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Tie-Dye Beanies | 16 Cool Tie Dye Winter Hats (Unisex)

The beanie family is a dignified clan in the fashion industry that continually lends a helping hand to us by protecting our heads or granting a glamourous overhaul to our entire attire.

In the winter, addressing the coldness needs to be done as soon as possible if you do not plan to become an icicle anytime soon. A splendid warm beanie will be a great accessory in that case. But what about the other aspect; the trendiness and appearance of the beanie?

A tie-dye beanie fits the above criteria perfectly. It is warm enough to be worn in the winter and chic to be immediately noticed by others. The visual effect created by several different tie-dye colors is unique and extraordinary. You can find skull caps, pom beanies, cuffed winter caps, fisherman caps, and ponytail beanies with attractive color combinations in the market for an affordable price according to your styling preference.

This article is here to provide you with some insight into the advantages of these tie-dye beanies and are they worth your time and money? Maybe you already know the answers, but stick around anyway; you might learn something new.

Are Tie Dye Beanies Fashionable?

Solid colors are attractive, but if truth be told, nothing comes even close to being as vibrant and trendy as looking like you’ve been sneezed on by an ethereal unicorn. But why exactly are tie-dye patterns so fashionable and demanding by people around the world? Is it due to nostalgia? Or maybe the novelty look? Let’s find out, shall we?

Tie-dye is a term coined since the 1960s to indicate a dyeing technique known as “Resist dyeing.” Resist dyeing is where the garments are squeezed, twisted, or crumpled before applying the dye. People used this method in various cultures worldwide due to its unique sense of fashion obtained through the irregular yet vivid color gradients.

Beanies already hold a higher rank in the fashion industry, combine tie-dye patterns with beanies, and observe the demand of these beanies go through the roof. It is primarily because these novel designs are very eye catchy than the usual solid color winter beanies you see every day. Multiple colors clash with each other, battling to add a distinct artistic look to your everyday accessory.

It is not just due to nostalgia or the novelty vibe; it is due to both. You could easily use these exquisite tie-dye beanies to style with your casual, hip-pop, or formal outfits and look trendy and unique.

Best 16 Tie Dye Beanies

1. Knitted Cold-Resistant Tie Dye Beanie

This hat is produced with a combination of 52% viscose, 28% polyester, and 20% nylon. The material blend is very soft on the skin and extremely durable. It excels at retaining heat by creating an air barrier to keep you warm in cold weather. Its fashionable design is inspired by the collision of a few different bright colors as you can pair it up with any outfit. Therefore, this tie-dye beanie is undoubtedly the perfect accessory to bright up your day.

  • Material retains heat
  • Color collision design
  • One size can fit many

2. Soft Skull Cap Style Cuffed Winter Beanie

The acrylic (70%) used to make this tie-dye beanie is very elastic and stretchy, up to 5 times its original size to fit on to any head shape, size, and hair volume. When luxurious cashmere wool (30%) is added into the mix, it makes the hat incredibly soft and skin-friendly. An important note about this beanie is that every beanie comes in a unique, irregular pattern. There won’t be two identical copies during mass production, giving off a distinctive vibe.

  • Non-sticky fabric
  • Unique dye patterns
  • High elastic material

3. Faux Wool Rainbow Gradient Tie Dye Beanie

This thick knitted beanie comes with a wide cuff to adequately cover your ears from the cold winter breeze. Hence, it’s perfect to wear during your winter holidays, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. It is also fabricated with faux wool, a premium quality material that is warm, comfortable, and anti-static. This hip-hop style, plain beanie, is available in gradient tie-dye rainbow colorful designs, which come in many optional colors.

  • Rainbow gradient color scheme
  • Ultra-soft faux wool beanie
  • Maximum protection from cold

4. Warm And Soft Tie Dye Beanie Hat For Winter

If beanies are made from cheap and low-quality materials, they are most likely to irritate your skin and cause nasty rashes. And a rash is the last thing you need in the freezing winter. Due to that reason, this excellent tie dye beanie contains viscose, a top-tier hypoallergenic material in most of its make-up that makes it safe for sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the polyester and nylon add durability and flexibility, making this a perfect beanie.

  • It arrives in shiny and vivid tones
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Incredibly tender material used

5. Fisherman Style Cuffed Short Tie Dye Handmade Beanie

These handmade tie-dye beanies are popular fashion accessories during autumn and winter. They are crafted from a soft, comfortable material that keeps your head adequately warm and safe. It has a short fisherman-style rib-knit cuff which adds comfort and a fashionable sense. This beanie is available in one size, which stretches to fit a variety of people. It is available in several unique hipster pattern tones allowing you to choose and match your outfit.

  • Handmade beanie
  • Fisherman style
  • Colorful patterns

6. Fuzzy And Glittery Tie Dye Beanie

The beautiful tie-dye design gives this skull cap beanie a subtle but very distinctive fashion sense and makes it super easy to match any of your wardrobe choices. Its vibrant colors will also assist in making you eye-catching to your peers and relatives. Another feature of this beanie is the lightweight and soft fabric, which allows you to wear it comfortably all day long and keep your head warm in the cold weather.

  • Ribbed knit construction
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • One size fits most people

7. Cuffed Cashmere Wool Winter Ski Beanies

Many require a beanie that provides the best comfort and coziness possible. Are you such a person? If so, you have landed in the right place. This beanie is produced with premium grade cashmere along with wool and acrylic, making its texture extraordinarily soft and smooth to the touch while also being skin-friendly and breathable. Additionally, this tie-dye beanie’s cuff helps to keep your ears warm while hugging your head in a perfect snug fit.

