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10 Best Beanies To Wear With Bangs

Wearing a beanie with bangs is a bold style choice that offers diversity and characteristic charm. Though stylish, there is a curve to learning how to wear a beanie with bangs. Firstly, identifying the facial structure will give a good starting point for establishing what bang fashion is ideal.

Science has shown that facial attractiveness has been a major factor in human evolution. Types are often broken down as follows:


face shape beanieRound

Soft features, more fleshy cheeks, no sharp facial angles.

  • Best with slouchy beanies to lengthen lines.
  • Should avoid skullcap beanies.


Most similar to the round face, ovular shapes are longer while retaining the softness of the features and facial lines.

  • Best with visor beanies to cut forehead and shorten head’s appearance.
  • Should avoid slouchy beanies to avoid over-lengthening.


Mainly indicated by a chin coming to a point with a broad forehead, heart shapes cause slanting of facial lines drawing attention either to the top of the head or the chin.

  • Best with cuffed beanies with longitudinal stripes or vertical ribbing.
  • Should avoid oversized beanies to minimize forehead.


Angular lines and a broad jaw line set apart square facial types.

  • Best with woolen beanies to soften features.
  • Should avoid brimless hats to avoid sharpness bone lines.

Bangs are a great way to adjust perceived facial shape in a stylish way. The use of a variety of fashions controls the light and accentuates the best parts of each facial type.


  • Full bangs (a thick option that covers all or most of the forehead).
  • Side bangs (widely parted bangs that generally reach from the arch of the eyebrow to the ear line).
  • Small/Micro bangs (short bangs that cause a lengthening of the forehead and create a fringe style).
  • Layered Bangs (small differences in layer length give the appearance of luscious thickness, softening features).

While bangs are a trendy way to stay in style while highlighting the best features of the wearer, they pose their own set of struggles such as staying in place and not creasing. Standard solutions are:

  1. Avoid beanies with a tight seam to limit creasing.
  2. Find good fitting beanie to limit movement.
  3. Use beanies that wear towards the back of the head.

The best beanies are those that work with the bang style to accentuate the best features of the wearer:


1) Slouchy Hats

Image credit: Brook + Bay

The slouchy hat has long been favored as a stylish and relaxed way to wear hats. Ideal for any kind of bangs, these hats tend to be worn towards the back of the head. This leaves bangs free to work as their own accessory, unencumbered by the beanie itself.

Coming in a wide variety of style options, these hats avoid creasing entirely by staying clear of the forehead. This style is best for round faces and full bangs, and are suitable for all types of bangs. Slouchy hats should, however, be avoided by those of an oval facial shape as this style works to lengthen the facial lines.

2) Skullcap

Image credit: ribbon-crafts2011

These tight-fitting skullcap beanies are best when worn with side bangs. The taut fit of this beanie style can cause crimping on fuller forms of bangs. This can be a benefit to those with bangs fit the side, as the tight fit acts as a headband to keep bangs in place.

Best for windy situations, the firm wear offers protection against messiness caused by outdoor conditions. Suited to most facial shapes, bright color options work as a distinctive contrast against the color of the hair, providing sharp, fashionable wear.

3) Stylish Visor

Image credit: Spring Dayday

Best suited to those with heart-shaped faces, the visor works to reduce the prominence of the forehead. These hats can both highlight bangs or offer a bang-free change of pace. Side bangs are able to complement the visor by drawing attention towards the central facial features.

Added protection from the sun, the visor darkens the appearance of bangs and works as an accessory to the feature itself. Not suited for those with micro-bangs, the visor can overshadow those with shorter cut bangs. These beanies are a trendy feature that give bangs a modern edge.

4) Earflap

Image credit: buyinbox

Another way to shift the lines of the face, earflap beanies complement most styles of bangs. For a stylish winter twist on traditional beanie fashion, earflaps call attention inward to the center of the face, highlighting the bangs themselves.

Best for those with sharp features, straight cut bangs are kept in place by a cap that fits close to the front, with added support from the earflaps themselves. For optimally stylish wear, bangs need to be kept even, meaning this option is less suited for those with layered bangs.

5) Cuffed

Image credit: Love Your Melon

Ribbed rims provide lengthening lines that highlight the strong features of the square facial type. The vertical lines require the beanie to be in line with the angle of the bangs in order to best highlight the hair itself.

The key benefit of the cuffed beanie is that it works with every bang style and face shape. The cuffed beanie is a clothing staple for those who want to accessorize their bangs and keep their hairstyles lively and energized. Regardless of facial type or personal style, there is a perfectly suited cuffed beanie.


6) Cotton

Image credit: mr_bead88

Fabrics can make a big difference in hair quality. Artificial fibers tend to pose a higher risk of static electricity. Materials of lower quality can abrade the strands and cause fraying. While this is not necessarily noticeable on longer hair, bangs tend to show the damage sooner.

Natural fabric like cotton is a soft option that gently cradles the bangs, allowing them to breathe and move normally. The airflow keeps the bangs healthy, while the wide variety of cool beanie styles makes this a wardrobe staple.

7) Wool

Image credit: SAGAFUR Store

This organically sourced material tends to be more humidity resistant. Whereas head hair tends to have more weight and thus be less susceptible to water-induced misbehavior, bangs lack this heaviness and thus are more won’t to crimping in high humidity environments. Even body heat and moisture can make an environment humid enough to cause these follicular issues.

Wool hats prevent this with positive airflow and natural resistance to water. All types of bangs can benefit from this fabric’s positive features. A number of stylish options and weaves are available for woolen beanies, though those that sit towards the back of the head tend to highlight the hair best.

8) Silk

Image credit: CHARM

Perhaps the gentlest natural fiber, silk works to reduce the cramping caused by elastic pressure on an isolated part of the bangs. The natural traits of this fiber work to reduce static electricity, a common problem with these hairstyles.

These cool beanies keep the wearer stylish while keeping the focus on the bangs. Ideal for any type of hair, this material is generally regarded as hypoallergenic and a good choice for sensitive skin and hair. Keeping bangs healthy is one of the best ways to emphasize their style, and organic fabrics with limited dyes are a great starting point.


9) Barrettes and clips

Barrettes and clips | BEANIES TO WEAR WITH BANGS
Image credit: JOYEBUY

Bangs and beanies give double the opportunity to accessorize. By using hair clips, the beanie can be accentuated in a broach-like effect. This not only adds to the style of the hat but draws the eyes to the stylish bangs.

For this, the plain patterned beanie is an ideal choice. Keeping to simple monochromatism, the beanie can work with any hair clip. Double the benefit, this accent keeps both the bangs and the beanie in their perfect place, making this an ideal option for precision styling.

10) Hair Products

Image credit: Connectyle

Bangs can be curled and colored as a stylistic expression. The best beanies highlight these features. A good way to keep bangs in place, no matter the type, is by using a small amount of hair product to keep the hair in place. Gels, mousses, and waxes are manufactured specifically for different kinds of hair and work to keep it smooth while wearing hats.

With the added hair product, bangs can crimp, so ensuring the hair is adequately dry before wearing the cap is necessary. Using this trick, acrylic hats are a good, breathing option for any bang style. The use of hair products adds to the need to wash the hat, making this material ideal. Machine washable, these beanies are easy to maintain for quick access to a good hat option.

Learning how to wear a beanie with bangs can make a difference in stand-out style. By first choosing bangs that best fit the shape of the face, the wearer is off to a good start. Finding the beanie that best fits the structure of the wearer determines the success of the hat with bangs. Using these easy tricks, finding the dream beanie to express your personality has never been easier.

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