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20 Unique “Star Wars Beanie” Hats (Knit Hats & Winter Hats)

Thanks to George Lucas who created the epic space-opera media franchise in 1977, the name “Star Wars” has become known worldwide as a very interesting pop-culture phenomenon. Subsequently, various films, video games, comic books and television series went public and became greatly popular among different ages of people.

This franchise entered the Guinness World Records as the most successful in the world. Before Lucas sold the production company to Disney, six films were released that made up the well-known two trilogies. After the sale, another trilogy came out that combined with the previous two, makes the name “Skywalker saga”.

What weapons are used in Star Wars?

The first weapon much known in these films is the lightsaber. This weapon is a sword that has fictitious energy and appears as a luminescent blade of plasma emitted from a metal hilt.

And the other weapon in Star Wars is the one used by Imperial Stormtroopers, which is a fictitious gun called the Blaster.

What was the inspiration for the Star Wars movie?

Hidden Fortress is a Japanese movie that was a great inspiration for the first Star Wars movie. So the structure of the story has great similarities, and the Jedi also connects with the samurai phenomenon.

With great popularity, Star Wars accessories are much sought after by fans, including beanie. Let’s look at the 20 best Star Wars beanie hats.

Best Star Wars Beanie Hats

1. Colorful Star Wars beanie with characters on it

This beanie comes in many colors, most of which are black and blue. The folded part and the pom pom are in black, and the rest of the beanie features printed Star Wars main characters holding the lightsabers upright. Behind them is the Death Star around which are flying objects.

In the middle of the folded part is an embroidered “Star Wars” in white capital bold letters in the form of the famous Star Wars movie title.

Additional characteristics:

  • The material is very stretchy and warm for cold winter days
  • It comes in multiple colors
  • Folded part and pom pom are black
  • In the middle of the folded part is a white script saying “Star Wars”
  • The rest of the beanie is covered with printed characters, Death Star and flying objects

2. Navy blue Star Wars beanie with pom pom

Let’s go add some yellow to brighten up the navy blue. Just as the stars illuminate the cosmos, so on this beanie the little yellow dots represent the stars that refresh the look of this beanie.

The folded part is in navy blue, and above it is an embroidered “Star Wars” with capital bold yellow letters. Also, the pom pom that is on top is in yellow. On its back, in the middle of the folded part, there is a small black tag that says “Star Wars” in white letters. Above that part, there are also small yellow dots.

Additional characteristics:

  • 100% acrylic, very stretchy, comfortable and extra warm
  • Comes in navy blue and yellow
  • Front in the middle of the beanie in big yellow letters “Star Wars”
  • On the back of the folded part is a small Star Wars tag

3. White Stormtrooper Star Wars beanie

After so many Star Wars movies reviewed, have you found the Stormtroopers always interesting? This beanie will also be interesting to you.

It comes in white to maintain the integrity of the Stormtrooper look, and across the half of its surface, there is a printed Stormtrooper head. So this beanie has only black and white color on it. This model is close-fitting, so it will fit nicely around your head and has no folded part.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material 100% acrylic, stretchable, lightweight, skin-friendly
  • Casual and close-fitting beanie
  • It comes in one size and fits different sizes for men and women
  • Color: White with Stormtrooper printed on it

4. Darth Vader logo and text reversible Star Wars beanie

This knit beanie comes in black and gray with a white script on it, and what makes it interesting is that it is reversible.

One side of the beanie is gray, on its front is Darth Vader’s head and above it, there is a white line over which “Darth Vader” is inscribed in black letters. That white line is surrounded by two black thin horizontal lines.

When you reverse this beanie, it is black on the other side and there is only a printed Darth Vader’s head at the beginning.

Additional characteristics:

  • Knitted with 100% acrylic material, stretchy and comfortable
  • One size fits most
  • Reversible model
  • On one side it is gray and has a white script and Darth Vader’s head
  • On the other side, it’s black and has only Darth Vader’s head

5. Gray Star Wars beanie for kids

This beanie for kids comes in red, gray and black. The folded part is red color and is embroidered with the words “Star Wars” with a black-gray thread and the area between the letters is filled with black.

Around the word is an embroidered line that surrounds the word and is made of black-silver thread.The rest of the beanie is gray, with details in the form of flying objects in black and red.

Additional characteristics:

  • It comes in one size that fits most kids
  • Very stretchy and comfortable material
  • Extra warm and skin-friendly
  • Colors: red, gray and black
  • Star Wars printed on it with flying objects

6. Green Yoda beanie with face and ears

The Yoda face is embroidered with silk green thread on this beanie so that it completely covers the surface. On the folded part is Yoda’s mouth above which on the upper part of the beanie there is a nose and eyes.

