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Billie Eilish Beanie | 5 Best Blohsh Beanie Hats (All Colors)

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell is a well-known singer-songwriter from California who, at a young age, brought the media to its feet with the song “Ocean Eyes”, beginning a long run of successes for her.

Winning five Grammy awards in 2020, this creative and talented singer not only has an amazing voice but also exceptional creativity and a fashion sense that are unusual, interesting, and unique. Her favorite genre is hip-hop music, but she creates music in the pop, alternative pop, and electro-pop genres.

She always appears in wide, baggy clothes because, as she’s noted, she does not want people to look at her through her physical appearance but as a person who has much to show for her inner qualities that are often neglected when it comes to women in today’s world.

She also translated her style to her very own clothing line. One of the most recognizable aspects of her fashion line is the Blohsh logo. Now, Blohsh accessories are very accessible and readily available, especially on beanies in neon colors.

What are Billie Eilish beanies?

Billie Eilish beanies are very comfortable and soft beanies. They’re usually made of high-quality material and feature that classic beanie shape with a folded cuff bearing either a Billie Eilish in script or the Blohsh logo.

The Blohsh logo quickly became popular because it’s a stick-figure that’s not quite classic in its shape. There’s just something a bit “off” about it…but in the best way possible.

Blohsh looks curved with its right shoulder raised. Billie Eilish designed Blohsh to resemble neither a male nor a female stick-figure.

The unisex collection of graphic hoodies and neon beanies is the goal of Blohsh merch, and neon colors are dominant. Blohsh beanies can also be found in a slouchy style and without a folded cuff, but the original Billie Eilish beanie look is the standard shape from the classic beanie mentioned above.

5 best Billie Eilish beanie hats

1. Knit soft winter Billie Eilish black beanie with white embroidered blohsh

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This Billie Eilish beanie comes in black and is a very simple model, which is stylish and standard. It is knitted with very high-quality material that stretches just fine so this Billie beanie fits most people.

The foldable cuff features the iconic logo centered right on the front of the hat. The Blohsh logo is embroidered with white thread and looks curved to the left.

Additional characteristics:

  • A very comfortable, stretchy Billie beanie made from high-quality Acrylic material
  • One size fits most
  • Blohsh logo embroidered in the middle of the folded part
  • Double layered for warmth and comfort

2. Light neon green Billie Eilish beanie

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Light neon green is a very popular color amongst Billie Eilish fans. It’s a bold style, and often we even see her with neon colors of different shades. The light neon green color of this simple beanie makes a statement while the standard shape stays classic and allows it to fit most people.

It has a folded cuff with an embroidered Blohsh logo in black thread. Because it’s knit, it’s very warm and is suitable for cold winter days.

This statement beanie will help you stand out during the cold of winter.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very simple, green Billie Eilish beanie made from Acrylic material
  • The material is very warm, breathable and healthy
  • One size fits most
  • Color: light neon green
  • Double layered fabric
  • Very stretchy and comfortable Eilish beanie

3. Black beanie with Billie Eilish script in neon green

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In addition to the Billie Eilish beanies that have the Blohsh logo on them, you can also find great options featuring the famous singer’s name.

This beanie comes in black, and the middle of the folded cuff is printed with Billie Eilish with a very cool font.

We like this one because the font feels like movement. It’s also understated, classic stying but with a loud, neon green color to it.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very comfortable, close-fitting, soft and cozy beanie Billie
  • One size fits most
  • Color: black with neon green lettering
  • It has a folded cuff
  • Officially licensed Billie Eilish merchandise.

4. White Billie Eilish beanie with black Blohsh logo

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This is another classic beanie featuring the iconic Blohsh logo, but this one is a lot more understated than the others on this list.

If a little quieter is your style, this beanie might be the one for you. If you’re still wanting to head out showing that you’re a fan no matter what you’re wearing, this white and black Billie Eilish beanie is also a great option. It’s classic low-key colors go with just about anything.

The logo is located on the folded part of the cuff, and like the others here, it’s made of a light and soft Acrylic.

Additional characteristics:

  • Very stretchy, soft, and comfortable white Billie beanie made from quality Acrylic material
  • One size fits most
  • It has a folded cuff featuring the iconic Billie Eilish Blohsh logo in black
  • Double-layered fabric

5. Black Billie Eilish “Happier than ever…” cap

Billie Eilish Exclusive Official Au Revoir Happier Than Ever Hat Black
  • Limited Edition item from Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever 2021 Collection
  • Legal and Licensed Billie Eilish Merchandise in partnership with Bravado International Group, a Universal Music Group Company; 2021

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Nope, this one is not a beanie. But, it’s a fantastic choice for someone who’s looking for something great to throw on as you’re out the door.

This is licensed Billie Eilish merch from her 2021 Happier Than Ever collection. It’s a very classic baseball cap style hat, and it features an embroidered “Happier than ever…” text in pink over the classic image.

If one of these beanies here aren’t exactly for you, this hat might be!

Additional characteristics:

  • Simple, casual baseball style cap
  • Color: Black with pink text and multicolored image
  • One size fits most
  • Officially licensed
  • Made from organic materials

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Billie Eilish has worked hard to build a recognizable name that talks about how to be different, how to be special and innovative, how to listen to the inner voice when the world is buzzing about the importance of someone else’s opinion. Through her distinctive type logo you can see on Billie Eilish beanies, she shared with you the idea of something extraordinary as a reminder to be your own and unique.

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