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9 Best-Looking Costume Viking Helmet Hats For Parties

Viking Helmets were regarded as a simple bowl with a nose guard during the Viking age. A Viking hat is characterized by a Nordic spike and horns. This allows you to delve into the historic lands having the right gear, especially when attending special events such as parties. Most of the Viking hats costume also comes battle weapons at hand. The marauding medieval adventure feeling that comes with the Viking outfit always makes it a great feel to any Viking fan.

Descriptive Feature

A full Viking costume does come with an outfit that has the Viking helmet Logo. On the other hand, the Viking helmet itself has the following features.

The Nordic Spike

Any design of a Viking helmet comes with a Nordic spike. This was meant to protect the nose of the Viking warriors during the battle.

The horns

The horns are usually the symbol of fierce and show how much prepared you are to face a battle. This is one of the characteristic features in Viking helmet. It gives this old Scandinavian and Pagan look to the Viking helmet.

Occasions Best for this costume

Still wondering on what costume to show up during this Halloween? Don’t worry anymore because if you are a great fan of Viking then the Viking helmet is the right destination for you to consider. This helmet also allows you to delve into a historic theme when gracing the following occasions;

  • Birthday parties
  • Performing a school play
  • Attending any themed party
  • Tailgate parties
  • Going to a football match

There are so many themed Viking costumes in the market that you can consider. To save you on the hassle and bustle of looking for a Viking fantasy medieval costume, we have combined a list of the 9 best Viking hats to take you on a marauding medieval adventure. Let’s have a look at this Viking hats that will turn you into a Baltic warrior.

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1. The Plastic Viking Helmet Warrior Horns for Adults.

The Plastic Viking Helmet Warrior Horns for Adults.

This is a unisex Viking costume ready to take you to the Nordic adventure. It has a great size meant for a 6years old and above. Let’s discover what makes it the best.

  • 100 % hard plastic.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Light
  • Color; Gold

It’s the great prize for a church carnival or during the school play If you need one you can get it from

2. Faux Fur Viking Helmet.

Faux Fur Viking Helmet.

If you need to grab the attention of the people in the party then, this is the way to go. This funny Viking helmet will bring legends such as Charlemagne back to life when you show up with it in any themed party. It’s also the perfect costume for Halloween, football games and tailgate parties.

  • Color; Gold
  • Has faux fur
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Material; plastic
  • Size; 23” Circumference

Looking for this great medieval costume? Then grab one from

3. Novelty Viking Helmet.

Novelty Viking Helmet.

This is a Baltic helmet that gets you ready for a Medieval Mischief during Halloween or any medieval themed party. This fantasy medieval costume comes in different sizes making it the best option for both kids and adults. It also exists in different colors allowing you to choose one depending on your preferences.

  • Material; plastic
  • Color; Gold and Silver
  • Has two horns
  • Comfortable to wear

Get ready for Halloween by grabbing one from

4. Viking Helmet with Fur.

Viking Helmet with Fur.

Looking to show up in a unique medieval way? Then why won’t you grab one of this Viking helmet? The fur on the hat is a real feature that makes it appear among the top 7 of the best Viking helmet you can consider in this Halloween. The design of this Viking helmet was inspired by the legendary Scandinavian Seafarer. This Viking helmet exists in different sizes making it accessible for kids, women, and men. What makes this helmet unique?

  • It’s designed with fur.
  • It’s light.
  • Perfect costume during winter
  • Comfortable to wear.

Its time to bring the legendary Scandinavian Seafarer back to life by grabbing one of this from

5. Gold Norse Viking Helmet.

Gold Norse Viking Helmet.

The Gold Norse Viking helmet comes with blond braids making it a great costume for Halloween parties and even football games. It has a size of 22” making it to perfectly fit most adults. The horns are also removable during cleaning times.

  • Lightweight plastic
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 9” braids and 9” horns
  • Color; Gold
  • Sized to fit adults
  • Material’ plastic

You can get one of this as a gift from

6. Multicolored Viking Helmet.

Looking for a costume that is a great value to have during Halloween or any medieval themed party? Then I do believe your search has come to an end. This multicolored is designed from board stock paper which makes it light when worn. This one-size helmet has its unique features let’s discover what makes it the best option.

  • One size fit
  • Material; board stock paper
  • Multicolored
  • Package includes 4 Viking helmets.
  • You have to assemble all of the parts

You can order one of this from

7. Men’s Viking Helmet

Men’s Viking Helmet

This silver and gold color Viking helmet looks very smart and stylish. The body of the helmet is silver in color with a printed pattern. The horns are also silver in color. In the middle of the helmet there is a golden walu placed and the beginning of the horns also a golden bangle is placed with shiny stones. This gives the Viking helmet the authentic and an exquisite look of a crown. It’s made out of 100% polyvinyl chloride and one size for everyone.

This is a men’s Viking helmet although, even women can wear it without any problem. It will usually fit any adult just perfectly. It can be hand washed and very easy to maintain. Well, if you have a costume party or a themed party coming up then this Viking helmet is ideal for you. It gives this smart look on your head and looks fashionable.

  • Made out of 100% polyvinyl chloride
  • Silver and gold color
  • Hand washable
  • One-size

If you like this Viking helmet check it out by clicking this link

8. LED Light Up Viking Helmet.

LED Light Up Viking Helmet.

The LED Light Up Viking helmet transforms you into a mighty warrior when you show up with it in a Halloween party. The dome of this helmet has a diameter of 5” and 8” tall. It has an off/on switch on the side of the horn which will light the horns in a series of red and blue flashy lights. It has installed batteries that are replaceable in case they are flat. Let’s discover why you need to get one;

  • LED Lights
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Material; non-plastic
  • Size; Diameter 5” and 8” tall

You can order one from

9. Plastic Golden Color Viking Helmet.

Plastic Golden Color Viking Helmet

This is one of the most stylish and elegant Viking helmets available. The body of the helmet is made out of plastic gold, it has an appearance of a crown. Two white horns are placed on either side of the helmet. Faux fur is placed at the joining of the body of the helmet and horn. This faux fur brings out a stylish and elegant look to the helmet. This is a unisex helmet with one size for everyone. It’s suitable for any costume party and Halloween party and if you wear this helmet you will definitely be the center of attraction among the crowd.

  • Made out of plastic gold
  • Two white horns
  • Faux fur on either side
  • One-size

If you like this amazing Viking helmet then please visit this link and make it yours

The Viking helmets are beneficial in the sense that they can always be used throughout the year and also on any themed party occasion. Our list of the 9 best Viking hats is derived from the unique features that each helmet has. From the links provides you are assured of getting high quality and brand new Viking helmets from every order that you make. The Viking helmet is suitable for any costume party, themed party, Halloween party or Football match and will make you look just like an old Scandinavian Viking. It also will attract you much attention with the fierce look. There are many designs of the Viking helmet and what we have just selected is a drop in the ocean. Discover more with our site.

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