To make this beanie even more interesting, the ears as extras are on top of the beanie to give the full look of Yoda’s face.The material is very soft and stretchy, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right size, one size fits all men and women.

Additional characteristics:

  • Green beanie with Yoda face on it
  • Material: 100% acrylic, stretchy, comfortable, skin-friendly
  • On this beanie, there are ears as a detail
  • It has a folded part
  • It comes in one size

7. Gray R2D2 beanie

Everyone should move because R2D2 is coming through.

Yes, that’s right. This is a wonderful R2D2 beanie for all the fans who love this little robot. Beanie comes in gray and is knitted with acrylic material which means you don’t have to worry about the cold.

And, across the middle of this beanie is a large format printed R2D2 facing left. Above R2D2 in three places it says “Beep!” with yellow and pink letters. The model is long, so you can wear it in a slouchy way, and you can also fold it if you prefer.

Additional characteristics:

  • Gray beanie with R2D2 printed on it
  • Above the robot, it says “Beep!”
  • Knitted with 100% acrylic material, very warm and comfortable
  • One size fits most men and women
  • Can be worn with or without folded part

8. Brown Princess Leia Star wars beanie

Who would want to be Princess Leia? You can be if you want.

This warm knit beanie comes in brown and has two buns on the sides in the ear area. It is very stretchy and can fit most women. This beanie has straight edges and no folded part so it will shape nicely around your head. On the lower right of this beanie is a black Star Wars tag with white letters.

Additional characteristics:

  • A brown beanie representing a Princess Leia character
  • Shell is made of 100% acrylic material while also having 100% polyester lining
  • One size fits most
  • At the bottom right is a black Star Wars tag
  • Two brown buns are on either side

9. Black Galactic Empire Logo Star Wars beanie

If you are looking for a knit black beanie and you are also a Star Wars fan then you are in the right place. This beanie is a very standard and very casual model with the rib stitch knitting pattern so it is very warm and comfortable.

This model has a folded part on which it is located the circle-shaped Galactic Empire logo in black and white. It is sewn with black thread and it’s made in a way of embroidery, so it’s durable and sturdy.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very good quality, stylish and comfortable
  • Super warm and stretchy
  • It comes in black with a logo in black and white
  • Galactic Empire logo on the front
  • The knitted beanie comes in one size
  • It can be worn by men and women

10. Gray Star wars beanie with white script

A very standard model of gray beanie that will give you a feeling of warmth, comfort and softness. It is made of high-quality material that will impress you with its durability and continuance. This beanie has a folded part with “Star Wars” embossed in capital bold white letters in the middle.

The letters are embroidered with a fine white thread that stands out beautifully and shines because of its whiteness, just as if it were silk.

Additional characteristics:

  • High-quality beanie made of long-lasting gray material
  • It has a folded part with a white script
  • Elastic, durable, skin-friendly, stylish, simple model beanie
  • It comes in one size

11. White Stormtrooper all over Star Wars beanie

This beanie comes in white and its entire surface is covered with a Stormtrooper’s head, even a folded part.

Since the folded part is covered, you cannot wear this beanie in the way without the folded part because then it would miss the part of the head. Very serious Stormtooper’s face is printed in black with some areas where there is little gray.

This material is of high quality so you can wear it for a long time without losing its shape.

Additional characteristics:

  • Color: white
  • All over the beanie, Stormtrooper’s head is printed in black
  • Includes folded part
  • One size fits most
  • Recommendation: Wash in cold water in the machine so as not to change its appearance

12. Black-red Darth Vader big face Star Wars beanie for kids

Darth Vader’s face is knit in large format on this beanie and his face is part of the beanie, which means that the knit threads are arranged in colors to represent his face.The folded part is in red and the white and black horizontal lines cross it.

Above that is Darth Vader’s face highlighted in white on a black background. And, at the very top of the beanie is a cheerful pom pom that is made of black and red threads. This beanie is very warm and will definitely keep you warm when you need it most.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very comfortable and knit 100% acrylic material
  • Elastic, flexible, soft, extra warm
  • It comes in one size and is recommended for ages 5+
  • Wash in cold water

13. Sky Blue-pink women’s Star Wars beanie

This beanie is knitted with sky blue and white threads that are mixed together to make a very refreshing combination. Beanie is knitted using the interlock stitch and the bottom part next to the head is finished with a plain stitch.