  • High-quality material used
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • For both men and women

8. Ribbed Knit Winter Skull Cap Beanie Hat

This fashionable rib-knit pattern beanie is made of soft, premium quality material to create the best accessory to partner with your fall or winter outfits. It is also lightweight and breathable, that it is suitable for any outdoor activity in cold weather. And, since this beanie arrives in one size, which is highly stretchable, it can be worn by a wide variety of people with different head sizes without worrying about choosing a size chart.

  • Stretchable one size to fit many
  • Available in several color patterns
  • Lightweight and exceptionally durable

9. Cuffed Winter Snug Fit Tie Dye Beanie Duo

This is the ideal companion to accompany you on indoor or outdoor sporting activities, camping, or traveling during icy weather in the winter season. Its voguish color scheme fueled by the “tied and dyed” technique can be easily matched with any of your outfits and elevate your look to be appealing to bystanders. Viscose is used in the fabrication of this tie-dye beanie, and you probably know where this leads to; it is an anti-allergenic beanie safe for your scalp.

  • Viscose, polyester, nylon mix material
  • Suitable for winter and fall seasons
  • Available in a dozen of unique colors

10. Winter Stretchable Ear Warmer Tie Dye Velvet Beanie

It is made from a brand-new material called milk velvet fabric which supplies a unique feel and softness. This material is also quite flexible to give many people an excellent cozy fit with different size requirements. It provides ample coverage up to your ears to warm them and has breathable head coverage that helps your head to withstand frigid temperatures with relative ease. This skull cap is color dyed naturally; therefore, tie patterns are unique from one another.

  • Good resilience built-in
  • Resistant to deformation
  • Hypoallergenic material

11. Cotton Baggy Slouchy Skull Tie Dye Rainbow Beanie

This rainbow-like tie dye beanie enriched with a load of vivid and eye-catching color tones is truly a sight to behold. But mesmerizing looks are not the only items in its arsenal; it is also armed with the highest protection level from the frosty winter temperatures. And, if you are taking chemotherapy treatments or having hair loss problems, this hat is meticulously crafted with a poly-cotton blend to be perfect for you.

  • Lightweight and ultra-soft
  • Sweat absorbing material
  • Useful as a chemo cap

12. Bright Toned Tie Dye Skull Cap Beanie

Due to the 100% acrylic used to produce this beanie, it is soft and non-frizzy. Therefore, you can wear these beanies all day comfortably. Although the hat comes in one size, the fabric is super stretchable, making it fit any head size. Its super slouchy style allows you to pull it past your ears, thereby providing maximum shielding from the cold. This tie-dye beanie rolls up in multiple color tones and even featuring a very charming floral design.

  • Acrylic material
  • Stretchable beanie
  • Floral dye design

13. Super Warm And Soft Slouchy Tie Dye Beanie

This beanie’s exterior is constructed with cotton to be impervious to cold air, while super-soft polyester fleece lines this beanie’s interior. Fleece is not added just for its tenderness since it has another trick up its sleeve. The fleece fibers manage to capture a layer of escaping body heat among them. Together the cotton and the fleece give a toasty sensation to your head even if the outside temperature is at sub-zero levels.

  • Double layered beanie
  • Interior fleece lining
  • 100% cotton product

14. Warm Faux Fur Pompom Beanie For Winter

Hypoallergenic viscose is combined with super durable polyester and flexible nylon blend to forge this remarkable tie dye beanie. The hat is available in a unique set of attractive and matching colors which assuredly will get your attention as you stroll down a busy street. An additional perk laid out just for your convenience, these tie-dye beanies are available in single or duo sets, allowing you the chance to even buy a matching beanie for your significant other.

  • Adorned with a fluffy pompom
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Retro hippie style design

15. Cat Lover Faux Fur Pompom Knit Beanie

This one is for you cat lovers. Come to think of it, who doesn’t love cats? Let the whole world know that you are a proud cat mom with this adorable beanie and stayed insulated from the cold while doing so. The beanie has a little cat face on its cuff and features a sizeable feathery pompom. All of this accumulates into giving an exquisite vibe to your winter attire. Each beanie is manually dyed as well, so no beanies will ever repeat the same pattern.

  • Skin-friendly and soft
  • Adorable cat face on the cuff
  • Distinctive color patterns

16. Knitted Soft Tie Dye Beanie With Ponytail Cutout

Beanies may arrive in various sizes, but the snug fit on your head will almost always act in contradiction to your preferred hairstyles, especially for women. What if you needed to rock a ponytail or hair bun? Wearing a beanie would not support it, so then, are your hopes dead in the water? No, most certainly not, thanks to the ponytail cutout on this beanie’s crown. Now you can rock your preferred hairstyles without losing that protection a beanie would otherwise offer.

  • Viscose, polyester, and nylon mix
  • Super soft feel to the touch
  • Lightweight and resistant to shrinking
Tie Dye Beanies

Final Thoughts

These colorful tie-dye beanies are a super fashionable accessory you must have in your wardrobe to enhance your winter and fall outfits. They are adequately warm, comfortable, and sweat-absorbent, making them ideal to be worn for any outdoor activity or sport such as jogging, cycling, or skiing. All these hats are available in a reasonable price range, so most of you can easily afford them.

Most of these beanies are dyed manually, so they create irregular patterns which are unique and distinctive from each other. All these beanie hats in a carefully designed size can fit most adult men’s and women’s head sizes. Therefore, you don’t have to hesitate about your measurements or someone else’s if you plan to buy this hat as a gift.

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