it will grant an unpleasant and probably a very itchy sensation on your head. This is not a good experience, and you will feel like removing the beanie every 10 minutes or so.

Therefore, when selecting a beanie, give attention to the breathability factor as well. For the winter, a beanie with a dual-layer fabric that can retain the body heat but then gradually release it a short while after would be perfect since it creates a delicate airflow of renewing the heated air inside the beanie, giving you a toasty but satisfying feel.

If you are reading this article, then you are in luck; since the magnificent velvet beanies listed above are fabulous at heat retention while being breathable at the same time.

Velvet Beanies

Final Thoughts

The hunt for the best winter beanie starts way before the first few snowflakes kiss the ground. For a beanie to be usable in winter, it should mainly be excellent at heat retention. After that, the creature comforts like being lightweight, breathable, and soft are required. A velvet beanie is guaranteed to fulfill all these needs.

Velvet beanies have always been an exciting branch of the large family tree of beanies. The velvet fabric, primarily for women’s clothing and accessories, is highly fashionable and popular due to its awe-inspiring and exquisite vibe. When all these characteristics are added to the bargain, it makes the velvet beanies usable in whichever season you prefer.

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