Above the plain stitch line, there is a rectangle whose sides are embroidered with pink thread. The interior is painted gray, and inside there are the words “Star Wars” which are also embroidered with pink thread. The inside of the letter is embroidered with a light blue thread.

Additional characteristics:

  • Colors: Sky blue-white and pink
  • Size: One size
  • 100% acrylic material, very comfortable, soft, warm, stretchy
  • Wash in cold water
  • Star Wars logo in pink, surrounded by a pink rectangle

14. Cute Porg Star Wars beanie for kids and some adults with pom pom

Porg from The Last Jedi has intrigued many people just because it is so cute and adorable. It is made of very soft acrylic material so it is ideal for our little ones. Porg’s face is located over the folded part and covers half of the upper part, too.

Beanie comes in gray, and Porg’s face is in white, pale pink with black cute eyes. The top has a cheerful pom pom in pale pink, too. The material is 100% acrylic and is much stretchy, soft and warm. The intended size is for children, but due to its high stretchability, it suits some adults as well.

Additional characteristics:

  • 100% acrylic, soft, warm, fluffy and very stretchy material
  • It comes in one size
  • Color: gray; Porg’s colors: white, pale pink, black
  • It has a pink pom pom on the top
  • Wash in cold temperature

15. Black Yoda beanie

This beanie is very simple and very warm and comes in black. It has a folded part that features a green Yoda in its brown robe.
The top of this Yoda beanie is stitched with cross stitches.

Additional characteristics:

  • Color: Black
  • The model is very simple and stylish
  • Yoda is printed in the middle of the folded part
  • Made of knitting wool material
  • Dimensions: beanie circumference 36cm-60cm
  • It comes in one size, very warm, stretchy, comfortable

16. Winter-themed red Star Wars beanie with Darth Vader

This beanie gives the special cozy feeling that we all need during the cold winter days, especially at Christmas when everything is filled with joy, blessing and happiness. This beanie can certainly fit in such an atmosphere.

It is made of red acrylic material and is very warm and stretchy. Throughout the beanie, there are horizontally arranged details in white that symbolize the snowflakes. Across the middle are black Darth Vader’s heads orbiting the beanie.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made of 100% acrylic material, elastic, flexible, extremely warm, soft beanie
  • It comes in one size
  • It can be worn by men and women
  • Colors: red, white, black
  • Pom pom on the top

17. Gray R2D2 beanie with ear flaps and tassels

This winter beanie is made of acrylic material in gray and has blue details. But what are these details?

They shape the look of R2D2 on this great beanie which is an excellent choice for winter as it has extra ear flaps extensions that are always welcome as it will protect our ears from the cold.There are two hanging braids on the ear flaps. This beanie is knit and comes in one size.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: 100% acrylic, very comfortable, elastic and soft, extra warm
  • There are two braids on the ear flaps
  • On the beanie, there are blue details in the form of R2D2
  • It comes in one size
  • Colors: Gray with blue

18. Comic book print Star Wars beanie with pom pom

This beanie has printed comic book details on it so you can see Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Princess Leia, a flying object and various other things.

So, this beanie is colorful, but her folded part is as black as the pom pom on the top. The middle of the folded part is embroidered with the words “Star Wars” also in black, but the edges of these words are embroidered in white to make the words more noticeable on a black background.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: very stretchy and fits all
  • Comfortable, warm, colorful beanie
  • It comes in one size
  • Comic book print on it
  • Star wars script on the folded part
  • Pom pom on the top

19. Black-white Stormtrooper Star Wars beanie for kids

This kids beanie comes with black and white stripes and across the middle of the beanie is a Stormtrooper. The folded part is black and has written “Star Wars” in white.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very stretchy and warm beanie
  • At the top is a pom pom
  • Stormtrooper across the middle of the beanie
  • 100% Acrylic and comes in one size
  • It has black and white stripes

20. Gray Star Wars beanie with Rebel symbol

This beanie is knitted with an interlock stitch and the folded part is knitted with a rib stitch with a Rebel symbol embroidered in gold.

Beanie is in gray and has the fluffy pom pom that is on top.

Additional characteristics:

  • Material: stretchy, warm, soft
  • Beanie comes in one size and is very casual and stylish
  • The Rebel symbol is located in the middle of the folded part
  • Color: gray
  • Pom pom on the top
Star Wars Beanie

Frequent questions?

1.What are the most popular words in The Empire Strikes back?

“May the Force be with you” are the most popular and last spoken words in this movie. Very often they are exchanged between fans and they are a recognizable and unique phrase.

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